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be prepared, and shall lay before both Houses of Parliament, within 20 days after the commencement of every Session, an Account, up to the 31st day of December, then next preceding, of the total sums which shall from time to time have been issued and applied by virtue of this Act for paying and satisfying the interest on the said part of the said Loan so agreed to be borne by His said Majesty, on all or any of the said securities, and towards paying and satisfying the principal thereof (in case the principal of any of the said securities shall then bave been paid) and also for paying the expenses of carrying this Act into execution, and the Sinking Fund for the extinction of the same; and such Account shall also specify how much of the said part of the said Loan has been discharged, and how much remains to be discharged.

III. And be it further enacted, that it shall be lawful for the said Lord High Treasurer or the Commissioners of the Treasury, or any 3 or more of them, for the time being, to appoint such Officers and Clerks as they may deem necessary for carrying this Act into execution; and to grant such salaries and compensations to the said Officers and Clerks, for their trouble and labour therein, as they may think fit and reasonable in that behalf.

IV. And be it further enacted, that this Act may be altered, varied, or repealed, by any Act to be passed in this Session of Parliament,

ACT of the British Parliament, to authorize His Majesty

to regulate, until the 1st day of July, 1816, the Trade with any French Colony which may come into His Majesty's possession, or remain Neutral.[55 Geo. 3, Cap. 146.]

[Gth July, 1815.]

Whereas it is expedient, under the present circumstances, that the trade and commerce to and from any French Colony or Plantation that may be captured by or surrendered to His Majesty's Arms, or that may be put under the protection of His Majesty, or that may not take part with His Majesty's Enemies in the present hostilities, should be regulated for a certain time in such manner as shall seem proper to His Majesty, by and with the advice of his Privy Council, notwithstanding the special provisions of any Act or Acts of Parliament that may be construed to affect the same; be it therefore enacted by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, that from and after the passing of this Act it shall and may be lawful for His Majesty, by and with the advice of His Privy Council, by any Order or Orders to be issued from time to time, to give such directions and

make such regulations touching the trade and commerce between any such Colony or Plantation and any part of His Majesty's Dominions, as to His Majesty in Council shall appear most expedient and salutary; any thing contained in an Act, passed in the 12th year of the Reign of His Majesty King Charles II, [Cap. 18.] intituled “An Act for the encouraging and increasing of Shipping and Navigation," or in any other Act or Acts of Parliament now in force relating to His Majesty's Colonies or Plantatious, or in any other Act or Acts of Parliament, or any Law, usage, or custom, to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding.

II. And be it further enacted, that if any goods, wares, or iner. chandize whatever shall be imported into or exported from any such Colony or Plantation, or shall be exported from any part of His Majesty's Dominions to any such Colony or Plantation, or if any goods, wares, or merchandize, shall be so imported or exported in any manner whatever, contrary to any such Order or Orders of His Majesty in Council, the same shall be forfeited, together with the Ship or Vessel in which s'ich goods, wares, or merchandize shall respectively be imported or exported, with all her guns, ammunition, furniture, tackle and apparel ; and every such forseiture shall and may be sued for, prosecuted, and recovered by such and the like ways, means, and methods, as any forfeiture incurred by any Law respecting the Revenue of Customs may be sued for, prosecuted, and recovered, in Places where respectively the offences shall be committed, and the produce thereof sball be disposed of, paid, and applied, in like manner in the said Places respectively, any Law, custom, or usage, to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding.

III. And be it further enacted, that this Act shall continue in force until the 1st day of July, 1816.

ACT' of the British Parliament, to enable His Majesty,

until 6 weeks after the commencement of the next Session of Parliament, to regulate the Trade and Commerce carried on between His Majesty's Subjects and the Inhabitants of

the United States of America.[55 Geo. 3, Cap. 193.]

[12th July, 1815.]

