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States differing in their Conftitution and Government and the Practice in the British Provinces and Weft India Iflands, ALL, in fome Degree, differing from each other, a Digest of their Laws and Method of Practice, or indeed any regular and exact Account of them can only be obtained by the Affiftance of fome able Practifer in each.

The EDITOR has, in this Work, received Affiftance from feveral very refpectable profef fional Characters in the UnitedStates, and is endeavouring to


form an additional Literary intercourse adequate to the Purpofe of a fecond Publication upon the Subject on a much wider Scale; and, which, as affording the only means of Information, will be more correct and of course more interesting and useful. The present Work, the EDITOR is conscious, can only be confidered as an imperfect Sketch :—but as there exifts, at prefent, no Treatise expressly upon the Subject, and the Intercourfe is ftill confiderable between the People of Great Britain and America, the EDITOR flatters himself that the


present Publication, under all its Imperfections, will be found of fome fervice to Gentlemen of the Profession, as well as the Merchants of both Countries.


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