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SPEECH of the Grand Duke of Baden. Opening of the Assembly of
.28th March, 1822. 656

the States..

of the King of Bavaria. Opening of the Session of the States.
26th January, 1822. 657
... of the Prince Regent of Brazil. Meeting of the Representatives
General in Council....
2nd June, 1822. 725

of the Supreme Director of Chili. Opening of the Preparatory
Constitutional Assembly.........Santiago, 23rd July, 1822. 849
.... of the Dutch Minister of Finance, to the States-General.

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5th February, 1822.

1 of do.......6th August, 1822. 456
of the King of The Netherlands. Opening of the States
General...... ...21st October, 1822. 528
... of the Russian Minister of Finance. Opening of the Council
of Credit...
18th May, 1822. 869
of the King of Portugal. Oath to the Political Constitution.
1st October, 1822. 857

...... of the Cortes..4th November, 1822, 864 of do........1st December, 1822. 865
of the King of Spain. Closing of the Extraordinary Cortes.
14th February 1822. 811 Opening of the Cortes ....1st March, 1822. 812 of do.... ....30th June, 1822. 813
..Opening of the Extraordinary Cortes.


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Projects of Law. Budget of 1823....11th November, 1822. 673
of the King of France. Opening of the Chambers. 4th June, 1822. 526
of the King of Great Britain. Opening of Parliament.

7th October, 1822. 815
of the King of Sweden. Opening of the Storthing of Norway.
20th September, 1822. 820 of do......... 16th November, 1822. 821
of the Lord High Commissioner of the United Ionian States.
Opening of the Legislative Assembly..4th March, 1822. 774 Closing of do........30th May, 1822. 966


See also MESSAGE.

ST. DOMINGO. Proclamation of the Political Chief to the Inhabitants

of Santo Domingo. Union of the
Spanish Part of the Island with the
Republick of Hayti... 19th Jan. 1822. 959
of the President of Hayti to the
People. General Union and Indepen-
dence of the Island. 9th February, 1822. 884
of do. to the Inhabitants of the
Eastern Part of the Island. Incor-
poration with the Republick of Hayti.
15th June, 1822. 910
of do. to the People and Army.
Publick Tranquillity.

19th August, 1822. 817



See AccoUNT.
See ACT.

SURINAM. Correspondence with the British Commissioners.

Slave Trade...... ...1821. 91
Proclamation. Introduction of Slaves from Foreign
Possessions prohibited...2nd July, 1821. 160
SWEDEN. Correspondence with The United States. Commercial
Relations with Norway..
Ordinance of the King. Encouragement of Trade with
South America...
.15th June. 1822. 819

....1821. 491


SWEDEN. Speech of the King. Opening of the Storthing of Norway,

20th September, 1822. 820
.... do. do. Closing of do...16th November, 1822. 821
Convention with Denmark. Danish Norwegian Debt.
Copenhagen, 8th November, 1822, 619







Spanish Blockade of, and Piratical Vessels. Cor-
respondence between The United States and Spain.
1822. 784, 977



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and Russia.

Denmark and Sweden.

Algiers and The United States. Treaty. Peace.
Algiers, 23d December, 1816. $4
Austria, Prussia, Russia, and Sardinia. Convention.
Military Occupation of the Sardinian States.
Novara, 24th July, 1821, 650
Prussia, Russia, and Sicily. Convention.
Military Occupation of Sicily.
Naples, 18th October, 1821. 632
and Parma. Convention. Garrison of Placentia.
Placentia, 14th March, 1822. 636
Additional Convention to the
Convention of June, 1815.
Reciprocal restitution of Deserters.
Vienna, July, 1822.
Convention. Danish-Norwegian
Debt. Copenhagen, 8th Nov. 1822. 619
France and Spain. Convention. Claims of French Subjects.
Paris, 30th April, 1822. 454
Great Britain and The United States. Declaration and
Decision of the Commissioners,
under the VIth Article of the
Treaty of Ghent. Boundaries.
Utica, 18th June, 1822 791
and Tunis. Declaration of the Bey. Duty
on Rice imported in British
Ships......28th May, 1822. 364
Prussia and Russia. Convention. Claims of Polish
Subjects...20th February, 1822. $67
Treaty between the Armies. "Peace.
Cordova, 24th August, 1821. 431
Ottawa, &c. Indians.


Spain and Mexico.
United States and
Chicago, 29th August, 1821. 494
TUNIS. Declaration of the Bey. Duty on Rice imported in British
.28th May, 1822. KI
TURKEY. Correspondence with Great Britain. Affairs of Greece, and
Relations between Russia and Turkey.

1821, 1822. 659
Act of the Ionian Parliament. Punishment of Persons
engaging in the War between Turkey and Greece.

2nd April, 1822, 105
Declaration of the Provisional Government of Greece.
Blockade of Turkish Ports.Corinth, 25th March, 1822. 798






UNITED STATES. Accounts. Finance. Receipts, 1818 to 1821..... 766
Expenditures for 1821..... 768
Funded Debt unredeemed,
1820, 1821. 768
Estimates of the Publick
Revenue and Expenditure
for 1822...
Merchandize imported, 1821.


