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abled him from appearing in the ring. The first and second prizes for polled oxen or steers were awarded to Messrs. J. and W. Martin, New Market, Aberdeen, while Mr. W. M'Combie, M.P., obtained a high commendation and a commendation. The class of West Highland oxen or steers was in its degree one of the best; the first prize going to Mr. G. Stirling Home Drummond, of Blair Drummond, for a yellow ox, aged four years and ten months, which also took the fifty-guinea cup in the Scotch classes. The second place was taken by a dun ox a year younger, the property of Sir W. G. Gordon Cumming, and the third went to Mr. T. Statter. In the class of cows or heifers Mr. James Reid, Greystone, was first, and Messrs. G. and J. Gordon Smith, Glenlivet Distillery, Ballindalloch, second-the first with an Aberdeen polled, aged six years four months, and the second with a polled, seven years and six months old. In the class of West Highland COWS or heifers the two prizes went to Mr. J. Kendal, Park House, Clitheroe. Mr. Alexander Mathieson, M.P.. of Ardross, Ross-shire, carried off first honours with a Polled-Shorthorn cross, Mr. T. Statter, Stand Hall, with a Hereford, second; and Mr. W. Brown, Linkwood, Elgin, with a crossbred ox, third in the open class for other pure breeds and cross-bred animals. The best teer was shown by Mr. H. D. Adamson, Balquharn, Alford, and the second by Mr. Strachan. In the lass of fat COWS or heifers Messrs. J. and W. Martin, were first, with a cross-bred heifer; Mr. Geo. Strachan, Mains of Inverbrie, second; with Mr. James Reid and Mr. Thomas Bland highly commended. In the class for the best fat ox, cow, or heifer, fed within twenty miles of Manchester, of any breed, the first prize was awarded to Mr. Thomas Statter; and the second to Mr. George Fox, Harefield, Wilmslow.

The entries of sheep were not very large, and the following is the prize list: Three-year-old Cheviot wethers: 1st, James M'Gill, Rotchell, Dumfries; three fat Cheviot wethers, not exceeding twenty-three months: 1st and 2nd, R. H. Durie, Barney Maws, Haddington. Three Southdown wethers: 1st and 2nd, Lord Walsingham ; 3rd, Mr. J. J. Colman, M.P. Three Shropshire wethers: 1st, W. Nock, Sutton Maddock, Shifnal, Salop; 2nd, Lord Chesham, Latimer, Chesham, Bucks; 3rd, W. Yates, Grindle House, Shifnal, Salop; Shropshire wether: Lord Chesham. Three Oxfordshire: G. Street, Maulden, Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Sheep not qualified to compete in any other class: 1st and 2nd, Mr. J. Brown, Kirby Green, Sleaford, Lincoln. Three cross-bred wethers: 1st and 2nd, Duke of Portland. Southdown ewe: Lord Walsingham. Shropshire ewe: Lord Chesham.

In the pigs there were some especially good entries. Pen of three fat pigs of one litter: 1st, the Earl of Ellesmere ; 2nd, Mr. Peter Eden. Three fat pigs of one litter: 1st, the Earl of Ellesmere; 2nd, Executors of the late John Wheeler and Sons, Long Compton, Shipston-on-Stour; highly commended, Mr. P. Eden. Fat pig, not exceeding 15 months old: 1st, Earl of Ellesmere; 2nd, Executors of the late John Wheeler and Sons. Pigs of large breeds -pen of one litter: 1st, 2nd, and highly commended, Mr. Peter Eden; commended, the Earl of Ellesmere. Pen of five pigs of one litter: 1st, 2nd, and highly commended, Mr. Peter Eden; commended, the Earl of Ellesmere; with the winners in this class Mr. Eden also carried off the ten-guineas cup. Pen of five pigs of one litter, small breed: 1st and highly commended, Mr. Peter Eden; and 2nd, Earl of Ellesmere.

Prizes were also offered for cheese and butter. The silver cup for the best assortment of cheese went to Mrs. Elizabeth Perceval, Todd-street, Corporation-street, Manchester. For collection of tub butter, first and second prizes were awarded to Mr. W. Foden, Regent-road, Salford; and for collection of fresh butter Mr. Foden was

first; Mr. Henry Nield, Worsley, second; and Mr. T. Morgan, Baholim Farm, Montgomeryshire, third.

