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SWITZERLAND. Correspondence with the Plenipotentiaries of the

Allied Courts. Accession of Switzerland to the
Treaty of Alliunce against Bonaparte.

Zurich, May, 1815. 1116
Conferences of the Plenipotentiaries at the Congress

at Vienna. See AUSTRIA.
Speech of the President of the Diet. Oath to the

Federal Compact .....Zurich, 7th August, 1815. 1119
Proceedings of the Congress at Vienna... 1814, 1815. 549



Foreign PowERS; viz. :
with Austria, Prussia and Russia, and France. Separate
and Secret Articles.

Paris, 30th May, 1814. 556, 568, 574, 613
Austria and France. Convention. Defensive

Vienna, 3d January, 1815. 1001
Austria, Prussia, and Russia. Treaty. Alliance

against Bonaparte....Vienna, 25th March, 1815. 413
Accession of France to do........ .March, 1815. 674, 678
Declarations. Government of France..... 450, 727

Treaties of Accession, and of Subsidy, consequent upon

the Treaty of Alliance against Bonaparte. viz.:
with Baden.... (Accession) ..Vienna, 13th May, 1815. 456

Vienna, 15th April...... 458

Paris, 1st September.. 460

Vienna, 7th April... 462
Hesse Darmstadt
.Vienna, 230 May


. Vienna, 28th April.. 466

Vienna, 8th April.. 467

.Vienna, 9th April . 469
Vienna, 27th May

.Zurich, 20th May

Vienna, 30th May

Princes and Free Towns of Germany; viz. :-Anhalt,

Brunswick, Bremen, Frankfort, Hamburgh, Hesse
Cassel, Hohenzollern, Holstein Oldenburg, Lichten.
slein, Lippe, Lubeck, Mecklenburgh, Nassau, Reuss,
Saxe Weimar, Suxe Gotha, Saxe-Cobury-Meinin.
gen, Saxe-Hildburghausen, Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld,
Schaumburg-Lippe, Schwartzburg, Waldeck and

....Vienna, 27th April, 1815. 478
with Anhalt.... (Subsidy.) Paris, 10th July, .


Brussels, 19th May. 486

Brussels, 7th June... 487
Brunswick ...

.Paris, 28th August 488

Paris, 14th July.. 491
Paris, 1st August...

Paris, 26th August.

llesse Darmstadt
Paris, 15th July..

Hesse Cassel..

.Paris, 15th July
.Paris, 1st August....

Holstein-Oldenburg Paris, 5th September 499
Lubeck, Hamburgh, and Bremen. Paris, 21st July.... 500
Mecklenburgh Schwerin .. Paris, 29th July...... 501



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Continued, viz.

with Mecklenburgh Strelitz..... Paris, 8th August, 1815. 502

..Brassels, 16th June 5613

Paris, 1st August...

... Brussels, 21 May. 505
Saxe Coburg Meiningen, and

Saxe Hildburghausen...... Brussels, 13th June.... 506
Sare Gotha and Altenburg... Paris, 1st August 508
Saxe Weimar and Eisenach.. Paris, 1st August..


Paris, 14th July..

Schaumburg Lippe and Lippe..Paris, Ist August.. 511
. Paris, 1st August.

Waldeck and Pyrmont ..

Paris, Ist August.. 514
... Brussels, 6th June

Austria, Prussia and Russia Convention. Alliance
and Subsidy ..

· Vienna, 30th April, 1815. 432
Austria, France, Portugal, Prussia, Russia, Spain,
and Sweden. General Congress Treaty.

Vienna, 9th June, 1815. 3,6
Declaration Abolition of Slave Trade.

Vienna, Sth February, 1815. 162
Regulations. Free Navigation of Rivers.

Vienna, 29th March, 1815. 162
Regulation. Precedence between Diplo-

matic Agents. Vienna, 19th March, 1815. 179 Declaration, &c. Helvetic Confederation.

March, May, 1815. 142, 147
France. Convention. Trade in Salt, Opium, and

Saltpetre, in India.. London, 7th March, 1815. 219
France. Accession to Treaty of Alliance of 25th
March, 1815, against Bonaparte.

Vienpa, 27th March, 1815. 671, 673
France. Convention, &c. Occupation of Martinique

by British Forces. ...... 20th May, 1815. 1048
France, Capitulation, &c. Surrender of Guadaloupe

to British Forces ....10th August, 1815. 1055

Government of.....Kandy, 20 March, 1815. 812
Naples. Convention. Armistice. Naples, 31 Feb. 1814. 235
Naples. Convention. Naval. Surrender of Neapo-

litan Fleet, &c... Naples, 13th May, 1515. 1073
Naples. Articles. Surrender of Gaeta.

