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Page 235 - ... the First Lord of the Treasury, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the President of the Board of Trade.
Page 311 - That an humble address be presented to her Majesty, praying that she will be graciously pleased to direct...
Page 50 - That her Majesty's Ministers do not sufficiently possess the confidence of the House of Commons to enable "them to carry through the House measures which they deem of essential importance to the public welfare ; and that their continuance in office under such circumstances is at variance with the spirit of the Constitution.
Page 51 - House sufficiently to enable them to carry through the measures which they deemed of essential importance to the public welfare, and that their continuance in office under such circumstances was at variance with the spirit of the Constitution.
Page 149 - ... to enforce, separately and respectively, the laws, rights, and obligations of each of the two countries, for the suppression of the slave-trade ; the said squadrons to be independent of each other, but the two governments stipulating, nevertheless, to give such orders to the officers commanding their respective forces, as shall enable them most effectually to act in concert and cooperation, upon mutual consultation, as exigencies may arise, for the attainment of the true object of this article...
Page 149 - The parties mutually stipulate that each shall prepare, equip, and maintain in service on the coast of Africa a sufficient and adequate squadron or naval force of vessels of suitable numbers and descriptions, to carry in all not less than...
Page 110 - ... until the people possess that power under which all monopoly and oppression must cease; and your petitioners respectfully mention the existing monopolies of the suffrage, of paper money, of machinery, of land, of the public press, of religious privileges, of the means of travelling and transit, and of a host of other evils too numerous to mention, all arising from class legislation, but which your honourable House has always consistently endeavoured to increase instead of diminish.
Page 340 - ... now the refuse of other callings — discarded servants, or ruined tradesmen ; who cannot do a sum of three ; who would not be able to write a common letter ; who do not know whether the earth is a cube or a sphere, and cannot tell whether Jerusalem is in Asia or America ; whom no gentleman could trust with the key of his cellar, and no tradesman would send of a message...
Page 334 - Educate the people," was the first admonition addressed by Penn to the commonwealth he founded — "educate the people" was the last legacy of Washington to the republic of the United States — "educate the people" was the unceasing exhortation of Jefferson.

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