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containing a more particular In- vanus, a Latin Poet of the Augustan quiry into the Doctrines of Popery, as aje; with an English Version. 810. 45. formerly beld, and as now professed; Conversation; a Didactic Poem in with Remaiks on some late Publicat- three parts. By W. Cook, esq. 15. tions of Mr. Keogh, Mr. Quin, Sir J. The Alaram: humbly dedicated to Throckmorton, and Dr. Milner. By Britons of all Descriptions. 25. 6d. the Rer. T. Le Mesurier. Zs.

Lyrics on Love; with Translations POLITICAL ECONOMY.

and Imitations from the French and General Retlection on the System Italian Languages. Svo. 6s. of the Poor Laws; with a short View Tenby: The Navy of England. By al of Mr. Whitbread's Bill, and a Coin- J. Baker. 5s. ment on it. ls, Od.

A Letter to the Bishop of Durham, Lectures on Scripture Facts. By on the Principle and Detail of the Rev. W. B. Collyer.' 12s. i Measures now under the considera- Parochial Divinity, or Sermons on

tion of Parliament, for promoting various Subjects. By C. Abbott. 8vo. and encouraging Industry of the 9s. Poor, By T. Barnard, esq. 25.

Lectures on Systematic Theology

and Pulpit Eloquence. By the late The Epics of the Ton, or the George Campbell. 8vo. gs. Clories of the Great World; in two A Letter to the Dean of Christ Books, with notes and illustrations. Church, respecting the New Statute 810. s.

upon public Examination.

By the All the Blocks!! or an Antidote to Rector of Lincoln College. all the Talents. By Flagellun. 3s. Od. The Christian Communicant, or a

The Groans of the Talents, or Pri- Suitable Companion to the Lord's vate Sentiments on Public Occur- Supper; containing Meditations on rences, in six Epistles. 35. Od. every part of the Liturgy used by the

The Mooriand Bard, or Poetical Church of England. By W. Mason. - Recollections of a Weaver in the Revised and corrected by his Son the

Hoorlands of Staffordshire; with late Rev. II. C. Mason, A. M. 12mo. notes. 2 vols. 8vo. 7s.

Ss. bound The Triumphs of Petrarch ; trans

TOPOGRAPHY. lated into English verse; with an in- Caledonia; or, an Account, Histo, troduction and notes. By Rev. H. rical and Topographical, of North Bovd, A. M. Folio. 78. Gu.

Britain, from the most ancient to the Poems, by J. Grahame; contain- piesent Times. By G. Chalmers, F. inz Tie Sabbath, Sabbaih Walks, R. S, and S. A. 410. Vol. l. 31. 35.; Rural Calendar, &c. 2 vols. 148. Royal 41. 14s. 6d. To be completed

Love's Lyrics, or Cupid's Carnival, in four volumes. original and translated. By J. S.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. Bverley, esq. 8vo. 7s.

The Stranger in England, or TraAll the Talents' Garland, or a few vels in Great Britain; with Remarks Rockets let off at a celebrated Mis on the Politics, Customs, &c. From nistry. es.

the German of C. A. G. Goede. The Elegies of C. Pedo Albino- 3 vols. 12mo. 158.


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M.A. for his Essay, On the Fulness of IED.] At Windsor, the Rt. Rev. Time when Christ came into the world.

John Douglas, D.D. Lord Bi- The Rev. Mr. Penrose, A.M. of bop of Salisbury, Chancellor of the Corpus Christi College, has been apOrder of the Garter, and a Trustee pointed Bampton Lecturer for the of the British Museum, F.R.S, and year 1808.