Gaeta, 8th August, 1815. 1078
Netherlands. Convention. Dutch Colonies. Trade
with the East and West Indies, &c.

London, 13th August, 1814. 370
Netherlands and Russia. Treaty. Russian Dutch

Loan.... London, 19th May, 1815. 378
Statement of Capital, Interest, &c.

Netherlands. Treaty. Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Vienna, 31st May, 1815. 393
Act. Sovereignty of Belgium.

The Hague, 21st July, 1814. 141, 390
Portugal. Convention. Indemnification for detained

Portuguese Slave l'essels. Vienna, 21st Jan. 1875. 345
Portugal. Treaty. Restriction of Portuguese Slare

Trade. Annulment of Convention of
Loan 1809, and of Treaty of Alliance 1810.

Vienna, 22d January, 1815. 318


Continued ; viz.
with Russia. Convention Subsidy. Paris, 4th Oct. 1815. 365
Sardinia. Treaty. Territorial,

Vienna, 20th May, 1815. 392
Sardinia. Convention. Fortifications of Genoa.

Turin, 22d May, 1815. 1068
Saxony. Treaty. Accession to the Treaty (Ter.

ritorial) between Saxony and Prussia, &c. of
18th May, 1815...... Paris, 18th September, 1815. 871
Declaration, &c. House of Schonburg..

Sweden. Convention. Compensation to Sweden, for
Guadaloupe restored to France,

London, 13th August, 1814. 367
United States. Treaty. Peace and Amity.

Ghent, 24th December, 1814. 357
United States. Definitive Treaty. Peace. (Extract.)

Paris, 3d September, 1783. 359
Treaties, CONVENTIONS, &c. BETWEEV FOREIGN POWERS; viz.: between
Austria and France. Preliminary Articles. Peace.

(Extract.).... Vienna, 3rd October, 1735. 48
Austria, France, &c. “'Extraits du Recès Principal de

la Députation Extraordinaire de l'Empire."

Ratisbon, 25th February, 1803. 170, 176
Austria and Naples. Treaty. Alliance.

Naples, Ilth January, 1814. 228
Addl. Article to do. Chaumont, 3d March,1814. 233
Austria, Bavaria and Prussia. Convention. Territorial.

Creuznach, 28th May, 1815. 913
stria, &c. and France. Accession to Treaty of Alliance

against Bonaparte, of 25th March, 1815.

Vienna 27th March, 1815. 674, 678
Austria and Naples. Convention. Surrender of Naples,

8c..Casa Lanzi, 20th May, 1815, 1075
Austria and Saxony. Treaty. Territorial.

Vienda, 15th May, 1815. 84
Declaration. House of Schonburg.

Austria, Great Britain, &c. General Congress Treaty ;

and Accessions to Treaty of Alliance against

BRITAIN AND Foreign Powers.
Austria, &c. and The Netherlands. Treaty. Kingdom of

The Netherlands ..Vienna, 31st May, 1815. 136, 982
Act. Sovereignty of Belgium.

The Hague, 21st July, 1814. 141
Austria and The Netherlands. Convention, Debts of

Belgium..... Vienna, 11th October, 1815. 983
Austria, Prussia, and Russia. Agreement. (Territorial.)

Troyes, 15th February, 1914. 613
Austria, Prussia, Russia, &c. Convention. Military.

Vienna, 24th April, 1815. 991
Austria, Prussia, and Russia. Treaty. Cracov.

Vienna, 3d May, 1815. 74
Austria, Prussia, Russia, &c. Conventions. Military.

Vienoa, 19th May, 1815.995, 997
Austria, Prussia, and Hesse Darmstadt. Convention.

Territorial..... Vienna, 10th June, 1815. 831
Austria and Rome. Convention. Passage of Austrian

Troops. Rome, 14th August, 1815. 1096

Treaties, Conventions, &c. Between Foreign Powers; viz.: between
Austria and Russia. Treaty. Poland.

Vienna, 3d May, 1915. 56
Austria, &c. and Sardinia. Treaty. Territorial.

Vienna, 20th May, 1815. 152, 939
Extract. Conrention..... Paris, 10th June, 1763. 959
Austria and Sardinia. Convention. Military.

Vienna, Ist June, 1815. 1069
Austria and Saxony. Treaty. Territorial.

