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found by several officers of distinction ized him by the name of Mr. Flint, in to be entirely inefficient to the pur- bis facetious comedy of the Maid of poses intended.

Bath). In the vear 1765, he served ihe NORTHUMBERLAND.

office of high sheriff for the county of Died At Wooler, aged 87, Sir Patrick Wilts. lle was the following year a Claud Ewins, Bart. He married Sig- candidate to represent the city of nora Centucci, a Neapoli an lady, hy Bath in parlian.ent, in opposition to whom he had issue an only son, born the late 'John-mith, Esq. of Comb. at Eagle-hall, in Somerset. This son hav; he lost his election by one vote married without his father's consent, only; which vote was afterwards the and the latter disposed of all his subject of contention in the flouse of estates, invested the produce in the Commons, where its validity was ultipublic funds, and withdrew into re- mately established. He possessed a tirement, about forty years since, comprehensive mind, and sound judg. leaving his son, since deceased, the ment, which continued to the last perscanty pittance of 401. a year only, and feet and unimpaired. To the vege whom he never afterwards would be of life he felt anxiously warm to the reconciled to. The decea-ed made situation of Europe, its politics, ininany wills, and by the last, after giv- te ests, and embarrassments; and ing in le zacies about 40,0001., be- possessed a perfeci kuowledge of every queathed the residue of his imineuse prominent character now acting on property (exceeding, it is said, 50,0001. that great and gloomtheatre; but sterling to a distant relation at New- he never once despaired of the contiry, in Ireland, why dying but a very rent surmounting its difficulties; of short time before the testator, the the safety of England, he did not entitle, and whole residue of this splen- tertain a fear. As a scholar, Mr. Long did for:ume devolve, by lapse, to Mr. might be placed in a superior class; James Ewins, (now Sir James Ewins, he was generally well read, and was Bari.) the testator's grandson, of New- allowed by persons of acknowledged port, Monmouth-hire, perfumerma taste and learning, to repeat the Odes man of unblemished character, pro- of his favourite lorace, iu the true bity, and integrity, with a larye fa- spirit of that inspired poet; and that mily of children. This title is not to with the clearest recollection, to the be found in the modern Baronetages, last month of his very long lite. His SOMERSETSHIRE.

private charities were extensive and A Bill has been brought into Par- unostentations,so that his death will be liament for enabling the Bristol Dock proportionably regretied. Not many Company to complete the works for years since he renewed the leases of improving and rendering more com- most of his tenants, at their old rents, modious the port of Bristol,

though the estates had, by a fair estiDied] At his house in Gar-street, mation, risen in value upwards of one Bath, aged 95, Walter Long, E-a of hundred thousand pounds! In early a very ancient and re-pectable Wilt- life, Mr. Long entered largely into shire family. The wealth of this gen- the fashionable world, and partook of tleman, landed, funded, and other- its various pleasures, but neve so far wise, may be justly termed immense, as to injure his own consutution; and, Notwithstanding his habits were ge- thongli possessing a large fund of wit, nerally supposed to be parsimonious, it was so tempered with good humour, yet on numerous occasions he was ge- that it never was known to hurt the nerous and extremely liberal. To feelings of a friend, or wound the remany public and loyal subscriptions, putation of an individuah Such a he contributed wi b exemplary readi- character, though it may have posness and spirit; and towards the re- sessed some errors that imperfect hubuilding of St. James's Church in that man nature is ever subject to, vet becity, he gave the sum of 500l. About fore so many acknowledged excellen35 years ago, on account of his pru- cies they will fade away and be fordentially relinquishing an inconsider- gotien; but his steady patriotism, his ate promise of marriage that he had private charities, and public muntmade to the accomplished Miss Lin- cence, will be lóng held in grateful lev (the late Mrs. Sheridan) he was and affectionate remembrance. brought on the stage, by that unspar

STAFFORDSHIRE. ing satyrist Mr. Foote, who character- A Bill has been brought into Par



liament for separating the chapelries at the same time, to he derived from and chapels of Newcastle under Lyme, such a work, would far exceed our Whitmore, Bucknall, Bagnall, and most sanguine expectations. A naNorton in the Moors, from the rectory vigable canal, likewise, with facility, aud parish church of Stoke-upon- mighi be made to communicate with Trent, and for making them five dis- the counties of Surrey and kent; and tinct rectories and parish churches. the greatest possible benefits, em

bracing even the future security of the At the assizes for this county, Wil- empire, would be the result. Newlium Duncan was convicted of the haven is situated nearly midway bemurder of his master Mr. Chivers, of tween Deal and Portsmouth, and is Clapham Common, and sentenced to admirably calculated to afford probe executed, but has since been re- tection to our marine, as well from the priered. See Unio. Mug: for Feb. enemy as from the weather. In DunP. 179.

