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progress until they had spent their fury, and (excepting the walls and turrets) had levelled to the ground the pride of Wales.

and from Ribrice, in Glenshiel, to the new road leading across the country to the road called the Loch House, or Glengary road, and thence to Fort From the period of the destruction William road. By these two roads an of the Alexandrian Library, no greater easy access will be opened from Infoss has perhaps befallen literature verness to the isle of Skye and adjacent than the conflagration at Hafod, by islands, and from these islands an which, in three hours, was consumed easy communication to the south of a collection of precious books, that Scotland. The difficulty of driving would have given honour to a sove- the cattle of the Isle of Skye, and reign, splendor to a palace-a collec- from the neighbourhood of Bernera, tion the fruit of 40 years pursuit, to Fort Augustus, is generally adformed with a liberality truly magnifi- mitted. It is even said, that the ancent, a judgment correct, a taste re- nual injury and dangers suffered by fined, and a fortune ample, by a gen- droves, in their way over this small tleman whose learned labours will portion of the road to Falkirk, is transmit his name to posterity, and greater than that of the whole of the who can never cease to lament the rest of the journey. calan ity here recorded. No catalogue The Dutch frigate Utrecht, of 38 of this invaluable treasure was com- guns, from Helveotsluys to Curaçoa, piled, so that it is now become im- was wrecked on the island of Sanda, possible to specify the different articles one of the Shetland isles, in one of that adorned this celebrated mansion; the late storms. The crew (including weeks, even months, might be occu- about 200 artillery) amounted to 450 pied (with catalogues of all other li- men, about 100 of whom were braries to assist Mr. Johnes's memory) drowned. The remainder surrendered before an enumeration of the major to the people of the island. It was part could be committed to writing. her first voyage. The dispatches she And here it will be proper to premise, had on board have been saved, and that the best copies of the finest edi- transmitted to the British Governtions were studiously sought for, and ment. purchased, regardless of expense.

The magistrates of Glasgow have contracted for building the new church. It is to be placed in Buchanan-street, and will form, not only an excellent termination to that street, but also an elegant ornament to all that part of the city.

A bill has been brought into Parliament for raising and securing a fund for the relief of widows and children of burgh and parochial schoolmasters in Scotland.

By great and unwearied exertions, Mr. Johnes was able to effect a salvage, amounting to about 3,500l.: but the candid manner in which the British and Imperial Fire Offices had conducted themselves towards him, induced him to conceive that the benefit arising from that salvage should not be exclusively his own, and therefore he relinquished it entirely in their favour as they were such great sufferers as well as himself by the fatal occurrence. Mr. Johnes testified his sentiments on this occasion, by a letter, addressed to the Directors, in which he takes an opportunity of expressing in high terms his

Died.] At Glasgow, Mrs. Margaret

entire satisfaction with Mr. Abbott's Buchanan, relict of Dugald Buchadelicacy and propriety of behaviour nan, esq. of Craigievearn. This lady while making his survey, as well as has left great estates both heritable with the ability which he manifested and moveable; but having first exein performing his duty. The loss al- cuted a deed, leaving the same to Mis together was adjusted at 20,5841. Janet Buchanan, daughter of the said Dugald Buchanan, now spouse of Mr. Charles M‘Nab, in St.Ninian's, and afterwards deeds conveying the whole to Mr. David Snodgrass, eldest


It is intended to open a communication by the north side of Loch Ness, through Glenshiel to the Isle of Skye,

His Majesty has been pleased to institute a Professorship of Natural History in the University of Glasgow, and to appoint Mr. Lockhart Muirhead, A.M. to be the first professor.

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son of Neil Snodgrass, esq. of Con-
ninghamhead, mutual reductions have
been executed by the parties: so that,
until the issue of these questions, it
is uncertain to whom the properties
will belong. At Tillicoulty Manse,
the Rev. D. Alexander Stirling, mi-

nister of that parish.-At the Manse of Kelton, the Rev. Thomas Halliday, minister of that parish-At Edin burgh, Lady Maxwell, relict of Sir Wm. Maxwell, of Monreith, bart, and mother of her Grace the Duchess of Gordon,

APRIL 21, 1807, to MAY 19, 1807, inclusive.

