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Acts, Embargo-13; Non-intercourse, 15; De- Canada, State of feeling in Lower_47; Inva-
claring War-43.

sion of by Gen. Smyth—119; Position of
Alexandria, Attack on-370.

Affairs in Lower-124; Army in Lower---
American Army, Force of---101, 132; Move 133; Its Fifth Invasion–311.
ments of_317.

Canadian Voyageurs, Capture of—117.
American, List of captures made—78; New Canadians and the War--45; Effect of Success

England feeling towards Great Britain on-63.
353; Preparations of U. S. Government- Capitulation of York—154.

Do. Articles of-355.
Americans, Effect of success on-74; Boastings Captives, Slaughter of—149.

Champlain, Descent on Ports of Lake-204.

Chauncey and Dearborn's Expedition--172.
Argus and Pelican-199.

Chauncey's Descent on York—188, 190.
Armistice, The, and subsequent policy-85. Chesapeake's Affair, 22nd June, 1807—7.
Assembly of U. C. and the War-46.

Chesapeake and Shannon-137.
Baltimore, Demonstration against_372; Opin Do. Want of Discipline-141.

ions of U. S. writers on descent on–381. Chesapeake Bay, Occurrences in—264.
Banatarian Pirates—387.

Christie and Veritas-206.
Bayne's opinion of General Hull-84.

Chrysler's Farm, Number engaged at-244.
Beaver Dam, Affair at-174.

Clark, Col. Letter of–177.
Berlin Decree—4; its rigorous execution–5. Clay, Gen. Manifesto of—182.
Black Rock, Destruction of Fort at—117 ; Conjocta Creek, Repulse at-355.
Bisshopp's attack on—176.

Craney Island, Attack on–273.
Boerstlers Capitulation-175.

Dearborn, Gen. Cause of the Inaction of-128;
Bowyer, Attack on Fort-388.

Failure of-129; and Chauncey's Expedi-
Boxer and Enterprise-200.

Bridgewater, Battle of, American version-321 ; Declaration of War-37; of Hostilities, 42;

Its Results-325; Destruction of Stores of War by Six Nations --181.
and Baggage_328.

Decatur's Cruise_301.
British Government, Measures of_75.

Decrees.-Berlin-4; Buonaparte-6; Impe-
British Provinces, The object of War-40.

rial-10; Rambouillet-20; Pretended
Brock General, leaves York (Toronto) for scene Revocation of French-20.

of action—85; His Measures-57; Re- Detroit, Battle of -58; Position of Affairs at-
turns to York—81 ; Complimentary Letters 124.
to484; Escape of—93; Reception at Despatches, Letters, &c., of Gen. Brock—103;
Queenston—100; Despatches—103; Per of Two Commanding Officers compared-
sonal Appearance of–112; Public Opinion 108; of Van Ranselear-108; Gen. She-
of–112; Death—112; Opinions of the affe—111; Capt. Wool-111; Gen. Proctor

Press respecting—113; Monument-145. —126; Gen. Harrison—127; Maj. Mac-
Brown, General, Proclamation of_312; Force donell—131; Gen. Proctor-147; Brig.

-313; Despatch-315; Inaction and Ti Gen. Vincent-157; Adj. Gen. Baynes-
midity_317; Boast of Victory—339.

163; Brig. Gen. Vincent--169; Major
Buonaparte's Decree—6.

Crogham–186 ; Sir G. Provost—190 ;
Burlington Heights, Demonstration Against Maj. Taylor—203; Lieut. Col. Murray,

204; Capt. Everard—205; Com. Macdon-
Campaign, Plan of the--133.