On Friday evening, Professor Arthur GAMGEE delivered a lecture on the methods of physiological inquiry with special reference to the question of vivisection, in which he said his object was to bring before the meeting & few of the results of modern physiological inquiry, so that some insight might be gained into the methods which had served as a basis, and which were now more and more serving to extend physiological science. Не should discuss somewhat briefly a question which had agitated the public mind-the expediency and rightfulness of one of the most important means of physiological research. There were different methods by which physiologists carried on their investigations, and he proceeded to dwell especially upon the method of actual experiments upon the living animal. It was sometimes asked by sceptics what experiments upon living animals had done to advance physiological knowledge. The answer which the truthful man must give to such a question was that there was no department of physiology, however limited, in which by far the most important evidence which had been obtained had not been furnished by experimen s performed upon living animals. That did not by any mesi 8 nean experiments on animal suffering. There were many experiments which might be performed upon the living tissues of an animal when that animal had died; for, strange though it might appear to those present, the death of the various tissres of the body did not necessarily coincide with the death of the body. In many animals the phenomena of the action of the muscles as in life was found for a long time after the death of the body in the various tissues, and many of the most interesting physiological observations had beeu made and were still made upon the tissues of an animal recently killed. Having illustrated by a number of interesting experiments the action of muscles and tissues of animals atter death, and exhibited a number of other physiological phenomena, Professor Gamgee, in conclusion, said he would take it for granted, after his exposition of a few of the discoveries which had been made by modern hysiologists, that his hearers would willingly admit that hey were possessed of great interest. Some no doubt would feel inclined to ask at what cost of animal life and suffering those results had been obtained, and some would urge that the discovery of a scientific fact at the expense of animal suffering was not to be justified because inconsistent with the highest morality; and not a few, taking up a more moderate position, would assert that the performance of those experiments only was justifiable of which the immediate results were to alleviate pain or prolong the life of man. As a scientific man, and not merely a physiologist, he naturally affirmed that the discovery of the truth and the secrets of animal organism was a very high object, worthy of pursuit, and absolutely needful to man in connection with those philosophical studies which had always been considered to afford the greatest play for the human faculties. If increased energy and the store of health laid up, as it were, for future use, and afterwards to be employed by hard-worked men for the public good, justified the fear, pain, and it might be lingering death agony of the hunted fox or wounded bird, surely we should be inconsistent if we denied the right of man to employ with thoughtfulness and consciousness the bodies of animals for the purpose of acquiring new truths which the experiments of the past had abundantly shown were certain sooner or later to prove of actual service to suffering humanity. In point of fact, the pursuit of physiology was not necessarily associated with the infliction of pain. Actually there were few experiments which could not be performed under circumstances of insensibility to pain, and these few were in the sight of most men at any rate, justified by the knowledge which they imparted to man. He believed that as yet we could form but the most imperfect estimate of the services which medicine was destined to render. National medicine must be not only interwoven with, but actually based upon a perfectly accurate knowledge of physiology, and for that reason he would argue very strongly in favour of a continuance of that method of investigation by competent scientific men which had already yielded such good fruits. Those who had tried to influence the popular mind by the recitation of the horrors of vivisection had led to the impres

sion that experiments were frequently performed by large numbers of persons on iving animals; but as one convinced of its uti ity he regretted to say that unfortunately very few persons had within recent times devoted themselves to the study of experimental physiology in England. A reaction had, however, fortunately set in. Neither he nor any other physiologist would perform a painful experiment from any but the most conscientious motives, and he would have the law step in to prevent many of the cruelties, or, at any rate, hardships, which dumb creatures destined for our service were made to undergo; and he would also place restrictions upon experiments upon animals which should prevent their being made by any but

competent persons, and for other than the highest motives: At the same time he would make an appeal that, for the sake of suffering humanity, no hindrance should be placed in the way of those who devoted themselves to the discovery of scientific truth. He was convinced that the report of the Commission on Vivisection, before which he was examined a few days ago, would be of a nature to thoroughly abolish all those fears and apprehensions which had arisen in the public mind, and the Commissioners would show that the statements which had been made could not be borne out by fact, He believed that his continental brethren had been greatly maligned with regard to their investigations in experimental. physiology.


The roots were of coarse grown from seed supplied by the firm holding the show. Notwithstanding the recent attack on prize roots by Dr. Voelcker at the Farmers' Club, the entries were very strong at most of these meetings, where it is to be hoped mere size will for the future be put aside, and the judges' awards depend altogether upon quality and properties really of value to the farmer. These gatherings afford an agreeable opening for an interchange of compliments between the great seed merchants and their customers; but to give point to such displays, there should be a Champion Root Show, held say in London, under the direction of the S.nithfield Club, when the different firms should in each class be confined to a couple of their previous prize entries, and the judges not have acted at any other show during

the season.




AT READING, ON There were 820 entries. The exhibitors include Her Majesty the Queen, the Duke of Portland, the Duke of Sutherland, the Marquis of Ailesbury, the Marquis of Bristol, the Earl of Warwick, the Earl of Harrington, Lord Calthorpe, Lord Camoys, Lord A. Hill, the Hon. R. Cavendish, the Hon. and Rev. R. Meade, the Hon. Mrs. Hay, Admiral Sir G. N. Brooke Middleton, Bart., M.P., Sir D. Gooch, Bart., M.P., Sir H. W. Dashwood, Bart., Sir Paul Hunter, Bart., Sir John Rose, Bart., General Butler, Colonel Kingscote, V.C., M.P., Colonel Peel, Colonel Lane, Colonel Jones, Major Porter, Major Clifton, Major Allfrey, Professor Buckman, Messrs. H. Allsopp, M.P., E. Hermon, M.P., John Walter, M.P., W. Bolckow, M.P., and others.

PRIZE LIST. JUDGES.-W. Briginshaw, her Majesty's Royal Bagshot Park Farm H. Scott Hayward, Frocester Court, Stonehouse; J. Wrightson, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester; H. Simmons, Bearwood; Daniels, Swyncombe;

Lees, Wilderness, Whiteknight's.


Eighteen swedes.-First prize, 10 gs., H. Allsopp, M.P., Hindlip Court; second, 5 gs., the Duke of Portland, Clipstone Park; third, gs., W. D. Strange, Aldermaston; fourth, 2 gs., T. C. Garth, Haines Hill; fifth, 1 g., E. M. Major Lucas, Rowsham.

Three heaviest Champion swedes. First prize, 2 gs., H. Allsopp, M.P.; second, 1 g., A. H. Johnson, Gunnersbury; third, 10s. 6d., J. Moore.