· [Extracted from the London Gazette.]-----The Solicitors' Names are between Parenthesis. TCHISON D. Weedon Beck, Nor- W. Gutter-lane, warehouseman, (Blunt,

Gray's Inn). Allen J. Rotherhithe, coal- Old-street-road, cabinet-maker, (Pike, Airmerchant, (Flexney, Chancery-lane). street, Piccadilly). Dent R. Stoke GoldAbel T. Attleburgh, Norfolk, grocer, ing, Leicestershire, grocer, (Ruddall and (Baxters and Martin, Furnival's Inn). Co. Clement's Inn). Dawson W. N. TaAgar M Austin-friars, ship owner, (Crow- bernacle-square, Finsbury, draper, (Hinrich, der and Co. Frederick's-place, Old Jewry). Palsgrave-place, Strand). Davis P. Man chester, liquor-merchant, (Kearsley and Cu. Manchester). Dutton J. Burwardsley, Cheshire, cheese-factor,(Allen and Co Fur nival's Inn). Dewhurst R. Preston, Lan cashire, upholsterer, (Blakelock, Temple). Dudfield D. Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, innkeeper, (Windus and Co. Chancery lane). Darnall W. George-yard, Lombard.

Bennett M. St. Thomas the Apostle, Devonshire, yarn-manufacturer. (Pearce, Honiton). Burke J. D. Queen's Elms, Chelsea, merchant, (Bousfield, Bouverie-street), Brown W. Liverpool, tailor, (Battye, Chancery-lane). Bowyer J. Cheapside, warehouseman, (Ellis, Cursitor-street). Braid A. Frith-street, baker, (Martelli, Norfolkstreet). Bonwick, J. Fair-street, Horsley- street, stationer, (Turner, Edward-street, down, grocer, (Sherwood, Cushion-court, Cavendish-square). Broad-street). Barrowclough T. Leeds, clothier, (Sykes and Co. New Inn). Benge W. Park place, St. James-street, broker, (Wadeson and Co. Austin-friars) Barnes J. Newport, Isle of Wight, carpenter, (Gilbert, Newport). Bisshop J. St. Swithin'slane, merchant, (Hester and Co. Lincoln's Inn). Bell J. Fleur-de-lis-street, Spital fields, soap-manufacturer, (Vincent and Co, Bedford-street, Bedford-square).

Cox S. Gillingham, Dorsetshire, miller, (Dyne, Serjeant's Inn). Cross H. Albany house, Piccadilly, cook and tavern keeper, (Blake and Co. Essex-street). Chapman J. Martin's-lane, Cannon-street, drysalter, (Gregson and Co. Angel-court, Throgmorton-street). Cassano A. Piccadilly, auctioneer, (Popkin, Dean-street, Soho). Clayton R. Staley-bridge, Lancaster, victualler, (Ellis, Cursitor-street). Colquhoun A. High-street, Lambeth, yeast-merchant, (Marson, Church-row, Newington Butts). Cox R. Castle street, Southwark, carpenter, (Yates, Temple). Clark J. and Hall H. Market-Harborough, Leicestershire, carpet-manufacturers, (Kinderley and Co. Gray's Inn). Cranston W. Drury-lane, currier, (Street and Co. Philpot-lane).

Dawson T. Portland-road, dealer and
chapman, (Morgan, Bedford-row). Dodd
J. Pall-mall, hatter, (Dawson and Co.
Warwick-strect, Golden-square). Drake

Gosling D. Nottingham, victualler, (Bromley and Co. Holborn-court, Gray's Inn). Gywn E. Belvidere-row, Lambeth, timber-merchant, (Clark, Lincoln's Inn), Higham R, Preston, corn-merchant, (Win dle, John-street, Bedford-row). Hughes T. Norfolk street, Strand, wine-merchant, (Palmore, Warnford-court, Throgmortonstreet). Hope W. Manchester, grocer, (Ellis, Cursitor-street). Harris R. Fish street-hill, woollen-manufacturer, (Gale and Son, Bedford-street). Hewlett J Glou cester, cabinet-maker, (Jenkins and Co. New Inn). Hickling D. Frisby, Leicestershire, butcher, (Rigge and Co Carey-street, Lincoln's Inn). Hubbard C. Norwich, haberdasher, (Geldard, Holborn-court, Gray's Inn). Hibbs R. and Saxby R. Weeley, Essex, grocers. Hawkins J.I. Dalby Terrace, City-road, manufacturer of musical instruments, (Smart, Clement's Inn),