ough—205; R. H. Barclay—209; Com,

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Perry-211; Maj. Gen. Harrison—216; Indian Militia, Conduct of_55; Arrival of, at
Sir G. Provost-221; Maj. Friend-227; Detroit-92.
Lieut. Bullock-227; Adj. Gen. Baynes- Indian Alliance-179; Real Causes of -181.
232; Com. Chauncey—241; Lieut. Col. Ingersol on Reprisal—234.
Morrison—243; Maj. Gen. Wilkinson- Invasion of Canada failure of–123.
244, 247; Adj. Gen. Baynes—248, 249; Izzard, Gen., Armstrong and Ingersoll 01—310.
Lieut. Morrison-—253; Col. Murray_255, Jackson's Mission and Recall-19.
256 ; Maj. Gen. Ryall—257; Brig. Gen. Java and Constitution--Action of—73.
McClure-257; Ad. Cockburn-265, 267, Junon, Attack on by Flotilla—272.
269; Lieut. Crerie-272; Com. Cassin- LaColle Mill, Attack on–280.
272; Ad. Warren-273, 276; Sir S. Beck- Lafitte the Banatarian Pirate-387.
with--276; Lieut. Col. Butler—278; Adj. Little Belt and President-24.
Gen. Cummings—280; Lieut. Col. Wil- Lundy's Lane, Battle and results—325; des-
liams—283; Gen. Drummond-285; Lieut. truction of Stores and Baggage--328.
Col. Fischer-287; Adj. Gen. Jones-290; Lyon's Creek, Skirmish at~339.
Sir J. Yeo-291; J. Armstrong, Sect. of Macedonian and United States—71.
War-294; Lieut. Col. McDouall—296 ; Machilimackinaw and Matchadash, Expeditions
Lieut. Col. McKay-297; Lieut. Bulger against-294.
299; Capt. Porter—305 ; Maj. Gen. Ryall Madison's Inauguration—17.
-314; Gen. Brown-316; Lieut. Gen. Meigs, Fort—147 ; Expedition against—184.
Drummond_318; Gen. Brown-321; Gen. Miami, Expedition to the—142.
Drummond—328 ; Col. J. Harvey—329; Militia, American, Refusing to cross Niagara
Lieut. Conklin--330; Gen. Drummond River--116.
331; Gen. DeWaterville-388; Col. Pil- Moravian Town, Affair at--220.
kington—343; Maj. Putnam-344; Sir J. Morgan, Major, Report of—335.
C. Sherbrooke-345; Col. John_347 ; Murray, Col., Movements of—254.
Col. Pilkington—350; Ad. Griffith-351; Nancy, Attack on, at Nottawasaga_299.
Capt. Barrie_-354 ; Gen. Winder—358; Naval Encounters—65; Strength compared -
Maj. Gen. Ross—359; Ad. Cockburn—361; 133; Events on Canadian Lakes-141 ;
James Monroe-_366 ; Ad. Cochrane-367; Concluding events—396.
Maj. Gen. Smith-373 ; Ad. Cochrane- New Orleans, Expedition to-387; Preparation
375; Ad. Cockburn--378; Col. Brooke to Attack-388.
380 ; Sir G. Provost_383 ; Sir J. Yeo— Newark, (Niagara), Destruction of—254.
384; Lieut. Jones—388; Maj. Gen. Lam- Niagara Frontier--101.
bert-392 ; Col. Lawrence-395 ; Capt. Niagara, Fort, Attack on-355 ; Return of
Hayes-396 ; Com. Decatur-397.

Killed and Wounded-259; Armstrong on
Dominica and Decatur-199.

Capture of-260.
Eagle, Capture of the--202

Ninety Days Embargo-36.
Eldridge's, Lieut., Massacre--180.

Non-Intercourse Act-15.
Embargo Act—13; Effect of–15; Ninety Days Order of Council, 7th Jan., 1807—5; 11th Nov.,

Enterprise and Boxer-200.

Oswego, American Accounts of Descent on--
Erie, Fort, Surrender of—314; Splendid De 289.

fence of_334; Fortifications of, Repaired Parker, Death of Sir Petor-370.

Passamaquoddy Bay, Events at-343.
Erskine's Negotiation with Madison-17; Dis- Patterson, Com., Attempts to gain information
avowed by Great Britain--19.

Escape of British West Indiamen-66.

Peacock and Hornet-133.
Essex, Cruise of the-303.

Pelican and Argus--199.
Fisher Island, Attempt to Blow up the Ramilas Perry's Victory, Consequence of —214.

Plan of Operations on Niagara Frontier—97.
Fleets of G. B. and U. S., Manning of--67. Plattsburg—381; Attack on and Failure-385.
France, Seizures and Burnings of—21 ; A secret Porter's, Treatment of an English Sailor-67;
understanding with U. S.-25.

Frolic and Wasp—Engagement of-71.

Prairie du Chien, Attack on -297.
Gananoque, Affair at-208.

Preliminary Remarks—3.
George, Fort, Descent on-156; Demonstration President's War Message-25; Message, 1st
against by Sir G. Provost-195.

June, 1812-37; 4th Nov., 1812–79.
Gordon's Terms-_-370.

President and Little Belt-24.
Growler, Capture of——202.

Press, Misrepresentations of U. S.-115.
Guerriere, Loss of the-68.

Provost's, General, Order-221 ; Instructions--
Hall's, Gen., Letter remarks on-260.

253; Proclamation-261.
Hampton, Gen., Movements and Force of-246. Prisoners, Treatment of–115, 231; Disposal
Henry's Mission-35.

Hornet and Peacock-135.

Proclamation, Gen. Hull's—48; Gen. Brock's
Hostilities, Act declaring—43; First demon –62; Sir G. Provost's-261; Gen. Brown's
stration of-48.

--312; James Madison-368.
Imperial Decree—10.

