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NOW all men by these presents, That I J. J. poft-maiter of Glasgow and merchant for divers good causes and valuable confiderations, me hereunto moving have made, conftituted, and appointed by these presents, do make, ordain, conftitute and appoint C. I. of St. John's, in Antigua, merchant, my true and lawful attorney for me, and in my name, and for my use, to afk, demand, and fue for, recover and receive, of all and whoever may be indebted to me in any of the WeftIndia or American iflands belonging to Great-Britain, France, Spain, Denmark, or Holland, all fuch fum or fums of money, debts, and duties whatfoever, which now are or may be due and owing to me the faid J. J. by all and whoever are or may be indebted to me, belonging to the abovementioned iflands; and to have, use, and take all lawful ways and means in my name for the recovery thereof, by attachment, arreft, diftrefs, or otherwife, and to make T 2 and

and give acquittances and other discharges in my name, and generally to do and execute in the premises, as fully in every respect as I myfelf might or could do, being perfonally prefent, andto make attornies one or more of them, under him, for the purposes aforefaid, and at his pleasure to revoke the fame, hereby ratifying, confirming, and allowing all and whatsoever, my faid attorney fhall lawfully do or cause to be done therein, by virtue of these presents.

In witness whereof I have hereunto fet my hand and feal, this 21ft day of September, 1763.

Signed, Sealed, and delivered in the prefence of

J. J. (Ls)

I. G.

D. W.

At Glasgow, the 5th October, 1763, in prefence of Archibald Ingram, Efq; lord provost and chief magiftrate of the faid city, one of his Majefty's juftices of the peace for the county of Lanark, appeared J. G. of the faid city, merchant, who upon his folemn oath, taken by him before the faid provoft, upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, depofes and fays, That he this deponent was prefent and did fee the within J. J. fign, feal, and for his true


and genuine act and deed deliver the letter of attorney within written, upon the day of the date thereof, and that D. W. of the faid city, merchant, was also then prefent; and that the name of J. J. appearing at faid letter of attorney as granter thereof, and feal thereto exhibited, is the proper hand-writing and feal of J. J. aforefaid; and that the names J. G. and D. W. also appearing at faid letter of attorney, as witneffes thereto, are of the refpective proper hand-writings of this deponent and D. W. aforefaid.

In teftimony whereof these presents are subscribed by the faid deponent, and by the faid lord provoft, who has caused the common feal of the faid city to be hereto affixed, date above.


J. G.



Power of the

Governor, &c.

Antigua, &c.

Proceedings Amilar to those in England.

Of the Powers, Authority, and Duty of Governors of Provinces *.-Of Diftributions, Granting Probates and Adminiftration, &c.


HE governor of any provincial establishment has the fole power of convening, adjourning, proroguing, and diffolving the general affembly; he has the cuftody of the great feal, and, in moft of the islands, is fole chancellor.

In Babardoes, Antigua, and Montferrat, the council fit as judges in chancery with the governor, but the process is iffued and tested in the name of the governor.

The proceedings are fimilar to those in

* See the form of a governors and vice admirals commiffion in Stokes's Colony Conftitutions, page 150, and that chapter throughout.


England, as they are alfo in the UnitedStates, except in a few trifling inftances, which are varied according to local circumftances.

bates, &c

The governor has the power of granting Granting proprobates of wills and teftaments, and administrations.

In the Leeward Islands there is one go- Leeward vernor-general and lieutenant-general of all the islands, and there are lieutenant-governors of the iflands of Antigua, Montferrat, Nevis, and St. Chriftophers.

In most of the Weft-India Iflands wills Proving wills. are generally proved, " per teftes," unless they are abfent, and in that cafe the executor, and fome one makes oath before the ordinary, of the teftators hand-writing; and the executor fwears that the paper produced is the laft will and teftament of the teftator.

Where the witneffes are on the spot, the executor takes no oath, nor does he return any inventory into the fecretary's office, but the will and probate are registered.

Where there is no fubfcribing witness


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