James J. Sithney, Cornwali, woolstapler, (Roberts, Helston, Cornwall). Jarmy W, Norwich, fellmonger, (Harmer, Norwich). Johnson B. Liverpool, linen-draper, (Parr and Co Liverpool).

Kenyon R. Manchester, muslin-manufacturer, (Johnson and Co. Manchester).

Lolley W. Liverpool, wine-merchant, (Hannain, Covent-garden). Loveday C. Painswick, Gloucestershire, clothier, (Shep herd and Co. Bedford-row). Lansdown E

Bridgewater, innholder, (Bleasdale and Co. field, coach and harness makers, (Becket, New Inn) Levy S. Mansell street, Good- Clement's-Inn). Stuart T. Bermondseyman's fields, jeweller, (Poole, Dowgate- street, hat-manufacturer, (Buffar, Gray's hill. Lycett J. Manchester, calico-manu- Inn). Squire T. West-square, dealer and facturer, (Kinderly and Co. Gray's Inn). chapman, (Holmes and Co. Mark-'ane). Laird M. Redburn, Herts straw hat-manufacturer, (Mo.ton, Furnival's Inn).

Tucker W. Exeter, merchant, (Williams and Co. New-square, Lincoln's Inn), Thorp J. jun St. Ives, linen-draper, (Swain and Co Old Jewry). Tredgold W. Southampton, tallow-chandler, (Rake, Southamp'on).

Marke W. Liverpool, timber-merchant, (Blackstock, St Mildred's-court, Poultry), Medley C Fleet streat, coach-master, (Chappell, New-Inn Buildings). May T. Shepperton, shopkeeper, (Rigge, Careystreet). Morley W. Drury-lane, warehouseman, Hutchinson and Co. Addlestreet, Wood-street)

Oates E. Leeds, drysalter, (Allen, Furnival's-Inn).

Valentine R. and J. Mumford's-court, Milk st warehousemen, (Latimer, Gray'sInn-square). Vaughan R. Fore street, linen-draper, (Syddall, Aldersgate-s' reet). Vandrant J. Wood-street, carpenter, (Ledwich, Baldwin's-court). Vipond J. Penrith, Cumberland, flax-dresser, (Wordsworth, Staple-Inn)

Whitaker W. Wakefield, Yorkshire, and Whitaker J. Lee green, colliers, (Willis, Warnford-court, Throgmorton-street). Wells W. Rosemary-lane, victualler,(Jones, New-court, Crutched-friars). Wyke W. Preston, linen-draper, (Blakelock, Temple). Williams J. Romney Iron Works, Mon