.A.S. ( A further account of the life The Rev. Ilerbert Marsh, B.D. Fel. of this eminent scholar will appear in low of St. John's-college, has been ur next.

elected Lady Margaret's Professor of CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

Divinity, in the room of the late ProThe Norrisian Prize is this year ad- fessor Mainwaring. udged to the Rev. Thomas Broadley,


published in 1792, in one volume 4to, The Board of Agriculture has voted and written with much liberality. their gold medal to the Bishop of

ESSEX. Llandaif, for his new and extensive Died.) At Harwich, aged 27, Capt. plantations on the banks of the Der- Dawson, of the 79th reziment, eldest wentwater-lake.

son of John Dawson, esq. of MesleyDEVONSHIRE.

hill, Liverpool. On Friday, May 29, about twelve

HAMPSHIRE. o'clock, a fire broke out in a bake- Died.) At Southampton, Lady house in the town of Chudleigh, Stuart, widow of the late Sir Simon which rayed with increasing fury, Stuart, Bart.-At Barton-house, aged and, at length, communicated to a 31, . ir Thomas Moore, bart. forhouse cooling two barrels of gun- merly of Bury st. Edmund's, and the powder, which belonged to a person last heir-male of Sir Richard Moore, employed in blowing up the rocks: bart. of Pakenham in Suttolki-A this soon took tire, and blew up with Alresford, Edward Liopkins, esq. 21 a terrible explosion. The wind being eminent solicitor of that place, whose very hist, and many houses on cach death is universal!: lapiented by his side of the street covered with thuich, numerous acquaintance.- Drowned, the whole towp became a general con in the wreck of the Blanche frigate, flagration. Only one fire engine off Morlaix isee p.3:3), Vr. Goodcould be found in the town, and Jat bew, a gentleman of greai talents and was soon after burned.' Exeter is the attainents. lle had contrived a nearest place from which any ani i system of naval signals, which reance could be procured, and that ceived the approbation of the best being nine miles distant, there was judges, and will probably be brought nothing to stop the progress of the into general practice.

He wis going flames. The inarket-house, and ail to superintend the execution of them the houses ex repring about seren,

when the melancholy event happened. at the extreme ends of the town, were As an artist hie possessed no ordinary consumed. Fortunately, no' lives skill, and his drawings are much adwere lost; the church being a little mired. His poetical etřusions manito windward of the Hames, was saved, fest luznour and fancy. and proved an asylum for the dis

HEREFORDSHIRE. tressed inhabitants, whose situation The result of a course of experimust be truly deplorable. The num. ments has been laid before the Hereber of houses destroyed is estimated ford Agricultural Society, by T. A. at 175, tlie owners of which are many Knight, esq. from which it appears, of them now without property, and that the strength of the juice of any all witliout a home. We trust that cider-apple is in exact proportion to the purses of Englishmen, wliich were its weight. Thus the juices of the open to an enemy, the unhappy ci- inferior apples are light when comtizens of Leyden, will not be closed pared with the juices of the old and against the no less unfortunate inha- approved sorts. The forest stire outbitants of Chudleigh, their country- weighed every other, until it was put men and friends. Chudleigh was a in competition with the new variety beautiful towi, about nine miles produced by Mr. Knight, from the W.S.W. of Exeter, with a weekly Siberian Crab and the Lulham Pearmarket on Saturday: The woollen main, nor could another juice be manufacture was its principal trade. found equal in weight to the latter. DEVONSTITRE.

Died.] The Rev. Thomas Allen, Died.) At Ileavitree, aged 76, the vicar of Bridstow, and perpetual cuRev. George Moore, A.M. vicar of rate of Brimfield, and a justice of the that parinh, canon-residentiary of St. peace for the county, Peter's, Exeter, and archdeacon of

LANCASHIRE. Cornwall.–A+ Tiverton, Mr. Martin It is mentioned, that by the emDunstord, many years a respectable bankment of Lancaster Sands, at an merchant there, and author of the expense of from 150,0001. to 200,000). “ Historical Memoirs of Tiverton," about 38,710 acres might be reco


vered from the sea, which, when im- lost in the Glorieux man of war; proved, would be worth 1,340,0001. George, who was in the service of the