Twelve Mammoth Long Red mangel.-First prize, 5 gs., G. Bishop, Baughurst; second, 3 gs., Admiral Sir G. N. B. Middleton, Bart.; third, 2 gs. Easthampstead Union, Bracknell ;

fourth, £1 10s., J. Fall, Burbage; fifth, £1, A. M. Robinson, Shirley Lodge, Milton.

Three heaviest Mammoth Long Red mangels.-First prize, 3 gs., Admiral Sir G. N. B. Middleton, Bart.; second, 2 gs., Hon. Mrs. Hay, Clyffe Hall; third, 1 g., A. Pocock, Stanford Park.


Twelve Yellow Globe mangels.-First prize, 5 gs., Admiral Sir G. N. B. Middleton, Bart; second, 3 gs., G. Jenner; third, 2 gs., R. W. Hall Dare, Rainham; fourth, £1 10s., Sir J. Michel, Dewlish House, Dorchester; fifth, £1, G. Butler. Three heaviest Yellow Globe mangels.-First prize, 3 gs, Hon. Mrs. Hay; second, 2 gs., Sir P. Hunter, Bart., Mor-timer; third, 1 g., J. Fall.

Twelve Yellow Intermediate mangels.-First prize, 5g, Hon. Mrs. Hay; second, 3 gs., J. Fall; third, 2 gs., R. W. Hall Dare; fourth, £1 10s., Easthampstead Union; fith, £1, R. B. Blyth.

G. Jenner; second, 3 gs., J. Messenger; third, 2 gs., W. L. Twelve New Golden Tankard mangels.-First prize, 5 gr., Beale; fourth, £1 10s., J. Fall; fifth, £1, J. Tagg.

Three heaviest New Golden Tankard mangel.-First prize, 3 gs., Hou. Mrs. Hay; second, 2 gs., W. L. Beale; third, 1 g., J. Messenger,

Twelve New Oxheart Yellow Globe mangel.-First prize, 5 gs., Hon. Mrs. Hay; second, 3 gs., Sir H. Dashwood, Bart.; third, 2 gs., G. Jenner; fourth, £1 10s., J. Messenger; ifth, £1, E. Bolitho, Penzance.

Twelve mangels, any variety, not including those mentioned in previous classes. First prize, 3 gs., J. Fall (Long Yellow); second, 2 gs., G. W. Hillyard; third, 1 g., W. L. Beale,

Twelve Imperial Green Globe turnips.-First prize, 110s, J. Bulford, Hordley; second, £1, J. Fall; third, 15s., R. Webb, Beenham; 4th, 10s., W. Bullen, Weyford. Beale; second, £1. Mrs. Colclough, Tintern Abbey; third, Twelve White Globe turnips.-First prize, £1 108., W. L. 15s., J. Samp-on, Yeovil; fourth, 10s., R. Webb.

Twelve Purple-top Mammoth turnips.-First prize. £1 10s., J. Bulford; second, £1, J. Guy, Bowden; third, 15s., W. Sainsbury, Hunt's House, Lavington; fourth, 10s., T. C. Garth.

Twelve Greystone turnips.-First prize, £1 10s., Major Allfrey; second, £1, J. Barrett, Salford; third, 158., J. Sampson; fourth, 10s., G. H Hillyard, Hanwell.

Twelve red Paragon turnips.-First prize, £1 10s., R. H. Betteridge, Milton; second, £1, J. Sampson; third, 15s., R. Webb; fourth, 10s., the Duke of Portland.

Twelve Yellow-fleshed turnips, any round variety.-First prize, £1, T. L. M. Cartwright; second, 15s., W. Harvey, Frogmore Farm, Ashprington, Totnes; third, 10s., W. L Beale; fourth, 5s., R. Webb.

Twelve Tankard turnips, any variety.-First prize, £1, Sir P. Hunter; second, 15s., J. Sampson; third, 108., Major Allfrey; fourth, 58., J. Barrett.

Twelve Improved Green kohl rabi.-First prize, £1 10,
G. W. Hillyard; second, £1, J. L. Ensor, Semer; third, 15
E. J. Tatham, Holbeach; fourth, 10s., T. C. Garth.

Hillyard; second, 10s. 6d., G. Jenner.
Six Improved Purple kohl rabi.-First prize, £1 13., G. W.

Three heaviest Drumhead cabbages.-First prize, 3 g, Earl of Harrington, Elvaston Castle; second, 2 gs., G. W. Hill yard; third, 1 g., Sir P. Hunter; fourth, 10s. Gd., Mr. Overton, Binfield.

Marquis of Ailesbury; second, 10s. 6d., Hon. Mrs. Hay; Twelve white carrots, any variety-First prize, 1 g., third, 58., M. Tagg.

Twelve red carrots, any variety.-First prize, 1 g., The Duke of Portland; second, 10s. 6d., Hon. Mrs. Hay; third, 5s. G. Rayment.

[blocks in formation]


Twelve specimens Mammoth Long Red mangel.-First prize, 5 gs., Warwick Sewage Farm; second, 3 gs., Banbury Sewage Farm.

Twelve specimens New Oxheart Yellow Globe mangel. First prize, 5 gs., Eton Sewage Farm; second, 3 gs., Banbury Sewage Farm. Extra prize, twelve green Kohl-rabi, Eton Sewage Farm.