Poole T. E. Drayton in Hales, Salop, currier, (Benbow and Co. Lincoln's Inn). Pearce E. Haymarket, music seller, (Dawson and Co. Warwick-street). Pawson W. Chatham, porter and British wine-merchant, (Cooper and Co. Southamptonbuildings, Chancery-lane). Poulden T. High st. Shadwell, cheesemonger, (Vincent and Co. Bedford-st Bedford square.) Parnell J. Manchester, linen-draper, (Wil- mouth, shopkeeper, (Blandford and Sweet, son, Greville-street, Hatton-garden). Par- Inner Temple). Wright J. Oldham, Lanry J. Great Portland-street, linen-draper, cashire, mercer, (Meredith and Co Lin(Hollamby, Furnival's-Inn). Poole S. coln's-Inn, New-square). Wilcock H. and Cheapside, haberdasher, (Earnshaw, Red J. Manchester, stay-makers, (Huxley, TemCross-street). Pollard W and J. Man- ple). Williams J. Bristol, broker, (Berchest r, cot on-spinners, (Ellis, Cursitor- ridge, Ha ton-garden). street). Paike R. Little Hempston, Devonshire, coal merchant, (Fowell, Finch-lane) Preston J. Barton-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire, tanner, (Marris and Co. Barton-uponHumber). Puckey M. of the parish of Alfrey J. jun. Carshalton, Surrey, May Probus, Cornwall, woolstapler, (Edwards, 26. Atkinson R. Watters H. and Ord W. Truro.) Parker J. Ringwood, Southamp- Fenchurch-street, June 2. Arden J and ton, grocer, (Jennings, Great Shire-lane). J. B. Beverley, Yorkshire, June 27. BeatParry M Pontypool, shopkeeper, (Whit- son W. and J St Mary-at-hill, May 26, combe and Co. Gloucester.) Booker, W. Clanfield, Oxfordshire, June 1. Baillie G and Jaffray J. Finsbury-place, June 2. Bryans J. Little Britain, June 2. Blowers T. London-street, St. Pancras, June 2. Botterill M Great Driffield, Yorkshire, June 2 Binless T. Basinghall-street, June 6. Bell J. Castor, Lincolnshire, June 8. Brooks M. Malmsbury, Wilts. June 9, Bauck T. Queen-street, Cheapside, June 9. Bingley J. Upper John-street, St Pancras, June 13. Budd T. Lyndhurst, Southampton, June 22. Binyon T. Manchester, June 22. Barnley J. Saffron-hill, July 4. Colwill C. Rathbone-place, May 9 Cun


Reid A. Lower East Smithfield, victualler, (Hoimes and Lewis, Mark-lane).

Stevens W, Little St. Thomas Apostle, money-scrivener, (Everest, Epsom, Surry). Shaw R. Ashby-de la-Zouch, cabinet-maker, (Price and Co. Lincoln's-Inn). Short B. Finsbury-place, merchant, (Drewe and Co. New-Inn). Sowley R. and Coles J. Knowle, Warwickshire, and of Banbury, Oxfordshire, cornfactors, (Egerton, Gray'sInn-square). Scot M. Bury, dealer and chapinan, (Milne and Parry, Old Jewry). Suier J. East Retford, Nottingham, mercer, (Atkinson, Castle-street, Falcon-square). dall R. jun. of the Suburbs of the city of Skurray C. T. Lloyd's coffee-house, under- York, May 19. Counsell R. Bristol, May writer, (Robinson, New-square, Lincoln's- 26. Cheverton E. Newport, Isle of Wight, Inn). Spring T. jun. Great Grimsby, May 29. Cook W. Cannon street-road, Lincolnshire, ironmonger, (Barber, Gray's May CO. Cox J L. High-street, Lambeth, Inn). Smith S. Gun-street, Spitalfields, June 2 Chandler R. Shoreditch, June 2, baker, (Wilkinson and Co. White Lion- Coleman J Clare-market, June 2. Cave street, Spital-sq.). Sayer J. Upper North- T. Pilton, Devonshire, June 9. Chalkien place,Gray's Inn Lane, and Jeffery J. Titch- W. Deptford, June 9. Cullum E. Grun

Young W Leaton, in Holderness, Yorkshire, grocer, (Lowndes and Co. Red Lionsquare).

9. Mark G. Lisle-street, June 27. Martindale J. New Bond-street, July 7. NichollsG Portpool-lane, Holborn,June 6. Papillon P. J. St. Swithin's-lane, May 5. Paine W. Ipswich, May 18. Pearson J. Pudsey, Yorkshire, May 20. Perry J. Dal- Whitechapel-road, May 23. Pattrick T. King-street, Covent garden, May 25. Parnell J. Deal, May 23. Phelps K. Plymouthdock, June 6. Paterson T. Nicholas-lane, June 6. Phillips B. and Bacon W Ewerstreet, Southwark, June 6. Paton R. HatFisher ton-wall, June 9. Paiker J. Edgbaston, Fitton Warwickshire, June 13 Parsons T. Marchmont-piace, Russell-square, June 23. Pugh E Franklin's-yard, Circus, June 27. Parkinson T. and J. Coleman-street, June 27.

Rayner A Manchest r, June 2. Steane J. Newport, Isle of Wight, May 28. Simms W. of Birmingham, May 28 Sainsbury R. Bath, June 6. Sheardown R. jun. Louth, Lincolnshire, June 9. Scrape J. Queen-street, Cheapside, June 30.