A storm of hail, rain, thunder, and East India Company, was killed in lightning lately took place at Preston, India, and Edward, who was a capmore severe than ever before expe- tain in in the army, feil a victim to rienced in that part of the country. the climate, at si. Lucie. Ilis LordSome of the hailstones, which were ship's two eldest daughters, by his measured, were upwards of three second marriage, are the wives of the inches and a half in circumference. Ilon. and Rer, Geral Valerian Wel

Died.) At Tower, in luiness, the lesley, and the lion. Henry Vi eileslev, Rev. Mr. Bell, in bis 05th year; and brother to Marquis Welestev. llis on the same day, and in the same Lordship is succeeded in his titles and house, his brother-in-law, Mr. Win. estates liv his son Charles Henry VisHemming, in his 91st year. Mr. Bell count Chelsea, now Earl Cadogan. had been curate of Tower upwards of 61 years; and about seven years ago, Died.] At Asley Park, aged 79, two of his predecessors, cuates of Sir Henry Fletcher, bait. of Cles Tower, were living, one at seath- hall, Cumberlar!, for which county waite in Furness, the other at Grav- he was member of parli.ment 10 years. rigg in Westmorland. A short tinie Sir Henry was originally brought up ago, a gentleman of the neighbour- in the naval service of the East india hood asked Mr. Bell what the curacy Company, and commended two of of Tower might be worth? On which its ships, the Stormont ap! Middlehe answered, that it was now a very sex, in succesion. On his return good thing, viz. about 35l. per annum, home he was chosen a director of the whereas, at the time he came there, Company, and continued o for 18 it was not worth more than 101. Al- years, except when he went out by though Mr. Bell had been blind for rotation. Ile was first returned a many years, yet he performed the Member to serve in Parliament for occasional duty until a short time Cumberland in 1765; and in 1783, previous to his death.

we find him approving of the treaty of

peace, so far as regarded the East Died.] At Willingham, near Gains- India Company's settlements, but in borough, the Rev. Robert Wells, D.D. a cautious and guarded manner.-and one of his Majesty's justices of When Mr. Fox introduced his celcthe for the parts of Lindsey, brated India bill, Nov. 18, 1783, Sir aged 74.

Henry Fletcher was nominated one of

the seven commissioners for the afDied.] At Everton, suddenly, fairs of Asia, along with Lord Fitz. aged 53, John Gregson, esq. one of wiliam, Viscount Lewisham, Sir the aldermen of Liverpool.

Gilbert Elliott, &c. Sir Glenry, in NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. 1706, voted with Mr. Fox, for a direct Died.] At Kettering, aged 71, Mr. çensure on Ministers, on account of Thomas Wright, owner of the way. having advanced 17.oney to the Engons for more than fifty years between peror and the Prince of Condé, withthat place and London.

out the knowledge of Parliament: ard

in 1797, he supported Ir. Grey, now Died.] At his seat at Stanton Down- Lord Howick, in the motion for a ham, aged 71, the Right Ilon. Charles Retorin in Parimnien'.-At Chertsey, Sloane, Earl Cadogan, Viscount aged 6, Vi. R. Wet on. Chelsea, and one of the Family Trustees of the British Museuin. He was Died.) A: hurch tretton, the a nobleman possessed of much urba- Ret. John Vatawaring, Lad: Viurnity, and whose loss will be greatly ydre's Profe sor of Disini y in the regretted in the neighbourhood in Density of a buidan, to which which he lived. This venerable peer he was a; poinied in 1788. He was a was twice married. By his first lad nei.e of Warwickshie, aid eduhe had six sons, thice of whom dier. 'amat :'t. John's college; B.A. 17.15; in the service of their country. The 1.9. 17.00); : .1.3. 17 B; crtor of mdo, who was in the royal navy, was church wirettun, and vi Abe.diron,