899, 900
....Do.....exported, 1821.

902, 903, 904, 905
Amount of Duties on
Merchandize, &c.

1801 to 1820. 847
Commerce and Navigation. American
and Foreign...1821. 906, 908
Navigation. Tonnage, American and
Foreign..........1821. 910
Act of Congress. Punishment of Citizens engaging
in Hostilities between Foreign


20th April, 1818. 382
Commerce and Navigation of
Florida...30th March, 1822. 498
Claims and Titles to Land in
Florida, under the Treaty
with Spain of 1819...
Circular to Collectors of Customs. Trade with
certain British Islands and Colonies.
14th September, 1822. 834
Correspondence with Great Britain. Slave Trade.


1821. 5
with Portugal. Commercial Inter-
course, and Claims of Indemnity
for Piratical Captures.

1820 to 1822. 275


Spain. Proceedings in
Florida, and execution of the
Treaty of 1819...1821, 1822, 289, 823
with Spain, Buenos Ayres, Chili,

Colombia, and Mexico. Indepen-
dence of the Governments of
Spanish America...1820 to 1822. 369
with Great Britain and Russia.
Claims to Territory on the Pacifick
Ocean, Columbia River, &c.

1815 to 1822. 458
with Sweden. Commercial Relations
with Norway..
...1821. 491
with Great Britain.


of the Treaty of Ghent.
1814, 1822. 530, 565
with do. Duties on Iron. 1816, 1821. 641
with Spain. Independence of the
Spanish American Colonies.
February to April, 1822. 369, 752, 823


UNITED STATES. Correspondence with Spain. Piratical Vessels, and
Spanish Blockade of Terra
Firma...May, Sept. 1822. 977
... with do. Captures of Vessels,
arising out of the Spanish
Blockade of Venezuela.
11th Dec. 1822. 784
respecting Claims in Florida, of
Citizens of The United
States, under the Treaty
with Spain of 1819.

March, 1822, 916
Declaration and Decision of the Commissioners
under the VIth Article of the Treaty of Ghent,
of 1814, with Great Britain. Boundaries.
Utica, 18th June, 1822. 791
Proceedings in Florida,
and execution of the
Treaty with Spain of
.289, 829

Message to Congress.

Opening of the Session.
3rd December, 1821. 334
Proceedings of Commissioners
under the Vth Article of the
Treaty of Ghent, with Great
Britain. Boundaries.

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6th February, 1822. 563
Negotiation of the Treaty of
Ghent, of 1814, with Great
.530, 365
Recognition of the Indepen
dence of the Spanish Americas

March, April, 1822. 366,752
Fortifications on Dauphine
Island and Mobile Point.
26th March, 1822. $25
Claims of Great Britain and
Russia, to Territory on the
Pacifick Ocean, Columbia
River, &c... 15th April, 1822. 47
Commercial Relations with
Norway.......1st May, 1822. 41
Duties on Iron imported from
Great Britain.. 1st May, 1822. 641
Ordinance of the King of France. Duties on the
Vessels and Merchandize of The United
States.... ......3d September, 1822. 441
Proclamation of the President. Treaty of Peace
with Algiers of 1816.

11th February, 1822. 841
of do...........Ports of The United
States declared open to Vessels from
certain British Islands and Colonies.
24th August, 1822. 832, 834
Report of the Secretary of the Navy. Slave Trade.
7th February, 1821. 71
..of a Committee of the House of Representatives.
Slave Trade......... 9th February. 1821, 62
..... of the Secretary of the Treasury. Annual
Account of the state of the Finances.
10th December, 1821. 766

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UNITED STATES. Report of the Secretary of the Treasury. Commerce
and Navigation of The United States, 1821. 898
of the Secretary at War. Expences of the
Army and Militia, 1818 to 1822.
Statement of the Amount of Duties on Merchandize, &c.
1801 to 1820. 847

Treaty with Algiers. Peace.
Algiers, 23d December, 1816. 841
with the Ottawa, &c. Indians. Boundaries.
Chicago, 29th August, 1821. 494
URGEL. Regency of, Proclamation to the People. Government of
Spain.....15th August, 1822.1006
Manifesto of the King of Spain. Proceedings of do.
16th Sept. 1822. 963



VENEZUELA and NEW GRANADA. Fundamental Law, for the Union
of, under the Title of the
Republick of Colombia.

17th December, 1819. 407
Fundamental Law of the Union of
the People of Colombia.

Rosario de Cucuta, 12th July, 1821. 696
VENEZUELA. Captures of Vessels arising out of the Spanish Blockade
of,-Correspondence between Spain and The United
1822. 784, 977


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Orchard-street, Westminster.


WEST INDIES. Exportation of Gunpowder, &c. to the, prohibited.
British Orders in Council. 363,364


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