Proctor, Gen., Force of—132; Deserted by

Indians—144; Despatch to Sir G. Provost Toronto, (York), Plan of City and Bay-146.
—147; Movements in the West--148 ; Treaty of Peace_397.
Situation in the West-209; Retreat United States, Predicament of-11; Embargo

225 ; Armstrong's observations on-225. Act-13; Public feeling, unfriendly to
Queenston Heights, Diagram of_98; Battle of G. B.-14; Additions to the Troops of-

-104; Reinforcements arrive at–176. 15; Non-intercourse Act—15; Madison's
Rambouillet's Decree-20.

Inauguration–17; Rejoicings in—19; De-
Ramilies, Attempt to blow up—302.

claration of War by—37.
Reinforcements, Non-arrival of—99.

Van Ranselaer, Plan of—101; to remain Sec-
Right of Search—8.

retary of War-108; Resignation of–116.
Rogers, Cruise of Commodore-196.

Veritas and Christie-206.
Rose's Mission to U. S.-14.

War declared by U. S.-37; An act of Aggres-
St. George, Col., Movements of—52.

sion by U. S.-38; and Invasion of Russia
St. Lawrence, Demonstration on—130.

simultaneous—39; First Objects of_-68 ;
Sackett's Harbour, Expedition against—161. Declaration of, by Six Nations—181.
Sandusky Affair, Remarks on—187.

Washington, Capture of_356; Estimate of
Schlosser, Expedition against Fort—176.

Property destroyed at-365.
Scott, Gen., Breaking Parole—188.

Wayne, Expedition against Fort—93.
Shannon and Chesapeake-137.

Wilkinson, Gen., Expedition of—241; retires
Sheaffe's Force-132.

to winter quarters-249; Failure of_250.
Smyth's, Appointment—116; Proclamation-Yeo, Sir James, Arrival of—-133; on Lake
117; Invasion of Canada-119.

Stoney Creek, Surprise at–168.

York, Plan of–146; Descent upon—149; Ca-
Surveyor, Schooner, Cutting out-271.

pitulation of-—154; Second descent on-
Talbot, Outrage at Port-336.

188, 190.
Tecumseth's Speech—214; Character--229.


SCOBIE, Esq., have great pleasure in stating that they have carried it on most successfully in the same premises, No. 16, KING STREET EAST, and that now the Establishment is more extensive and efficient than ever it was previously.

THE PRINTING OFFICE Is supplied with entirely New Type and of the very best style. Their Power-Presses (Adams' Platin and Hoe's Cylinder), worked by a model Steam-Engine, gives them the greatest facilities for executing work of this description in form and quantity unsurpassed.

LITHOGRAPHY Has a prominent feature in the business, and is carried on in all its branches, LANDSCAPE, ARCHITECTURAL and other Views, MAPS, PLANS, DRAFTS, NOTES, CHEQUES, CIRCULARS, DEBENTURES, SCRIP, &c. &c., in the finest style of the art.

THE BOOK DEPARTMENT Is kept supplied with the New issues as they appear, and orders for such works as are not on hand will be promptly attended to The different Reviews and Magazines, including THE LANCET, BRAITHWAITE'S RETROSPECT, THE MEDICO CHIRURGICAL REVIEW, BLACKWOOD, QUARTERLIES, HARPER, PUTNAM, GODEY, &c. &c., are regularly received.

IN STATIONARY They are fully supplied, and prepared to meet requirements of BANKS, POSTOFFICES, MERCHANTS or PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS.

IN ACCOUNT Or other iBooks of any size, form, description or pattern, the most extensive orders can be promptly executed. Their facilities for BOOK-BINDING, Plain and Ornamental, are very complete.

IN PRINTED FORMS The Stock is large and varied, comprehending in addition to those used by the Legal Profession, BILLS OF EXCHANGE, DEEDS, MORTGAGES, LEASES, BONDS, INDENTÚRES, MAGISTRATES' BLANKS, ASSESSMENT BLANKS, JURY LISTS, and other blanks, used by COUNTY and VILLAGE MUNICIPALITIES, as well as most others in use.

AND IN THEIR GENERAL BUSINESS, Purchasing from the Manufacturers direct, and manufacturing extensively themselves, their prices will be so moderate as to make it the interest of all to patronize


16, King Street East. I have much pleasure in recommending Messrs. MACLEAR & Co. to the favourable notice of all friends of the Establishment, and will esteem a continuance of past favours as a personal kindness.

JUSTINA SCOBIE, Toronto, January, 1854.

Administratrix to the Estate of the late Hugh Scobie.

N.B. To prevent mistakes we would embrace this opportunity to inform our friends, and the friends of our late predecessor, that the Establishment has no connection whatever with the “Colonist" Newspaper formerly published at this office.

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