geness Riads, our small craft is pot It is intended to make a collateral oniy exposed to the predatory excurbranch from the Grand Surrey Canal, sions of the horde of privateers that on the northern side of the road lead- infest this part of the channel, but ing from London to Greenwich to the vessels which come to an anchorage Bricklayers' arms, and to supply with there for safety, are sometimes dewater the adjacent towns and places. tained for several days together, at

great expence and imminent hazard, It is intended to establish a constant by being unable to double Beachyand etfective police in Brighton and head Point. These considerations are the adjacent parishes, and also a court sufficiently material to insure to such for the recovery of small debts. a project every success and every en

The long-meditated plan for the en- couragement, largement of the harbour of Newha- Died] At Uckfield, the Hon. and ven, is about to be carried into effect. Rev. William Augustus Irby, third Of all the public measures that have son of Lord Boston, and rector of lately been adopted for the conve- Whiston, Northamptonshire. -At nience and protection of our nume- Findop, aged 62, the Rev. Dr. Metrous coasters, none perhaps is more calf, vicar of that place. important, either in policy or national

YORKSHIRE. utility, than the making a safe and Died] At Ripon, Mr. Jefferson, in a commodious harbour between the very advanced age, late of the London Downs and Spithead. The want of stage. He was contemporary with such a haven has been severely felt, Garrick, and studiously copied the not only by the royal navy, but by the manner of that great actor. Mr. J. commercial of the community in possessed respectable taients with an particular. That it has become inti- agreeable and manly person; but, nitely more necessary than heretofore, though he always supported the chain consequence of the determination racter that he assumed with jud,ment, of a bitter and formidable enemy to he was by no means qualified to unattack the country whenever he shall dertake those of a bigber order, howhave an opportunity, must be admit- ever he acquitted himself very creted. Newhaven is confessedly an ex- ditably, even when engaged in the cellent place for such a barbour. In scene with the great actor above-menrespect to its practicability, able naval tioned. He had good sense enough engineers, and others have made the never to atienpt any character on the most satisfactory reports on the subject. London stage beyond the reach of A bold store renders our coast much his abilities; and he was, perhaps, more favourable for ships of burden, the oldest member of the theatrical than the foul and flat shores of the community, except the venerable opposite coast, where, however, under Hull, who has long been considered great difficulties, by means of an ex- as the father of the stage. Mr. Jetpenditure vastly beyond what would ferson maintained a respectable chabe resuired in the present instance, racter in private life, was esteemed such harbours have been formed; as at for his companionable qualities, and Dieppe, Boulogne, Calais, Dunkirk, abounded in theatrical anecdote, and Ostend The local advantages, which rendered his conversation very entertaining. He had been, for many are conjectured to have formed part years, a martyr to the gout.


of the cargo of a rich Spanish vessel WALES.

from South America, called the ScanThe annual ploughing-match of the deroon galley, which wa wrecked on Narbeth Farmers' Club took place this that part of the coast upwards of a year in a large field near the town of century since. Several persons now Swansea, when twelve ploughsstarted living, recollect their relatives menfor the Welsh prizes, which were ad- tioning the circumstance of the latter judged as follows (each man with a pair ship being lost, and some families reof horses without a driver):- fisd siding in the neighbourhood at the TOJ.Owen,serv.toW.Evans,esq.9 20 time, who suddenly became rich, were W. David, serv. J.H.Foley, Esq. 1 11 6 supposed to have derived their opuE. Thomas, serv.ll. Francis,esq. 1 1 0 lence from the wreck, notwithstanding D. Lewis, serv.J.11. Foley, esq. 0 15 0 every possible exertion was made by T. Harry, serv. J. Harding, esq. 0 10 6 the then magistrates of Swansea to E.Philip, serv.W.Scourtield,esq.o 60 secure such part of the property as --Five ploughs then started for the could be saved, for the benefit of its free prize of two guineas, which was owners. adjudged to Joseph Tracev, servant A spíendid monument has been to Williain fienry scourfield, esq. To erected in the church of Hammer, all the insuccessful candidates was Flintshire, to the inemory of the late girena shilling each. The ploughing Lord Kenyon. was in generalso good, that the judges Amongst the many improvements found it exceedingly difficult to de- adopting at Carmarthen, it is in con. termine the prizes. The progress templation to establish a Medical made in the improvement of this Dispensary, for the charitable purpose branch of farming proved highly gra- of aitending the sick poor at their own tifying to every spectator; and the houses. At a meeting of the corpo. generality of farmers, whó, through ration and inhabitants, lately held at prejudice of education, were averse the Town Hall, the measure was proto this modle of ploughing, are now posed by John Lloyd, esą. of kilga. fully sensible of its incomparable su. dan, and seconded by Chas. Morgan, periority.