Vienna, 18th May, 1813. 84
.... Declaration, &c. House of Schonburg.

Austria and Wirtemberg. Convention. Passage of

Austrian Troops. Vienna, 5th April, 1815. 914
Denmark and Prussia. Treaty. Teriitorial.

Vienna, 4th June, 1815. 131
...... Declarations with Sueden. Erecution of Trealy

of Kiel, of 1814.....Vienna. 7th June, 1815. 9-0
France and Germany. Convention. “Octroi de Narigation

du Rhin.(Extracts.). . Paris, 15th Aug. 1801. 161, 176
France and Saxony. Convention. Claims of the Duchy

of Warsaw ....Bayonne, 10th May, 1808. 1056
Declaration, &c. House of Schonburg.

Vienna, 18th and 19th May, 1813. 93
Hanover and Prussia. Treaty. Territorial.

Vienna, 29th May, 1815. 94
Hanover and Prussia. Treaty. Territorial.

Paris, 230 September, 1815. 941
Hesse Cassel and Prussia. Treaty. Territorial.

Cassel, 16th October, 1815. 951
Nassau and Prussia. Convention. Territorial,

Vienna, 31st May, 1815. 102, 981
Prussia and Russia. Convention. Claims of the Duchy

of Warsaw.... Vienna, 30th March, 1815. 1036
Prussia and Russia. Treaty. Poland.

Vienna, 3d May, 1815.
Prussia and Russia. Convention. Passage of Russian

Troops. Vienna, 28th May, 1815. 938
Prussia and Saxe Weimar. Treaty. Territorial.

Vienna, Ist June, 1815. 100
Prussia and Saxe Weimar. Convention. Territorial.

Paris, 22 September, 1815. 944
......... Prussia and Sweden. Treaty. Territorial.

Vienna, 7th June, 1815. 975
Spain. Treaty. (Pecuniary) between The King, Ferdi-
nand VII, and his Father, King Charles IV.

Rome, 14th January, 1915. 873
Switzerland. Convention of Alliance between the Car-

tons. Zurich, 29th December, 1813. 39
TUSCANY. Affairs of. Proceedings of the Congress at Vienna.

1814, 1815. 519


UKASE. See Decree.
UNITED STATES. Accounts. Finance. Receipts and Expenditures.

1789 to 1915, 958
Duties on Merchandize, &c.

1813, 1814. 1128, 1199

UNITED STATES. Accounts. Finance. Public Debt, 1789 to 1815. 990

Receipts from Loans.

1789 to 1815. 990
Sales of Public Lands.

1814, 1815. 1130
Direct Tax........1814. 1131
Navigation. District Tonnage.

1814. 1125
Tonnage. Foreign

Trade. 1814. 1129
Act of Congress. Military Peace Establishment.

3d March, 1815. 516
Discriminating Duties upon

Trade of certain Foreign Na-
tions in American Ports.

3d March, 1815. 985
Act of the British Parliament, Trade with The
United States...

12th July, 1815. 442
Correspondence with Great Britain. American
Privilege of Fishing within British Jurisdiction,

London, 17th June, 1815. 1171
Message to Congress. Treaty of Peace and Amity

with Great Britain. 18th February, 1815. 355
Employment of Foreign Seamen in Ame-

rican Vessels. 25th February, 1815. 889
Order in Council. (British.) Removal of the Em-

bargo upon British and American Vessels,
bound for The United States.

17th March, 1815. 923 ...(do.) Duties on Trade of The United

States in British Ports. 17th August, 1815. 923
Proclamation. (British.) Conclusion of Peace with

The United States.

17th March, 1815. 921
.(do.) Cessation of Hostilities

with do. 17th March, 1815. 92:
Prohilition of American Citizens

from engaging in Enterprizes
against Spanish America.

1st September, 1815. 984
Report of the Secretary of the Treasury. Duties

of Customs, Sales of Public Lands;
Internal Duties; and Direct Tax, 1814,

1815.... ....20th December, 1815. 1128
of do. State of the Finances.

17th October, 1814. 1133
of do. .. do.....

.....17th January, 1815. 1143
.. of do. Measures required for the support

of Public Credit, and the supply
of the Treasury.

20th February, 1815. 890
.... of do. Sinking Fund for the liquidation

of the Public Debt created during
the IVar with Great Britain.

24th February, 1815. 897
...... of the Secretary of the Navy. Naval

Peace Establishment...28th Feb. 1815. 973


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