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Art. I.--1. An Enquiry into the Credibility of the Early Roman

History. By the Right Hon. Sir George Cornewall

Lewis, Bart. Two Vols. London : 1855, .


II. - Tagebuch des Generals Patrick Gordon, während

seiner Kriegsdienste unter den Schweden und Polen

vom Jahre 1655 bis 1661, und seines Aufenthalt in

Russland vom Jahre 1661 bis 1699. Zum ersten

Male vollständig veröffentlicht durch Furst M. A.

Obolenski und Dr. Phil. M. C. Posselt. Moskau,

1849-1851. 2 band.

(The Diary of General Patrick Gordon, during his

Military Service with the Swedes and Poles from

the Year 1655 to 1661, and his Residence in Russia
from the Yehr 1661 to 1699. \Published completely

for the first time by Prince M. A. Obolenski and

M. C. Posselt, Ph. D. Moscow, 1849-1851. 2 vols.) 24

III. – 1. London in the olden Time. By William Newton.

London : 1855.

2. Post Office London Directory. London : 1856.

3. Reports and Tables relating to the Census of 1851.

Presented by the Census Commissioners in 1851,

1852, 1853, 1854.

4. The Food of London ; a Sketch of the chief varieties

and supply of Food for a community of two millions

and a half. By George Dodd. London : 1856, 51

IV.- Recollections of the Table Talk of Samuel Rogers ;

to which is added Porsoniana. London : 1856, 73

V.- 1. A Cry from the Desert. London : 1707.

2. Nouveaux Mémoires pour servir à l'Histoire des

Trois Camisards, où l'on voit les Déclarations du

Colonel Cavallier. London : 1708.

3. Memoirs of the Wars of the Cevennes.

Cavallier. London : 1726.

4. Histoire des Troubles des Cevennes, ou de la Guerre

des Camisars sous Louis le Grand Par A. Court.

Villefranche: 1760.

5. Histoire des Pasteurs du Desert. Par Napoleon

Peyrat. Paris : 1842.

6. The Pastors of the Wilderness. London : 1851, 123

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VI. - Numismata Hellenica. A Catalogue of Greek Coins

collected by William Martin Leake, F.R.S., one of

the Vice-Presidents of the Royal Society of Lite-

rature. With Notes, a Map, and Index. London:


. 161

VII.-1. Vermischte Schriften von Heinrich Heine. 3 Bände.

Hamburg : 1854.

2. Poems by Heinrich Heine. Translated by the

Honourable Julian Fane. Not published. Vienna :


3. Heinrich Heine's Book of Songs. A Translation

by John E. Wallis. London : 1856,

. 192

VIII. - 1. A letter to Lord Lyndhurst on the House of Peers

in its Judicial Character, as it was and as it is, with

proofs and illustrations, and some remarks on Life

Peerages. By John Fraser Macqueen, Esq. Lon-

don : 1856,

IX.- 1. Sermons, Doctrinal and Practical. By the Rev.

W. A. Butler, M.A. First Series and Second Series.

Edited, with a Memoir of the Author's Life, by the

Rev. T. Woodward, M.A. 8vo. Cambridge: 1855.

2. Letters on Romanism in reply to Mr. Newman's

Essay on Development.' By the Rev. W. A. Butler,

M.A. 8vo. Edited by the Rev. T. Woodward, M.A.

3. Lectures on the History of Ancient Philosophy.

By the Rev. W. A. Butler, Professor of Moral Phi-

losophy in the University of Dublin. Edited by

W. H. Thompson, Regius Professor of Greek in the

University of Cambridge. 2 vols. 8vo. Cambridge:



X.-Memoirs by the Right Honourable Sir Robert Peel,

Bart., M.P. Published by the Trustees of his Papers,

Lord Mahon (now Earl Stanhope) and the Right

Honourable Edward Cardwell, M.P. Part I. The

Roman Catholic Question, 1828–29. London: 1856, 231

XI. - 1. Papers relative to Recruiting in the United States.


2. Correspondence with the United States respecting

Central America. 1856.

3. Secretary Marcy's letter of May 27. 1856 to Lord

Clarendon. New York: 1856,



. 298


ÅRT. I.-1. Euvres de François Arago, Secrétaire Perpétuel

de l'Academie des Sciences, &c. Paris : 1855.

2. The Autobiography of Francis Arago. Translated

by Rev. Professor Powell, F.R.S. (Traveller's Li-

brary.) London : 1855.

3. Meteorological Essays. By F. Arago. With an

Introduction by Baron Humboldt. Translated by

Colonel Sabine, V.P.R.S. &c. 8vo. London : 1855.

4. Popular Astronomy. By the same. 2 vols. 8vo.

Translated by Admiral Smyth, F.R.S. &c., and

R. Grant, Esq., F.R.A.S.,

. 301

[And other Works.]

II. — 1. Festus : a Poem. By Philip James Bailey. Fifth

Edition. 1854.

2. The Angel World, and other Poems. By Philip

James Bailey. 1850.

3. The Mystic. By Philip James Bailey. 1855.

4. The Roman: a Dramatic Poem. By Sydney Yen-

dys. 1850.

5. Balder. Part the First. By the Author of · The

• Roman,' Second Edition. 1854.

6. England in Time of War. By Sydney Dobell,

Author of 'Balder,' &c. 1856,


[And other Works.]

III.- 1. Sinai and Palestine in connexion with their His-

tory. By Arthur Penrhyn Stanley, M.A.

Maps and Plans. Svo. London: 1856.

2. Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El-Medinah

and Meccah. By Richard F. Burton, Lieutenant,

Bombay Army. 3 vols. 8vo. London: 1855-6, 363

IV. - Geschichte der Deutschen Höfe. Von Dr. Eduard

Vehse. (History of the German Courts. By Dr.

Edward Vehse.) Hamburg : 1854–56,


V.-1. The Tour of Mont Blanc and of Monte Rosa:

being a Personal Narrative, abridged from the

Author's Travels in the Alps of Savoy,' &c. By

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