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upon a Paper which I consider, not as your Imperial Majesty's, but as the argument of the Person who is the Advocate with your Imperial Majesty, of the Measures against which I have ventured to


I am, Sire, with the most entire deference and profound respect, &c.

CASTLEREAGH. His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias.

(Annex.)-British Memorandum. (Extracts.)

Let us examine, under what circumstances, and with what views these Treaties were made; and ascertain, with somewhat more of precision than the Writer has manifested, what has occurred to annul their provisions, or to place at the disposal of one of the Contracting Parties, namely Russia, the right of the 2 others, without their express consent.

The Treaty of the 27th of June, 1813, was the Treaty, upon the faith of which, Austria, being still at Peace with France, bound herself to engage in the War, if her mediation failed to effect a Peace, upon certain principles agreed upon with the Allies.

In determining thus to hazard her existence in the Field, Austria stipulated 2 conditions, both of local importance to her interests and military security; the one was the recovery of her Illyrian Provinces, the other was that she should receive a proportion of the Duchy of Warsaw, which had in part been constructed of Territories but recently wrested from her own Dominions.


Can it be argued from the then state of the Campaign, as rational, or possible to suppose, that Austria would have signed a new Treaty, gratuitously surrendering in September, pretensions, to which she had in June, for obvious reasons, attached the first importance? The Allied Armies, previous to the 9th of September, on which day this Instrument bears date, had obtained important successes before Berlin, in Silesia, and at Culm, but they were still confined within the defiles of Bohemia. Bonaparte was in force at Dresden, and on the line of the Elbe; and the fate of the Campaign was in suspense.



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The Writer of the Memoir has informed us, when arguing on the Article of 1797, that, with the first War, or even what he calls a change of circumstances, the guarantee, however solemn, is dissolved: his series of reasoning is, that War cancels the guarantee, that successful War justifies demands for additional compensation and a new partition, consequently further incorporation into the New Monarchy, under the

Russian Sceptre, of the adjacent Polish Provinces, thus supposed to be secured by a guarantee to Prussia and Austria.

The complacency with which this progress is contemplated, and the facility with which the pretensions of neighbouring Powers are to be satisfied, by extending the partitioning principle, beyond the pale of Poland, to other parts of Europe, are certainly not calculated, should such an authority be unfortunately listened to, to dissipate apprehensions as to the future.

But it is alleged that, admitting the Treaties to be still binding, the Arrangements intended by Russia, with respect to the Duchy of Warsaw, will amply and liberally fulfil their stipulations.

(4.)- The Emperor of Russia to Viscount Castlereagh. MILORD,

Vienne, le' Novembre, 1814. Ayant pris connaissance du Mémoire que vous m'avez transmis en dernier lieu, j'ai jugé nécessaire qu'il y fut fait Réponse, tant pour réfuter quelques assertions peu solides qui s'y trouvoient consignées, que pour donner une nouvelle preuve de la pureté de mes intentions, et de l'invariabilité de mes principes.

J'espère, Milord, que cet envoy fera la clôture de cette Correspon. dance Particulière; vous priant de faire passer vos Papiers d'Office par Ja voye habituelle.

Recevez l'assurance de ma considération très distinguée.
S. E. Lord Castlercagh.


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(See Correspondence between the Plenipotentiaries of Austria, Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia, relative to Polund; October, 1814, to February, 1815; Pages 549, 773.)




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