Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Common Pleas, and Other Courts: With Tables of the Cases and Principal Matters, Volume 8

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Page 301 - Acts or this Act, as to One or more of such Joint Contractors, or Executors or Administrators, shall nevertheless be entitled to recover against any other or others of the Defendants, by virtue of a new Acknowledgment or Promise, or otherwise, Judgment may be given and Costs allowed for the Plaintiff as to such Defendant or Defendants against whom he shall recover, and for the other Defendant or Defendants against the Plaintiff.
Page 225 - But when the party by his own contract creates a duty or charge upon himself, he is bound to make it good, if he may, notwithstanding any accident by inevitable necessity, because he might have provided against it by his contract.
Page 506 - ELF.. and for the sake of attaining uniformity, consistency, and certainty, we must apply those rules where they are not plainly unreasonable and inconvenient, to all cases which arise ; and we are not at liberty to reject them and to abandon all analogy to them, in those to which, they have not yet been judicially applied, because we think that the rules are not as convenient and reasonable as we ourselves could have devised. It appears to me...
Page 170 - In witness whereof the said parties have hereunto set their hands, the day and year first above written.
Page 533 - The law therefore has wisely ordained, that the parson, quatenus parson, shall never die, any more than the king : by making him. and his successors a corporation. By which means all the original rights of the parsonage are preserved entire to the successor : for the present incumbent, and his predecessor who lived seven centuries ago, are in law one and the same person ; and what was given to the one was given to the other also.
Page 303 - Provided always, that nothing herein contained shall alter or take away or lessen the Effect of any Payment of any Principal or Interest made by any Person whatsoever...
Page 293 - No set-off of damages or costs between parties shall be allowed to the prejudice of the attorney's lien for costs in the particular suit against which the set-off is sought, provided, nevertheless, that interlocutory costs in the same suit, awarded to the adverse party, may be deducted.
Page 264 - ... that the examinant or deponent is beyond the jurisdiction of the court, or dead, or unable from permanent sickness or other permanent infirmity to attend the trial...
Page 183 - ... contention, or endanger the peace of society. If, for instance, my horse is taken away, and I find him in a common, a fair, or a public inn, I may lawfully seize him to my own use; but I cannot justify breaking open a private stable, or entering on the grounds of a third person, to take him, except he be feloniously stolen; but must have recourse to an action at law.
Page 86 - EB, deceased, at the time of the making of the said indenture, was seised in his demesne, as of freehold for the term of his natural life, of and in the said demised premises, with the appurtenances...

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