Twelve Golden Tankard or Yellow Intermediate mangels. -First prize, 5 gs., Banbury Sewage Farm; second, 3 gs., Central London District School.

There were commendations in several classes.


Collection of potatoes, twelve dishes of distinct kinds, twelve tubers to comprise a dish.-First prize, 5 gs., J. Walter, M.P., Bearwood; second, 1 g., J. Baker.

Redskin Flourball potatoes.-First prize, £1, the Duke of Sutherland; second, 10s., E. G. Ashwell,

Twenty-four hundred fold Fluke potatoes. First prize, £1, J. Brown; second, 10s., Mr. Hawley; third, 5s., J. Workman.

Collection of vegetables (twelve distinct kinds).-First prize, 5 gs., J. Walter, M.P.; second, 1 gs., Major Thoyts. Extra Prize, 10s. 6d., F. Baker.

Twelve Improved Reading onions.-First prize, £1, J. Baker; second, 15s., Reading Union; third, 10s., G. W. Hillyard; fourth, 5s., Hon. Mrs. Hay.

Offered by Morris and Griffin, for twelve Purple-top swede (ny var ety), and twelve Globe or Intermediate mangels, grown with their manure.-Prize, 5 gs., J. Field.

O fered by Messrs. Ohlendorff and Co., for twelve specimens of mangel wurzel and twelve Champion swedes.-Prize, 5 gs., R. Webb.

Offered by J. Gibbs and Co., for a collection of roots, consisting of nine Mammoth Long Red mangels, nine Berkshire Prize Globe or Yellow Intermediate mangels, and nine Champion swedes, grown with their manures.-Prize, 5 gs. Geo. Jenner.

Offered by Burnard, Lack, and Algar, for collection of roots, consisting of six Champion swedes, six Mammoth Long Red mangels, and six Yellow Globe mangels, grown with their manure.-Prize, 5 gs., R. H. Farrer, Abinger Hall.

[blocks in formation]

AT AGRICULTURAL HALL, ISLINGTON, Nov. 18 AND 19. There were about 600 entries; and amongst the exhibitors, beyond others mentioned in the prize list, H. M. the Queen, H. R. H. the Prince of Wales, H. R. H. Prince Christian, Lady Carbery, Captain Walters, Sir C. Lampson; as well as the following sewage farms: Romford, Warwick, Eton, Paris, Banbury, Wrexham, Crewe, West Derby, and Sutton.

PRIZE LIST. JUDGES.-SWEDES AND TURNIPS: J. Brebner, her Majesty's Norfolk Farm; A. Blake, Heythrop Park Farm. MANGEL, KOHL-RABI, CARROTS, POTATOES, AND ONIONS: W. Briginshaw, her Majesty's Bagshot Park Farm; E. W. Booth, Trent Park Farm.

Eghteen Roots of Hardy Swede.-First prize, £10 108., W. Weevil; second, £5 58., Mrs. Morten; third, £3 3s., Lord Warwick; fourth, £2 2s., Sir C. Lampson; fifth, £1 ls., J. E. Corkell.

Six Roots of largest and heaviest Hardy Swede.-First prize, £2 28., Lord Warwick; second, £1 10s., G. Sharman; third, £1 1s., T. C. Garth.

Eight Roots of Globe Mangel.-First prize, £5 5s., Mrs. Morten; second, £3 38., Mr. Fereman; third, £2 2s., T. Stevenson; fourth, £1 10s., Mr. Whitbourn; fifth, £1, R. Cholmondeley.

Three Roots of largest and heaviest Globe Mangel.-First prize, £ 48., Mrs. Morten; second, £2 28., Lord Warwick; third, £1 1s., J. Taylor.

Eight Roots of Mammoth Long Red Mangel.-First prize, £5 5s., J. L. Ensor; second, £3 3s., Mrs. Morten; third, £2 2., Mr. Kent; fourth, £1 10s., Lord Warwick; fifth, £1, Laly Carbery.

Three Roots of largest and heaviest Long Red Mangel.First prize, £4 4s., Mrs. Morten; second, £2 2s., J. L. Ensor; third, £1 18., F. Pryer

Eight Roots of Champion Intermediate Mangel.-First prize, £5 5s., R. Cholmondeley; second, £3 3s., W. Kent; third, £2 2s., Lord Warwick; fourth, £1 10s., J. Taylor; fifth, £1, G. Kemp.

Three Roots, largest and heaviest.-First prize, £3 3s, Mrs. Morten; second, £2 28., J. Taylor; third, £1 1s., F. Pryer.

Eight Roots of Yellow Tankard-shaped Mangel.-First prize, £3 3s., P. M'Kinlay; second, £2 2s., Mrs. Morten ; third, £1 10s., J. L. Ensor.

Eight Roots of Sandringham Globe Mangel.-First prize, £3 3s., G. Kemp; second, 22 2s., Mr. Barrett; third, £1 10s., Lord Warwick.

Eight Roots of Mangel, any variety.-First prize, £ 4s. Mrs. Morten; second, £3 3s., W. Kent; third, £2 2s., Lord Warwick.

Twelve Roots of White Globe Turnips.-First prize, £2 28., Mrs. Morten; second, £1 10s., F. Hutt; third, £1, Sir C. Lampson, Bart.

Twelve Roots of Greystone Turnips.-First prize, £2 2s., Mr. Daintree; second, £1 10s., T. E. Elgar.