Thomas H. S. and Lascelles J. Mill-lane, Tooley-street, June 20. Townsend J. Barnsley, Yorkshire, May 26. Tunmer J. Mary-le-bonne-street, June 6. Thrupp H. White Lion-street, Spital-square, June 9. Thompson W. Great, Portland-street, June 30.

isburgh, Suffolk, June 15.
Vigan, Lancashire, June 16.
Voodbridge, Suffolk, June 16.
Dobson J. Liverpool, May 22. Doxon
. Manchester, June 3. Drewitt H. Mans-
eld-street, Southwark, June 9. Dewd-
ey B. sen. Reigate, Surrey, July 4.
mple J. Russel-street, Bermondsey, July

Croudson T.
Cole G.

Edwards W. New Bond-street, May 16. llis T. Whitechapel, June 20. Entwisle . Manchester, June 22.

Fuller R. P. Guildford, May 30.
. Gracechurch-street, June 13.
Bolton-on-the-Moors, June 30.
Grant J. Lawrence Pounteney-lane, June
Goom R. Old-street, June 9.
Hudson W. Whalley, Cheshire, May 16.
Harwood A. Malden, Essex, May 26.
Hornby W. Gainsburgh, and Esdaile Sir J.
nt Marden, Essex, May 27. Harvey T.
Newport, Isle of Wight, May 29. Hawkes
Dudley, Worcestershire, May 29. Han-
:d J. Alford, Lincolnshire, June 2. Hop-
ins T. West-green, June 2. Harris T.
Waltham Cross, Essex, June 9. Hannam
Sloane-street, June 9. Hamilton S.
Shoe-lane, June 27. Hookham T. J. New
Bond-stree, July 3.
Irwin J. Wood-street, May 26. Ireland
. St Clement-Danes, June 27. Ingle J.
Ashby-de la-Zouch, June 29.

King J. Yarmouth, May 29.
F. Ra hbone-place, June 6.

Kampf Lee J. York, May 20 and June 11. Lugg W. J. Worcester June 9. Lindsay P. Greenwich, June 30.

Macdonald D. Threadneedle-street, May 30. M'Kinlay D. and Belesario A. M. Size ane, June 2. Meat T. and Panter G. Hafax, June 2 and 9. Morgan J ConduitEtreet, June 6. Morris G. Dorking, June

Wake J. Witby, Yorkshire, May 19. Weston J. Lane End, Staffordshire, May 21. Wilsone J. Basinghall-street, May 28 and 30. Williams J. G. Winchester-street, May 26 Waterworth E Newport, Isle of Wight, May 30 Wallace A. and Pugh J. Lower Thames-street, June 9. Waters J. Old B.thiem, June 13. Webb W. W estminster-Bridge road, June 16. Welsford N Exeter, July 11. Witke C. J. A. Coleman. street, June 11.

Younghusband W. Colchester, May 30


VERY agricultural process is going on prosperously and in the usual train at this Although the late rains did an immensity of good to every crop upon the earth, yet the continuance of easterly winds, and a degree of drought since, have rendered warm showers desirable for the gross and latter-sown spring crops and the gardens. The shew for grass in the best meadows is extraordinary, and the bottoms very heavy. All the early-sown spring crops are bulky and of the utmost promise, as are the wheats. Spring wheats a greater breadth than ever, and most flourishing. Mustard, rape, coriander, all the seeds promise full crops. Early potatoes plant finely, and should the season be tolerably moist, we may nave another great potatoe year; the last, in some parts of the island, having been so abundant that the roots could scarcely be expended. All kinds of fruit full of the most healthy bloom; and the hop-bine strong and luxuriant. Some smart blights have happened from the easterly winds, and in one instance from the north-west, attended with cold rain; but they were not of consequence sufficient to discolour the corn, or to affect the hop-bine, in any considerable degree.

