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Hir hand opon the boke sho laid,
And Lunet alkyns1 to hir said :
Madame, sho said, thou salt swer her,
That thou sal do thi power,

Both dai and night, opon al wise,
Withouten alkyns fayntise,

To saghtel the knyght with the liown

And his lady of grete renowne,

So that no faut be funden in the.

Sho said, I grant it sal so be.
Than was Lunet wele paid of this,
The boke sho gert hir lady kys:
Sone a palfray sho bistrade,
And on hir way fast forth sho rade.
The next way ful sone sho nome,
Until sho to the well come.

Sir Ywain sat under the thorn,

And his lyown lay him byforn ;
Sho knew him wele by his lioun,
And hastily sho lighted downe;
And als sone als he Lunet sagh3
In his hert than list him lagh:
Mekil mirth was when thai met,
Aither other ful fair has gret.

Sho said, I love grete god in trone,
That i have yow fun so sone,
And tithandes tel i yow biforn,
Other sal my lady be manesworn,
On relikes, and bi bokes brade,
Or els ye twa er frendes made.

Fer the tithandes that he had.




Sir Ywain than was wonder glad,

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Thai spak na word to na man born,
Of al the folk thai fand byforn.
Als sone so the lady herd sayn.
Hir damisel was cumen ogayn,
And als the liown and the knight,
Than in hert sho was ful lyght;

Scho covait ever of al thing
Of him to have knawageing.

Sir Ywain sone on knese him set,
When he with the lady met.

Lunet said to the lady sone,

Take up the knight, Madame, have done,

And, als convenand betwixt us was,

Makes his pese fast or he pas.

Than did the ladi him up-rise,

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And what man so wil mercy crave,
By goddes law he sal it have.
Than sho asented saghteling to mak,
And sone in arms he gan hir tak,
And kissed hir ful oft sith,

Was he never ar so blith.

Now has sir Ywain ending made
Of al the sorows that he hade;
Ful lely lufed he ever hys whyfe,
And sho him als hyr owin life;
That lasted to thair lives ende;
And trew Lunet, the maiden hende,
Was honord ever wit ald and ying,
And lifed at hir owin likyng.
Of alkins thing sho has maystri,
Next the lord and the lady;
Al honord hir in tour and toun.
Thus the knyght with the liown
Es turned now to syr Ywayn,
And has his lordship al ogayn;
And so sir Ywain and his wive
In joy and blis thai led thair live;
So did Lunet, and the liown,

Until that ded haves dreven tham down:
Of tham ha mar have i herd tell,

Nowther in rumance, ne in spell.
Bot Jhesu Criste, for his grete grace,

In hevyn blis grante us a place
To bide in, if his wills be.
Amen, amen, pur charité.

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