Twelve Roots of Red Lincolnshire or Paragon Turnips.First prize, £2 2s., Mrs. Morten; second, £1 10s., Mr. Barrett; third, £1, Mr. Dean; fourth, 10s., Mr. Jackman.

Twelve Roots of Imperial Green Globe Turnips.-First prize, £2 2s., Mrs. Morten; second, £1 10s., Mr. Barrett; third, £1, R. R. Clayton; fourth, 10s., W. Medcalf.

Twelve Roots of Improved Purple-top Mammoth Turnips.First prize, £2 2s,, Mrs. Morten; second, £1 10s., J. Hutt; third, £1, T. E. Elgar; fourth, 10s., Mr. Davis.

Twelve Roots of Yellow-fleshed or Hybrid Turnip, any variety. First and second prizes, £1 10s. and £1, Lord Warwick.

Twelve Roots of Imperial Green Kohl Rabi.-First prize, £2 28., Mrs. Morten; second, £1 10s., J. L. Ensor; third, 15s., Mr. How; fourth, 7s. 6d., Mr. Saunders.

Fight Roots of Mammoth Purple Kohl Rabi.-First prize, £1 10s., Mrs. Morten; second, £1, E. Wilson.

Eighteen Roots of White or Yellow Belgian Carrots.-First prize, £1 10s., H. P. Truell; second, 15s., Mr. Harcourt; third, 78. 6d., Lord Warwick,

Eighteen Roots of Red Carrots, any variety.-First prize, £1 10s., H. P. Truell; second, 15s., Lord Warwick; third, 7s. 6d., Mr. Curtis.

Collection of Potatoes, eighteen varieties.-First prize, £3 3s., P. M'Kinlay; second, £2 2s., R. Cholmondeley; third, £1 1s., Right Hon. C. Nisbet-Hamilton.

Twenty Tubers of Improved Red Skin Flour Ball Potatoes. -First prize, £1 1s., J. F. Leith; second, 10s. 6d., Mrs. Morten; third, 5s., Mr. Osman.

Twenty Tubers of American Breadfruit Potato.-First prize, £1 1s., Mrs. Morten; second, 10s. 6d., F. Pryer.

Twelve Roots of Onions, Spring-sown, any variety.-First prize, £1 1s., Mrs. Morten; second, 10s. 6d., R. Collins; third, 5s., J. F. Leith.

Collection of Roots.-First prize, £5 5s., Lord Warwick; second, £3 3s., Banbury Sewage Farm; third, £2 2s., Eton Sewage Farm.

Collection of Roots, open to the United Kingdom.-First prize, £5 5s., Mrs. Morten; second, £3 3s., J. Baker; third, £2 2s., Lord Warwick.

Twelve Roots of Hardy Swede and Mangel.-Prize, £5 5s., Mrs. Morten,

[blocks in formation]
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Twelve Mammoth Long Red mangolds.-First prize, 5 gs., A. J. Ford, Madeley.

Twelve heaviest ditto.-First prize, 2 gs., F. Lythall, Offchurch.

Twelve Yellow Intermediate mangolds.--First prize, 3 gs., Earl of Warwick.

Twelve Yellow-fleshed Tankard mangolds.-First prize, 3 gs., Earl of Warwick.

Twelve Imperial Green kohl-rabi.--First prize, 2 gs., G. and J. Perry.

Twelve Selected Green Globe turnips.-First prize, 3 ga., J. Burrows, Kingcombe.

Twelve Improved Beef Heart turnips.-First prize, 3 gs., W. Choules, Badbury.

Twelve Improved Grey Stone turnips.-Prize, 2 gs., E. Parsons, Wheathil.

Twelve Yellow Tankard turnips.-Prize, 2 gs., D. Eardley, Brand Farm.

Twelve selected White Globe turnips.-Prize, 2 gs., W. Yates, Grindle.

Twelve Purple-top Mammoth turnips.-Prize, 2 gs., G. German, Croxall Grange.

Twelve carrots, white or yellow.-Prize, 1 g., Duke of Portland, Clipstone Park.

Twelve carrots, scarlet.—Prize, 1 g., Duke of Portland. Four Champion cow cabbages.-Prize, 1 g., A. Parkes, The Heath.

Twenty-four Red-skin Flour-ball potatoes.-Prize, 1 g., J. G. Bullock, Guarlford Court.

Twenty-four Hundredfold Fluke potatoes.-Prize, 1 g, T. Moxon, Easenhall.

Twenty-four Paterson's Victoria potatoes.-Prize, 1 g., J. Bradley and Co., Shut End.

Twenty-four potatoes of any other variety.-Prize, 1 g., Lord Windsor, Hewell Grange.

Collection of potatoes.-Extra prize, 1 g., Major Cholmondeley, Condover.


White wheat.-First prize, 1 g., J. Day, Pinvin. Sample bushel Kinver Chevalier barley.-First prize, 1 g, A. J. Ford, Madeley.

Sample bushel Prolific Black Tartar oats.-First prize, 1 g., Marquis of Anglesey, Beau Desert.

Sample bushel Challenge White oats.-First prize, 1 g., E. Davies, Roughton.


Five acres of swedes.-A silver cup or other plate, 10 gs, the Madeley Wood Colliery Company (Manager, Mr. I. J. Fletcher), weight per acre, 31 tous 11 cwt. 1 qr. 20 lbs. ;second ditto, 5 gs, G. and J. Perry, Acton Pigott, weight per acre, 28 tons 14 cwt. 1 qr. 4lbs. Special prize, 5 gs., Dr. Eardley, Brand Farm; weight per acre, 26 tons 12 cwt. 3 qrs. 21lbs.

