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CORRESPONDENCE with Great Britain, relative to Greece, and to
the Relations between Russia and Turkey...1821, 1822... 659

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CORRESPONDENCE with Great Britain, respecting the Duties,

discriminating between rolled and ham-
mered Iron imported...........1816, 1821... 641
with Spain, relative to the Independence of
the Spanish American Colonies.

February to April, 1822... 369, 752, 823
with the Spanish Authorities in the West
Indies, respecting Piratical Vessels, and
the Spanish Blockade of Terra Firma.

May to September, 1822... 977
with Spain, respecting Captures of Vessels,
arising out of the Spanish Blockade of
Venezuela...................11th Dec. 1822... 784

289, 822

DECLARATION and Decision of the Commissioners under the 6th
Article of the Treaty of Ghent, of 1814, with Great
Britain, respecting Boundaries..Utica, 18th June, 1822... 791

MESSAGE TO CONGRESS, relative to certain Proceedings in Flo-

rida, and the execution of the Treaty

with Spain, of 1819...............

on the Opening of the Session.

3d December, 1821... 334

... relative to Claims of Great Britain

and Russia to Territory upon the

Pacifick Ocean, North of the 42d

degree of Latitude, Columbia River,

&c.............. ..15th April, 1822... 457

concerning the Commercial Relations

of The United States with Norway.

1st May, 1822... 491

relative to the Negociation of the

Treaty of Ghent,of 1814, with Great


.... 530, 565

relative to the Proceedings of Commis-

sioners under the 5th Article of the

Treaty of Ghent with Great Britain,

respecting Boundaries..6th Feb. 1822... 563

respecting the Duties, discriminating

between rolled and hammered Iron

imported from Great Britain.


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State Papers.

SPEECH of the King to both Houses of the British Parliament, on the Opening of the Session, 5th February, 1822.

My Lords, and Gentlemen,

I HAVE the satisfaction of informing you that I continue to receive from Foreign Powers the strongest assurances of their friendly disposition towards this Country.

It is impossible for Me not to feel deeply interested in any event that may have a tendency to disturb the peace of Europe. My endeavours have therefore been directed, in conjunction with My Allies, to the settlement of the differences which have unfortunately arisen between the Court of St. Petersburgh and the Ottoman Porte, and I have reason to entertain hopes that these differences will be satisfactorily adjusted.

In My late visit to Ireland I derived the most sincere gratification from the loyalty and attachment manifested by all classes of My Subjects. With this impression it must be matter of the deepest concern to Me, that a spirit of outrage, which has led to daring and systematic violations of the Law, has arisen and still prevails in some parts of that Country.

I am determined to use all the means in My power for the protection of the persons and property of My loyal and peaceable Subjects; and it will be for your immediate consideration whether the existing Laws are sufficient for this purpose.

Notwithstanding this serious interruption of public tranquillity, I have the satisfaction of believing that My presence in Ireland has been productive of very beneficial effects; and all descriptions of My People may confidently rely upon the just and equal administration of the Laws, and upon My paternal solicitude for their welfare.

Gentlemen of the House of Commons,

It is very gratifying to Me, to be able to inform you, that during the last Year the Revenue has exceeded that of the preceding, and appears to be in a course of progressive improvement.


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