in Caernarvon, a gentleman hugely beth, countess dowager of Maro, re. esteemed for his clasical knowledge lict of the late archivishop of Tuan and taste; le fonlisted, in 1780, a and earl of Mayo. She was the sisit volume of ermons on several occa- of John, earl of Clapsilliain, and sions, preachd before the univer- lest issue the present earl of lia;0.sity, most of which had appeared be- At Dath, Gilbert Petrie, esez. of tie fore singly. These discourses, and island of Tobago.-in Seymour-str. the elegant pretixed vissertation on ayed 77, Ferdinando Andeidon, pin, what species of composition, have at Clifton, Lady Elizabeth Ja. been highly admired as polished spe- gennis, daughter of the late earl oi cimens in their kind, and place the Enniskillen. At Bristol, Capt. Dungenius and judgment of their author ning, of the Wiltsluire militia.-át in a most respectable point of view. Bath, Sir Henry Dillon viassey, bar. He also published a few occasional -At Bath, Mr. Thomas dann, aard single sermons since the above date; 94, grandson of the late M:. Thoms and was engaged in a controversy Vernor, an eminent bookseller in the with the late bishop Halifax, about Pouitry: the proper way of quoting passages

WORCESTERSHIRE. of scripture : also, a sermen at the The Worcester and Birmingham primary visitation of Dr. Butler, canal was opened on the 30th of bishop of Pereford.

March, from Hopwood to Tardebig, SOMERSETSHIRE.

an extension of five miles, and in On the 30th of April, at six o'clock consequence a very considerable inin the evening, the thermometer Grease of tonnage will take place. without doors, in the shade, at Bath, This barge-canai is completed from stood at the uprecedented height, Birmiogliam upwards fourteen miles, for the time of year, of 70.

half the way to the Severn, near Ilor. Died. ] Sir Edward Harrington, cester, without a lock. The conclukut. lie was the only son of the ve- sion of this important work wili be ci nerable Dr. Slarrington, of Bath. He very greai akisantage to the port of was a member of the corporation of Bri-tol, as this canal is intended to that city, and received the honour enter the deep water in ihe severa, of knighthood on presenting an ad- below Worcester, which will sende dress to his Majesty from his col- the conveyance between the port 1: leagues, at the time Margaret Nic Bristol and Birmingham, also the chvison attempted to stab the king. conveyance by the Stratford, War He was a man, whose writings disco- wick, and knapton canais, to Loa ver that he possessed a considerable don, certain, cheap, and expeditious share of genius mixed with a profu.

Died.) At Vadeira, in februars, sion of eccentricity. He published, where he went for the benefit of his in 1786, an account of an Ertursivne dealtii, the Rev. Edward Wigley, B.D. from Paris to fiuntainbleau, which was vicar of Tardley, and formerly fellow written in a hunourous and animated of St. John's-college.

P.A. 177 inanner. In 1793, he published an N.A. 1709. B.D. 1799.-át Bere octavo volume, principally relating center, on his return from bih to to painting, under the attected title Edinburgh, Jolin Bonar, esq. soliof A Schicco on the Genius of Man. citor of excise in Scotland. This was a medley of a peculiar sort, but it was intended by its author to Dicd.) At Corsham, aged 73, the sound the praises of Mi. Thomas Rev. Charles Page, rector of Little. Barker, a painter of Bath, and to re- tou Drew, and of Biddestone, both in view his pictures, and the body of this county. the work was confined to these subjects. In 1790, Sir Edward published The inhabitants of Silkstone, near Remarks on a leitur relative to the late Doncaster, were lately visited hr one Petitions to Parliament for the safity of the most alarming phenomena erer and preservation of has Majesty's;147:sun, remembered. The clouds had

porin which he was very lavi h ofinyec- tended rain, though none had tallen, tive against the philosophic levellers when suddenly a torrent of water anof the day. Sir Edward died early pearing, from four to six feet in dia. in Musch, 1807.- Ai Cliftoli, Liliza- meter, deluged the town, which is



situated in a valley, and several per- rectors of the British and Imperial sons were unfortunately drowned. Fire Offices less entitled to the praise