Three acres of yellow Globe mangold.-Prize, 5 gs., R. Tanner, Frodesley; weight per acre, 36 tons 1 cwt. 1 qr. 20 lbs.

Two acres of Long Red mangold.-Prize, 5 gs., G. and J. Perry; weight per acre, 41 tons 5 cwt. 2 qrs. 2+ibs.



JUDGES.-E. Catchpool, Feering Bury; J. Moss Messing, and J. Baker, Stisted.

Champion Orange Globe wurzel.-F.rst prize, silver cap value £5 5s., R. W. Hall Dare, Wennington; second, £2 2s., J. Taylor, Soham, Cambridgeshire; third, £1 1s., Rev. Canon Tarver, Stisted.

Yellow Globe wurzel.-First prize, £2 2s., E, Walford, Layer; second, £1 10s., Mr. Holton, Mount Bures; third, £1, Mr. Richardson, Terling.

Long Red wurzel.-First prize, £, B. and R. W. Dixon, Wickham; second, 15s., E. Walford; third, 10s., Mr. Harvey, Langenhoe.

Long Yellow wurzel.-First prize, £1, S. Wool, Layer; second, £2 10s., Messrs. Dixon, Wickham.

Red Globe wurzel.--First prize, 15s., W. S. Goodchild, Glemsford; second, 7s. 6d., Mr. Richardson.

Intermediate wurzel-First prize, £t, R. W. Hall Dare; second, 10s., T. Yeldham, Stambourne.

Ileaviest wurzel.-Prize, £1 10s., E. Walford. Unrivalled swede.-First prize, £2 2s., O. S. Onley, Stisted; second, £1 10s, Mrs Honywood, Marks Hall; third, 15s., S. Courtauld, Go field.

Skirving swede.-First prize, £2, T. Speakman, Faulkbourne; second, £1, Mrs. Honywood; third, 10s, G. Steward, Hitcham, Suffolk.

Heaviest swede.-Prize, £1 1s., O. S. Onley, weight 1361hs. White Globe turnip.-First prize, 158., A. Fairhead, Notley ; second, 7s. 6d., Sir J. T. Tyrrell, Boreham.

Green Globe turnip.-First prize, 15s., G. Pettit, Mount Bures; second, 7s. 6d., T. Speakman.

Green kohl-rabi.-First prize, 10s., J. Smith, Pattiswick and Colue; second, 7s. 6d., G. Steward.





Golden Treasure, red, calved September 19, 1874, by Royal
Duke of Glo'ster.-Mr. Henderson, of Stemster, Caithness,

41 gs. Sugar Cane, red, calved October 10, 1874, by Ben Wyvis.Mr. Cruickshank, Oldtown, Keituall, 38 gs.

Sir Alexander, roin, calved October 24, 1874, by Ben Wyvis.
Mr. Mitchell, Drumderfit, Inverness, 41 gs.
Invincible, roan, calved January 10, 1875, by Ben Nevis.-
Mr. Ross, Wester Coull, Tarland, 30 gs.

Sir Thomas, roan, calved January 10, by Master of Arts.-
Mr. Low, Stratford-on-Avon, 54 gs.

Royal Star, roan, calved January 28, by Bridesman.-Sir Archibald Grant, Bart, of Monymusk, 34 gs.

The Arab, roan, calved February 23, by Royal Duke of Glo'ster.-Mr. Trotter, Garguston, Inverness, 10 gs.


Patriarch, red and white, calved March 13, bv Royal Duke o
Glo'ster.-Col. Macdonell, Calcots, Elgin, 33 gs.
Patriot, white, calved March 4, by Master of Arts.-Mr.
Skinner, Chapel of Eirick, New Machar, 21 gs.
Censor, roan, caived February 1, by Bridesman.-Right Hon.
T. F. Kennedy, Dunure, Ayrshire, 35 gs.
Valiant, roan, calved March 10, by Ben Wyvis.-Mr. Largue,
Itlaw, Alvah, 29 s.

Counterfoil, roan, calved March 14, by Bridesman.—Mr.
Shand, Ordens, Banff, 46 gs.

Confederate, roan, calved March 19, by Lord Lancaster.-Mr. Wilson, Balfluig, Chapel of Garioch, 23 gs.

Graphic, roan, calved March 26, by Viceroy.-Mr. Fiddes, Minnes, Foveran, 26 gs.

Barmpton, red, calved March 18, by Viceroy.-Mr. Patterson, Cairnhill, Keithal, 18 gs.

Mussulman, red, calved Feb. 13, by Royal Duke of Glo'ster.Mr. Pirie, Whitestones, Macduff, 16 gs.

Reward, roan, calved March 23, by Viceroy.-Mr. Grays Darrahill, Belhelvie, 30 gs.

British Prince, red, calved March 11, by Royal Duke of Glo'ster.-Mr. Thomson, Newseat of Dumbreck, Uday,

35 gs.

Perfection, 'roan, calved March 9, by Bridesman.-Mr. Begg, Lochnagar Distillery, 90 gs.

Recorder, roan, calved March 26, by Viceroy.-Mr. Warrack, Newmill, Fintray, 26 gs.

Lord Mayor, red and white, calved March 28, by Viceroy.-Mr. Simpson, Hill of Crimond, 22 gs.