esq. the Clerk of the Peace for the Lord Bulkeley has liberally caused county. It was warmly supported by a line coach-road to be made on the Lord Cawdor, Mr. Phillipps, of wingedge of the sea, from the Anglesca wiliv, Mr. Hughes, of Tregib, and Dr. side of Bangor Ferry to Beauinaris, Davies; and a committee was appointan extent of tour miles and upwards, ai ed to consider of the most eligible his own expence.

means to carry the plan into execuA handsome and capacious gaol for tion. — The Corporation of ('armarthe county of l’embroke is about to be then intend to contribute an annual erected at lavertordwest.

sum; and the medical gentlemen of The magnificent seat of Thomas the town bave offered their attendance Johnes, est. at lafod, in Cardigan- and assistance gratis shire, was destroyed by fire on the The Corporationof Carmarthen has 19th of March. It was at this house also resolved to enlarge the present that Mr. Johnes established a prini- quay, by extending it to the bridge, ing-office, in which was printed his which will be an incalculable adyanexcellent edition of Froissart's Chro- tage to the trade and shipping of the nicle.

town; likewise to erect a new gaol Two extraordinary discoveries have and house of correction; and tha: 2 recently been made on the coast near certain portion of the corporation. Roscillv, about 12 miles from Swan- land shall be sold, and others let by sea :-"The tives of late having receded auction, to meet the expences attendmuch farther than usual, the wreck of ant on these measures. a vessel has appeared, which was lost Died.] The Rev.J. Edwards, aged there about 50 years ago, and a cask 82, and 54 years vicar of Llandertlog of iron wire was last week recovered. and Llangendeirn, county of CarmarA short distance from the same spot, then.-Ai Monmouth, "Lieutenantabout 12lbs. of Spanish dollars and colonel Lemoine, otihe royal arudders. halt-dollars, of the date of 1023, have -At Pembroke, on the ush of leb. been found amongst the sand, which Mr. John Clark, land and tithe-ageni,

and F.S.A. Edinburgh. In early life, The last vote was relative to the he indulged a taste for composition, Chamber of Review, against the estaand, about 2 years ago, pub ished a bli-hvient of which the votes were 61, sinal volume, entitled The Works and for its establishment 6t. of the Caledonian Bards, being a A Committee was atter wards apTranslation from the Gaelic, in Prose pointer, with instructions to report io and Verse.' This etfusion possessed the faculty upon various points conall the energy and gnity of the ad. nected with the above questions, and mired originals, and exalted in no other paits of the Bill. small degree the credit of the author, Married. | At Edinburgh, the Rev. Mr. Claik was appointed by the Board Thomas Williams, of Horsham, Susex, of Agriculture, on its first institution, to Vins Grahain Playfair, daughter of to survev the district comprehending the late James Playfair, architect, of Herefordshire, Rad orsbire, and Bre- Russell-place, London. - Alex. Wood, conshire; and, under its auspices, he esq. of the civil establishunent in Ceypublished the Reports of those coun- lon, to Miss Forbes, daughter of the ties, a labour in which lie displaved late wir Wm. Forbes, bart. of Pitsligo. both zeal and ingenuity, by collecting - Mr. John Murrav, of London, booktogether a body of useful information, seller, to Miss Elliott, daughter of the He afterwards pubiished an Inquiry late C. Elliott, esq. into the Narure and Value of Lease- Died.] At Edinburgh, Robt. Thohold Property, containing a variety of mas, e-q. of the royal marines. The calculations eminently usetii both to Hon. Mrs. Hunter, of Barjary, daughland-holders and agents, and rendered ter of the late William Lord Napier, familiar to every capacity. That part and wife of the Rev. Andrew Hunter, of Wales in which he had been D.D. of Barjary.---At Ninewells, employed for upwards of 20 years, Merse, Jolin Hume, esq. writer, a is much indebted to him for many near relation of the late David Hume, steps in the progress to its present the historian.—At Edinburgh, Andrew state of imp ovement. He planned and Dalzell, A.M. F.R.S. professor of the superintended the formation of some Greek language in that university. excellent roads, through parts which ( 4 further account of this learned min were before almost inaccessible to tra- in our next.)-At Linthaughlee, near vellers; and, by his exertions, the va- Jedburgh, Lieutenant-colonel Thos. lue of church as well as private pro- Currie, of the royal marines, aged 74. perty, has there been increased in a He entered his Majesty's service in the hiydi degree. The goodness of his year 1744, and was employed in alheait,the benevolenceofhis character, most every quarter of the world, and and the sincerity of his friendship, was in a number of engagements. riietted the attachment of all his ac