Whereas it is expedient for the purpose of a commercial intercourse with the Inhabitants of the United States of America, that certain powers should be given for a limited time to His Majesty in Council, for regulating the said commercial intercourse; be it therefore enacted, by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Com


mons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, that during the continuance of this Act, it shall and may lawful for His Majesty in Council, by Order or Orders to be issued and published from time to time, to give such directions, and to make such regulations with respect to Duties, drawbacks, or otherwise, for carrying on the trade and commerce between the People and Territories belonging to the Crown of Great Britain and the People and Territories of the said United States, as to His Majesty ip Council shall appear most expedient and salutary, any thing in an Act passed in the 28th year of His present Majesty's Reign, [Cap. 6.] intituled “An Act for regulating the trade between the Subjects of His Majesty's Colonies and Plantations in North America, aud in the West India Islands, and the Countries belonging to the United States of America, and between His Majesty's said Subjects and the Foreign Islands in the West Jodies;" or in an Act passed in the 37th year of his present Majesty's Reign, [Cap. 97.) intituled “ An Act for carrying into execution the Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, concluded between His Majesty and the United States of America ;" or any other Act, Law, usage, or custom to the contrary, notwithstanding : Provided always, that this Act and the powers and authorities hereby given to His Majesty, and all orders issued and published in consequence thereof, shall continue and be in force until 6 weeks after the commencement of the nest Session of Parliament.

TREATY of Alliance against Bonaparte, between Great

Britain and Austria, Prussia and Russia.-Signed at
Vienna, the 25th March, 1815.

Traité entre la Grande Bretagne Treaty between Great Britain and el l' Autriche.*

Austria. *

(Translation.) Au Nom de la Très-Sainte et Indivisible In the Name of the Most Holy and UnTrinité.

divided Trinity. SA Majesté le Roi du Roy His Majesty the King of the aume Uni de la Graude Bretagne United Kingdom of Great Britain et d'Irlande, et Sa Majesté l'Em and Ireland, and His Majesty the pereur d'Autriche, Roi de Hon- Emperor of Austria, King of grie et de Bohême, ayant pris en Hungary and of Bohemia, having considération les suites que l'Iuva- taken into consideration the con

* The Stipulations of the Treaty concluded on the same day between Great Britain and Prussia and Russia, respectively, were verbatim the same as those of this Treaty.


sion en France de Napoléon Bona- sequences which the Invasion of parte et la situation actuelle de France by Napoleon Bonaparte, ce Royaume peuvent avoir pour and the actual situation of that la sûreté de l'Europe, ont résolu, Kingdom, may produce with d'un commun accord avec Sa respect to the safety of Europe ; Majesté l'Empereur de toutes les have resolved, in conjunction Russies, et Sa Majesté le Roi de with His Majesty the Emperor of Prusse, d'appliquer à cette circon- all the Russias, and His Majesty stance importante les principes the King of Prussia, to apply to consacrés par le Traité de Chau- that important circumstance, the mont.*

principles consecrated by the

Treaty of Chaumont.* En conséquence, ils sont con- They have consequently resolv.

de renouveler par un ed to renew, by a solemn Treaty, Traité solemnel, signé séparément signed separately by each of the par chacune des 4 Puissances 4Powers with each of the 3 others, avec chacune des 3 autres, l'en- the

engagement to preserve, gagement de préserver, contre against every attack, the order of toute atteinte, l'ordre des choses things so happily established in si heureusement rétabli en Europe, Europe, and to determine upon et de déterminer les moyens les the most effectual means of fulplus efficaces de mettre cet en- filling that engagement, as well as gagement à exécution, ainsi que of giving it all the extension de lui donner dans les circon- which the present circumstances so stances présentes toute l'extension imperiously call for. qu'elles réclament impérieusement.