As has been happily the case for some years past, the cattle crops have a progressive annual increase in extent; and Swedish Curtips and the thousand-headed cabbage will be cultivated this year very largely, as is proved by the increased eiders for these articles

of the London seedsmen. A nonsensical nostrum has been propagated from Ireland, in the late Reports, of the virtue of brimstone sown with turnip seed, to destroy the eg of the fly. The publishers of such absurdities ought to be told, that those eggs do not exist until the weather has blighted the leaves of the plant; and that long before they were born, brimstone and many other things had been tried in the case, without the smallest effect. (See 5th edition New Farmer's Calendar.) Considerable damage may be apprehended this season in weeding the wheats, which are generally so large and luxuriant ; a very powerful motive for the drill, which however increasing in practice, is yet even unknown in many parts of the country. Disputes on the irksome subject of tithes, it is said, prevail to a considerable degree in different quarters: it is a grievance which imperiously demands the consideration of parliament.

Lean stock increasing in price, the fat stationary Remarkable number of twin lambs in the fall of this year. All the Merino flocks have had a good fall, and the lambs perfectly healthy. An additional demand for Irish provisions for the Baltic, to supply part of the armies of our allies, as well as our own. Prices at Smithfield-Beef, 4s. 6d. to 5s. 6d-inutton, 4s to 5s.-veal, 4s. 6d. to 7s.-lamb, 5s. to 7s.-pork, 4s. to 6s. 6dLondon bacon, 6s. to 6s. 6d.-Irish, Ss. 9d. to 5s. 4d fat, 3s. 2d.

Middlesex, May 23.


By the WinchesterQuarter of 8 Bushels, and of OATMEAL per Boll of 140lbs Averdupois, from the Returns received in the Week ended May 16, 1807.


Whea Rye Barley. Oats
S. ds. d. s. d S.
Middsx. 79 11 44 0 37 1 $1
0 S9 10 $2
of 37 6 28

Surrey 83 0 40
Hertford 73 4 43
Bedford 74
Huntin 71

85 10 26

34 6 23
37 S 23

6 23

0 41 10 28


Northa. 73 6 50
Rutland 72 3
Leicest 72 4
Notting 76 9 44
Derby 77 8
Stafford 77 8
Salop 74 2 57
Herefor 71 11 45
Wor'st 71 7
Warwic 77 3

73 6
80 11



Oxford 75
Bucks 77 0
Brecon 70 11 51
Montgo. 71 9
Radnor. 69 8

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35 2 31
39 2 32


7 Essex 4 Kent 101 Sus ex

39 10 32 2 Flint
37 6 33 8 Denbigh
36 S 33 5 Anglesea
33 10 30 1 Carnarvon
36 3 28

2 $4 11 23

36 9 23
S5 3 25

2 Pembroke


Average of England and Wales. Monmouth
Wheat 75s. 6d. ; Rye 47s. 8d.; Barley Devon
38s. 4d.; Oats 27s. 8d.;

Beans Cornwall 42s. 7d.; Pease 49s. 7d.; Oatmeal Dorset 43s. 6d. Hants


6 Cambridge

71 8

4 Norfolk

71 2 42 0

0 Lincoln




70 9 45
71 45
0 Durham
81 1
9 27 6 Northumberland 68 0 30
6 27-10 Cumberland 71 S 54
331 8 Westmorland 79 S 6S
75 6

5 Lancaster

7 Chester

73 5

84 4

78 4

75 1






Males, 525 S Females, 501 Whereof have died under two years old 290.


Females 546 1130

Peck Loaf, 3s. 11d. 3s. 11d. 4s.
Salt, 20s. per bushel, 4 per lb.

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Wheal Rye Barley Oas

S. d S.

78 0 9

77 6 46

75 8

73 8

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5 and 10 10 and 20 20 and 30 30 and 40 40 and 50 50 and 60

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0 40

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28 6 059 0

132 4 28

9 20 10

926 0

36 10 23 1


926 % 027 0


8 37


2 42



BILL of MORTALITY, from APRIL 21, to MAY 19, 1807.


2 and 5

103 60 and 70 85


70 and 80 79

29 80 and 90 - $2 77 90 and 100 1 83 124









5 30


8 22




820 9


019 10

40 025 4

96 1084

37 826 $

S5 S

36 227 7

39 11/23 1 36 089 9 36 9'ss






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