IRELAND. quaintance, and will secure to his An Institution, on the plan of the memory their respect and veneration. Rovul and London Institutions, for

the application of science to the comThe new pian of Judicature for mon purposes of life, under the paScotland, which Lord Grenville has tronage of his Grace the Duke of Bedintroduced into the House of Peers, ford, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, is has received the approbation of the about to be established at ['ork. I'pon Faculty of Advocates in Edinburgh application to his Grace the Lord on the principal points, after a long lieutenant, Government has and animated discussion.

pressed their intention, thai, when The first question was, in substance, the old custom-house, part of which Whether an alteration was necessary is still occupied by the excise departin the Court of Session ?--which was ment and by the collector of the cuscarried without a division.



toms, shall be no longer wanter for The second question, Whe:her there those purposes, in cousequence of the should be Trials by Juves in certain erection of a new custoin-house, it Civil ('aesi- -- was carried in the af- shall be given to the Institution, and firmative, by 100 a ainst 26.

rooms shall be allotted for the followThe third question, Whether the ing purpose, viz. Court of Session should be divided 1. A lecture room, with one or two in'o Chanibers-was carried in the rooms near it for the different appa: alli.mative, by 78 against 41.


2. A laboratory for chemical experi. ought to be freed from all obstrucments and operations.

tions, and rendered accessible to 3. A roon for a collection of mi- men of genius in every rank of nerals,

societv. 4. An apartment for the most ap


Jan. 10, at Dublin, sudproved implements of husbandry. denly, ayed 71, the Right lion. Brice 5. A small observatorv.

Leeson, earl of Milltown, 1763; vis6. A library for scientific works, for count, 1760; and baron Rusborough, the use of the members.

1756. He was born Dec. 20, 1733, 7. Two rooms for the use of the and succeeded his brother Joseph, the Cork library.

late earl, Nov. 27, 1801. lle narried 8. A room for the use of the farming Oct. 25, 1765, Maria, daughter of society, or committee of agriculture, John Graydon, esq. who died July 25, in which specimens of grain, timber, 1772.- Jan. 22, at Belfast, Mrs.White, &c. and useful notices of various kinds, of the theatre at that town. She was may be kept.

one of the infant pupils of the cele9. A board room, in which the brated Garrick, and the daughter of members of the society shall lo.d their Mr. simpson of Aberdeen, who was various meetings, and which may be Mr. Carrick's assistant and particular occasionally used for the meetings of friend. Mr. Garrick brought her out comunittees on business of public in the character of Violante, in The nature.

Wonder, a Il'uman keeps a Secret, at It is further intended that lectures the age of 14, with his Don Felir, in shall be given on natural philosophy, which she proved very successful; chemistry, including mineralogv, bo- having, in her infant years, performed tany, and agriculture. A botanical all the principal children's characters garden will also be established at a with that great man. She continued short distance from the city, the ob- but a short time in the profession, jects of which will be chiefly agricul- when she was married to Chias. Fleettural, and in which all unnecessary wood, esq. son of the old patentee of expence will be avoided. Though it that name of Drury-lane theatre, who will be impossible to accomplish every shortly after died at Bengal. Mrs. W. part of this plan until the custom- being defrauded of all the property house is given to the Institution, yet left her, both by her brother and husthe lectures and some other parts of it band, was necessitated to return again on a smaller scale will be immediately to the stage, having about 10 years carried into effect, at the house of the ago married Mr. White, with whom Institution, on St. Patrick's Hill. she experienced many vicissitudes.

The following proposals respecting In Rutland-square, Dublin, on the 7th Sir Patrick Dunn's hospital, in Dub- of March, aged 70, the Right Hon. lin, have been laid before Parliament Alice Howard, Countess of Wicklow, hy Sir John Newport:-It is intended to which title she was created Dec.20, to augment this liospital, which is at 1793. She was the daughter and present the best regulated and most heiress of William Forward, esq. of extensive medical establishment in Castle Forward, in Donegal, and inarIreland, and is furnished with an ex- ried Ralph Lord Viscount Wicklow, tensive library, and to admit not only Aug. 11, 1765, who died in June, 1796. all denominations of patients, but also She is succeeded in her tille hy her to add a competent number of able eldest son, Robert Ll. Viscount Wicklecturers in the various branches of low, now Earl of Wicklow; but her physic, and to erect a commodious extensive property devolves on her edifice for the delivery of lectures, second son, the Right Hon. William and the accommodation of students. Forward Stewart Forward, who asThe principal object of this applica- sumed the name and arms of his nation is to improve and enlarge the pre- ternal grandfather in 1787. The mild sent establishment into a complete and amiable disposition of this lady, medical college ; which, by totally and her active benevolence will long obviating the necessity of sending be remembered by those who knew Irish students to study physic in Scot- her best. land, as is the present practice, will [Ile are under the necessity of postfacilitate the attainment of that valu. poning many notices of Deaths Abroad" able science; which, above all others, till our next.]

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