A cet effet, Sa Majesté le Roi For that purpose, His Majesty du Royaume Uni de la Grande the King of the United Kingdom Bretagne et d'Irlande a nommé, of Great Britain and Ireland has pour discuter, conclure, et signer named, to discuss, conclude, and les conditions du présent Traité sign the conditions of the present

Sa Majesté l’Empereur Treaty with His Majesty the Em. d'Autriche, Roi de Hongrie et de peror of Austria, King of Hungary Bohême, le Sieur Arthur Wel. and Bohemia, Arthur Wellesley, lesley, Duc, Marquis et Comte de Duke, Marquis and Earl of WelWellington, Marquis Douro, Vi- lington, Marquis of Douro, Vis. comte Wellington de Talavera et count Wellington of Talavera and de Wellingion, et Baron Douro of Wellington, and Baron Douro de Wellesley, Pair du Parle- of Wellesley, a Peer of the Parliament du Royaume Uni de la ment of the United Kingdom of Grande Bretagne et d'Irlande, Great Britain and Ireland, one of Conseiller de Sa Majesté Britan- His Britannic Majesty's Most nique en son Conseil Privé, Ma- Honourable Privy Council, Field réchal de ses Armées, Colonel du Marshal of His Forces, Colonel of Régiment des Gardes Royales à the Royal Regiment of Horse Cheval, Chevalier de l'Illustre Guards, Knight of the Most Ordre de la Jarretière, et Grand- Noble Order of the Garter, and Croix du Très-honorable Ordre Grand Cross of the Most Noble Militaire du Bain, Duc de Ciudad Military Order of the Bath, Duke Rodrigo, Grand d'Espagne de la of Ciudad Rodrigo, a Grandee of Première Classe, Duc de Vittoria, Spain of the First Class, Duke of Marquis de Torres Vedras, et Vittoria, Marquis of Torres Ve. Comte de Vimiera en Portugal, dras, and Conde de Vimiera in Chevalier de la Toison d'Or d'Es. Portugal, Knight of the Most I). pagne, de l'Ordre Militaire de St.- lustrious Order of the Golden Ferdinand, Grand-Croix de Fleece of Spain, of the Military l'Ordre Militaire de Marie- Order of St. Ferdinand, Grand Thérèse, de l'Ordre de Saint Cross of the Imperial Military George, de l'Ordre de la Tour et Order of Maria Theresa, of the de l'Epée de Portugal, de l'Ordre Imperial Russian Order of St. de l'Epée de Suède, Ambassadeur George, of the Portuguese Order Extraordinaire et Plénipotentiaire of the Tower and Sword, of the de Sa Majesté Britannique près Swedish Order of the Sword, His Sa Majesté Très-Chrétienne, et Britannic Majesty's Ambassador son Premier Plénipotentiaire au Extraordinary and PlenipotenCongrès de Vienne;


Treaty of Alliance against France, between Austria, Great Britain, Prussia and Russia.-Chaumont, 1st March, 1814.

tiary to the Most Christian King, and his First Plenipotentiary to

the Congress at Vienna; Et Sa Majesté Impériale et And His Imperial and Royal Koyale Apostolique,ayant nommé, Apostolic Majesty having nomide son côté, le Sieur Clément nated on his part, the Sieur CleVenceslas Lothaire, Prince de ment-Wenceslas Lothaire, Prince Metternich-Winnebourg - Ochsen- de Metternich-Winnebourg-Ochhausen, Chevalier de la Toison senhausen, Knight of the Golden d'Or, Grand-Croix de l'Ordre Fleece, Grand Cross of the Royal de St. Etienne de Hon- Royal Order of St. Stephen of grie, Chevalier des Ordres de Hungary, Knight of the Orders of St. André, de St. Alexandre St. Andrew, of St. Alexander Newsky, et de Ste. Anne de la Newsky, and of St. Anne of the Première Classe, Grand-Cordon First Class, Grand Cordon of the de la Légion d'Honneur, Cheva. Legion of Honour, Knight lier de l'Ordre de l'Eléphant. de of the Order of the Elephant, l'Ordre Suprême de l'Annonciade, of the Supreme Order of the de l'Aigle Noire et de l'Aigle Annunciation, of the Black Rouge, des Séraphins, de St. Eagle, and of the Red Eagle, of Joseph de Toscane, de St. Hu- the Seraphim, of St. Joseph of bert, de l'Aigle d'Or de Würtem- Tuscany, of St. 'Hubert, of the berg, de la Fidélité de Bade, de Golden Eagle of Wurtemberg, of

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