Magazine, red, cilved April 5, by St. Vincent.-Mr. Alex. Jackson, Hillbrae, Bourtie, 21 gs.

Brish Banner, roan, calved April 22, by Royal Duke of Glo'ster.-Mr. Garden, Ythsie, 25 gs.

Levity, roan, calved April 9, by Bridesman.-Mr. Ross, Tulloch, Meldrum, 31 gs.

Red Cloak, red, calved May 22, by Red Gauntlet.-Mr. Brand, Auchinteen, Cruden, 19 gs.

Chorister, white, calved May 11, by Lord Lancaster.-Mr. Mitchell, Fifeshire, 23 gs.

The total sum reahsed for the 26 bulls sold was £895 13s.; at an average of £34 9s.


The herd was founded by the late Mr. Woolley's father upwards of fifty years ago. The cows and heifers were principally by Paragon, and the bulls used in the herd were Wellington, Treasurer, Monkland, Cholstrey, Earl Derby 2nd, Wanderer, Horace, Paragou, and Theodore 2nd.

Cows AND HEIFERS.-Cow, Mr. J. Like, Mansell, 18 gs. her heifer calf, Mr. Jones, Downton,7 gs. Cow, Mr. Edwards, Eardisley, 14 s.; her heifer calf, Mr. Wylde, Church House, bgs. Cow, Mr. Wall, Baschurch, 31 gs.; her heifer calf, Mr. Wall, Baschurch, 10 gs. Cow, Mr. Colebatch, 191 gs.; her heifer calf, Mr. J. Price, Court House, 15 gs. Cow, Mr. T. Lewis, Woodhouse, 13 gs.; her heifer calf, Mr. J. Norton, Lucton, 6 gs. Cow, Mr. T. Lewis, Woodhouse, 13 gs.; her bull calf, Mr. J. Jones, 6 gs. Cow, Mr. Wall, Baschurch, 32 gs; her bull calf, Mr. Wall, Baschurch. 17 gs. Cow, Mr. Wall, Baschurch, 17 g8.; her bull calf, Mr. J. Jones, 7 gs. Cow, Mr. Matty, Grove, 15 gs.; her bull calf, Mr. Price, Coomb, 7 gs. Cow, Captain Pike, The Green, 18 gs. ; her bull calf, Mr. Wylde, Church House, 7 gs. Cow, Mr. Bounds, Norton Canon, 13 gs.; her bulf calf, Mr. Lloyd, 12gs. Cow, 28 gs.; her bull calf, 8 gs., Mr. Manwaring, Upcot. Cow, Mr. Matty, Grove, 17 g; her bull calf, Mr. Wylde, Church House, 7 gs. Cow, Mr. Parker, Stoke Lacey, 17 gs.; her bull calf, Mr Shewell, New Radnor, 19 gs. Cow, Captain Pike, The Green, 18 gs. ; her bull calf, Mr. W. G. Preece, Shrewsbury, 6 gs. Cow, 13 gs.; her bull calf, 8 gs., Mr. T. Wall, Sherrington. Cow, Mr. Hope, Stocking, 14 gs.; her bull calf, Mr. J. Coates, Eardisland, 10 gs. Cow, Mr. J. Price, Court House, 28 gs.; her bull calf, Mr. W. G. Preece, 6 gs. Cow, Mr. Manwaring, Upeot, 13 gs.; her bull calf, Mr. Manwaring, Upcot, 7 gs. Cow, Mr. Moore, 15 gs.; her heifer calf, Mr. Wylde, Church House, 8 gs. Cow, Mr. J. Gwilliam, Lyonshall, 13 gs.; her heifer calf, Mr. J. Jones, Downton, 7 gs. Cow, Mr. Colebatch, 21 gs.; her heifer calf, Mr. W. G. Preece, 5 gs. Cow, Mr. R. Bayless, Monnington, 23 gs. ; her heifer calf, Mr. Manwaring, Upcot, 6 gs. Cow, Mr. Colebatch, 17 gs.; her heifer calf, Mr. Preece, Coombe, 5 gs. Cow, Mr. Colebatch, 21 gs.; her heifer calf, Mr. T. Rogers, Homme, 7 gs. Cow, Mr. R. Bayless, Monnington, 19 gs. ; her heifer calf, Mr. E. Jones. Downton, 7 gs. Cow, Mr. T. Wall, Sherrington, 15 gs.; her heifer calf, Mr. J. Price, Court House, 10 gs. Cow, Mr. R. Bay ess, Mounington,

19 gs.; her heifer calf, Mr. Manwaring, Upcot, 9 gs. Cow, Mr. Colebatch, 20 gs.; her heifer calf, Mr. J. Jones, 7 gs. Cow, Mr. James Smith, Bidney, 20 gs.; her heifer calf, Mr. Hope, Stockey, 5 gs. Cow in ca f, Mr. H. Bull, Weobley, 14 gs. Cow with heifer calf, Mr. Parkes, Holm Lacey, 16 s. Milch cow in full milk, Mr. Davies, 9 gs. TWO-YEARS-OLD HEIFERS.-Two-years-old heifer, in calf to a son of Paragon (2665), Mr. Davis, 14 gs. Ditto, Mr. Davis, 17 gs. Ditto, Mr. W. G. Preece, 12 gs. Ditto, Mr. Davis,

20 gs. Ditto, Mr. Parker, Stoke Lacey, 16 g. Ditto, Mr. Parker, Stoke Lacy, 14 gs. Ditto, Mr. Hughes, 13 gs. Ditto, Mr. Hyde, Riffin's Mill, 131 gs. Ditto, Mr. Hyde, Riffiu's Mill, 15 gs. Ditto, Mr. W. G. Preece, 11 gs. Ditto, Mr. J. Preece, Court House, 15 gs. Ditto, Mr. Shewell, New Radnor, 18 gs. Ditto, Mr. Watkins, 13 gs. Ditto, Mr. J. Preece, 20 gs. Cross-bred ditto, Mr. J. Abell, Pembridge, 13 gs.

