American Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 72

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Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science., 1900 - Pharmacology
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Page 289 - Society; provided that no. such organization shall be entitled to representation unless it shall have been incorporated within and shall have been in continuous operation in the United States for at least five years before the time fixed for the decennial meeting of this corporation.
Page 360 - MD, and one hundred associate editors, assisted by corresponding editors, collaborators and correspondents. Illustrated with chromo-lithographs, engravings and maps.
Page 108 - The stamp taxes provided for in Schedule B of this Act shall apply to all medicinal articles compounded by any formula, published or unpublished, which are put up in style or manner similar to that of patent, trade-mark, or proprietary medicine in general, or which are advertised on the package or otherwise as remedies or specifics for any ailment, or as having any special claim to merit, or to any peculiar advantage in mode of preparation, quality, use, or effect.
Page 107 - ... all medicinal preparations or compositions whatsoever, made and sold, or removed for sale, by any person or persons whatever, wherein the person making or preparing the same has or claims to have any private formula, secret, or occult art for the making or preparing the same, or has or claims to have any exclusive right or title to the making or preparing the same, or which are prepared, uttered, vended, or exposed for sale under any letters patent, or trade-mark, or which, if prepared by any...
Page 107 - ... art for the making or preparing the same, or has, or claims to have, any exclusive right or title to the making or preparing the same, or which are prepared, uttered, vended, or exposed for sale under any...
Page 588 - Foul Stools. — These are caused by decomposition of the albuminoid principles of the food. 6. Profuse, colorless, watery stools, with little fecal matter, are doubtless caused by an infective germ, akin to that of Asiatic cholera. This is known as cholera infantum. It is rare to see one of these types by itself. With the exception of the last, they may be seen in all combinations. In slight forms of unnatural stools, increase the dilution of the top milk, and reduce the quantity of sugar slightly....
Page 284 - ... to state the average approximate (but neither a minimum nor a maximum) dose for adults, and, where deemed advisable, also for children.
Page 107 - That no stamp tax shall be imposed upon any uncompounded medicinal drug or chemical...
Page 107 - All cosmetics, pills, powders, troches, or lozenges, sirups, cordials, bitters, anodynes, tonics, plasters, liniments, salves, ointments, pastes, drops, waters, essences, spirits, oils or preparations or compositions recommended to the public as proprietary articles, or prepared according to some private formula, as remedies or specifics for any disease or diseases, or affections whatever, affecting the human or animal body...
Page 588 - Curdy lumps may be produced by undigested casein or fat. The former are hard and yellowish, while the latter are soft and smooth, like butter. 3. Slimy Stools. — These are the result of catarrhal inflammation. When the mucus is mixed with...

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