Died.] At Welburne, near Castle of liberality. The extent of the loss, as Howard, aged 39, Mr. George Da- far as it was possible to ascertain a loss niel, late of Hull, bookseller, and of such vast and various magnitude, formerly one of the proprietors of the has been estimated with great ability, Hull Advertiser.--At Tadcaster, aged perspicuity, and judgment, by Mr. 81, the Rev. Edward Marshall, A. M. Abbott, who acted as agent for the formerly Fellow of Clare-ball, Cam- adjustment of the claims upon both bridge, and late vicar of Duxford. offices. The following is a succinct At Pocklington, in an advanced age, account of the supposed origin of this the Rev. Kingsman Baskett, nany lamentable occurrence. years master of the grammar-school at On the isih of March, 1807, at a that place, and formerly of St John's- quarter past three in the morning, Mrs. college, Cambridge. - At Pontefract, Johnes discovered that the house was aged 76, Major Fox, formerly town on fire, and immediately alarmed the major of Carlisle.- At Gilling, Licut, family. Mr. Ilanbury Williams, of John Sotheran, aged 62, commandant Colebrook, Monmouthshire, was viof the Henisley volunteer infantry.- siting at the house. Mrs. Johnes atAt Ferham, near Rotherham, Jona- tempted to save some of the principal than Walker, esq. one of his Majes- books in the gallery, but could not rety's Justices of the peace for the West main there long enough to render Riding of the county of York. At niuch service. Mr. Williams and his Barchincliffe Lindley, near Hudders- servant completely cleared four books field, Mr. David Haigh, aged 83, and cases below of their contents, at which on Thursday morning following, time the lead pouring down in showers, Frances, his wife, aged 90. They drove them from thence. The plate, and were both interred in the saine grave some furniture,pictures,china, andglass at Huddersfield. It is remarkable, were saved, but the major part of the that the husband, on the Friday be books, furniture, including magnififore his death, had a presentiment cent French glasses, wine, linen, stores, that they would be both carried to marble busts, Mosaic, inusical instruthe grave at the same time. This ments, ornaments, Mrs. Johnes's pricouple had been married above sixty vate library, dressing-plate, jewels, years.

trinkets, laces, and alī her wardrobe,

together with the mansion, were conA melancholy accident happened at sumed in about three hours. Mrs. Holywell early in April, by which 27 Johnes and Mr. Williams are of opimen were killed in a coal-mine, owing nion, that, when they arose, the to the fire damp arising. The distress Aames were on the garret floor, and of the wives and children of the de- Mrs. J. attributed the misfortune to ceased on this occasion is more easily the careless use of a warming-pan in conceived than described.

the housekeeper's chamber all the A bill has been brought into Parlia- servants agree in saying, that they ment, to enable the Rev. A. J. T. discovered the fire on the staircase Gwypne to repair and enlarge, or re- west of the ante-library: the housebuild the pier within the harbour of keeper charges the house-maids with Aberayron in Cardiganshire, to im- taking hot ashes from under the grate, prove the said harbour, to establish a and leaving thein in scuttles under the market there, and two fairs yearly. stairs, instead of emptying them in the

The fire which happened at Hafod, proper place. in Cardigansbire, the seat of Thomas The secluded situation of Hafod Jobnes, esq. was an event of so unfor- prevented assitance; none could be tunate a kind, that our readers will obtained but from the inmates, three doubtless be gratified in knowing more men and the gardener, who were cailed particulars respecting it. The con- from below the hill, three ladies, and duct of Mr. Johnes, who has suffered about eight female servants. An enso severely by the melancholy event, gine was kept upon the premises, is in tive highest degree honourable to but no one there could work it, and his characier; nor is that of the Di. the flames were uninterrupted in their



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