YEARLING HEIFERS.-Pair of year'ing heifers, Mr. Norton, Lucton, 25 gs. Ditto, Mr. J. Price, 32 gs. Ditto Mr. Watkins, 26 gs. Ditto Mr. Lewis, Wood House, 24 gs. Ditto, Mr. W. G. Preece, 17 gs.

YEARLING STEERS.-Pair of yearling steers, Mr. J. Holloway, Day House, 24 gs. Ditto, Mr. G. Bedford, Milton, 28 gs. Ditto, Mr. G. Child, Court of Noke, 24 gs. Ditto, Mr. R. Farr, Hereford, 25 gs. Ditto, Mr. Farr, 25 gs. Ditto, Mr. G. Child, Court of Noke, 22 gs. Ditto, Mr. Morris, Byton, 24 gs. Ditto, Mr. W. G. Preece, 17 gs.

TWO-YEARS-OLD STEERS.-l'air of two-years-o'd steers, Mr, J. Carwardine, Cock Croft, £46. Ditto, Mr. Bright, Leominster, £39 10s. Ditto, Mr. J. Carwardine, Cock Croft, £33 10s. Ditto, Mr. C. Hundley, Eardisland, £34 10s. Ditto, Mr. J. Carwardine, Cock Croft, £12. Ditto, Mr. J. Carwardine, £12. Ditto, Mr. J. Carwardine, £38. One ditto, T. Wall, Shrewsbury, £12.

HEREFORD STOCK BULL.-Mr. J. Price, Court House, 32 gs.




Lady 3rd (Mr. Robinson's).-Mr. H. Wardle, 3+ gs.
Cleopatra (Mr. Meakin's).-Mr. P. Foster, 350 gs.; her cow-
calf, Mr. J. A. Mumford, 50 gs.

Charming Maiden (Mr. Meakin's)-Mr. W. German, 20 gs.
Baroness 2nd (Mr. Meakin's).-Mr. C. Arnold, 46 gs.
Rosabella (Mr. Meakin's).-Mr. C. Arnold, 28 gs.
Playmate 3rd (Mr. Robinson's).-Mr. M. Walker, 39 gs.
Duchess of Cumberland (Mr. Robinson's).-Mr. E. Holden,
70 gs.

Consolation (Mr. Robinson's).—Mr. II. Wardle, 33 gs.
Purity (Mr. Meakin's).-Mr. E. Holden, 68 gs.
Emily (the late Mr. W. Wood's).—Mr. C. C. Garner, 46 gs.
Cowslip (Mr. Robinson's),-Mr. J. Sowerby, 30 gs.
Daisy 3rd (Mr. Robinson's) -Mr. R. Blackwell, 26 gs.
Duchess of Lancaster 7th (Mr. Robinson's)-Mr. W. German,

56 gs.

Reine Marguerite 2nd (the late Mr. W. Wood's).—Mr. W. German, 43 gs.

Lady Bates 11th (Mr. Robinson's)-Mr. F. Cartwright, 51 gs. Fifth Duchess of York (Mr. Robinson's), Mr. E. Holden, 45 gs.

Rose of Packington (Mr. Meakin's)-Mr. W. H. Brown, 80
gs.; her bull-calf.-Mr. W. Thorpe, 10 gs.
Bloom (Mr. Robinson's).-Mr. R. Blackwell, 38 gs.
Rose of Darlington (Mr. Robinson's).—Mr. J. Sowerby, 43 gs.
Duchess of Cumberland 2nd (Mr. Robinson's).-Mr. J.
Sowerby, 35 gs.

Beauty of Battersea (Mr. Robinson's).—Mr. J. Sowerby, 50 gs.,
Cleopatra 2nd (Mr. Meakin's).-Mr. R. Bleazard, 360 gs.
Problem (Mr. Meakin's).-Mr. J. J. Canning, 48 gs.
Eliza (the late Mr. W. Wood's).-Mr. R. Bates, 37 gs.
Bella (Mr. Meakiu's).-Mr. W. German, 51 gs.
Ruth 5th (Mr. Robinson's).-Mr. F. Gretton, 32 gs.
Spangle (Mr. Robinson's).—Mr. J. Hardy, 26 gs.
Bull-calf.-Mr. B. Swaffield, 13 gs.

Duchess of Oxford 9th (Mr. Robinson's).—Mr. F. N. Smith,
45 gs.
Bull-calf.-Mr. W. German, 4 gs.

Lady Barmpton Rose 2nd (Mr. Robinson's).-Mr. J. Dickenson, 60 gs.

Enigma (Mr. Meakin's).-Mr. F. Cartwright, 110 gs.
Belladonna (Mr. Meakin's).-Mr. S. Canning, 42 gs.
Comely (Mr. Meakin's).—Mr. T. Whiteside, 23 gs.

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