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and one careful study of a building or one sheet of carefully executed studies of buildings, Subject 146, may be submitted.

In each of the Subjects 15a and 15b, one work only may be submitted. These niust be more important and more carefully carried out than exercises worked at personal examinations in Still Life Painting.

In Subject 16, one careful painting may be submitted.

In Subject 176, one carefully studied and well executed painting from drapery on the living model and one careful and complete painting from a head (Life) may be submitted.

In Subject 17c, two careful and complete paintings of the nude figure (Life) may be submitted.

MODELLING. NOTE.- Particular attention should be paid to the selection of the modelled work to be submitted, which should represent the best work only of thoroughly competent students.

In each of the Subjects 186 and 18c, one work only may be submitted. These must be of important pieces of ornament and not of fragmentary details.

In each of the Subjects 196', 191, 190, 190, 19h, 1962, 19k, and 19e, one careful work only may be submitted.

In Subject 20, one careful and important work only may be submitted.

OTHER STUDIES AND DESIGNS. In each of the Subjects 220, 221, and 22¢ one Imperial sheet of careful and complete studies may be submitted. Sketches made in a short time, and elementary designs which have been adapted or only slightly altered from suggestions given in the course of lessons by the master, on the blackboard or otherwise, must not be sent up.

In Subject 22e, one Imperial sheet of capital and other letters, with arrangements of them to fill such spaces as an oblong and a triangle, may be submitted. Students should be encouraged to take for this latter purpose sentences from the works of well known authors.

In Subject 22d, two Imperial sheets only of carefully selected and well arranged studies may be submitted.

In Subject 23a, sets consisting of not more than four carefully finished drawings and one set of work such as is required in this subject for the Art Master's Certificate, may be submitted.

In Subjects 235, 236, 232, 23e and 23f, only important finished work beyond such as is done at the personal examinations and a few carefully selected working designs accompanied by specimens made from them in materials may be submited.

One work such as that required for Art Certificates in respuet of each of the combined subjects 14 and 22-14 and 230 and 20 and 233e may be submitted.

2. STUDENTS' SCIENCE WORK. Oniy such works as those in the subjects given below, and no more than the stipulated number of works in each subject, may be submitted from the same student. None but really competent work should be sent up for examination. Due regard should be paid to the directions in the accompanying memorandum upon the preparation of Machine Drawings.

In each of the Subjects la, lc, id, le, one Imperial sheet only of carefully worked stridies only may be submitted. These should be executeil in fine

pencil line, or ink, to exhibit the power of the student in careful draughtsmanship with instruments.

In Subject 1b, one good tracing only such as is indicated in the following memorandum may be submitted.

In each of the Subjects 239 and 23h one good set of work of not more than three or four drawings may be submitted. The following memorandum applies especially to work in these subjects.

In each of the Subjects 23a and 235, two or three sheets only of wellexecuted drawings may be submitted. These should be as far as possible in the nature of good working drawings, such as are actually prepared for use by builders.


STUDENTS IN SCIENCE CLASSES. In Engineering drawings (either in Subject 16, from the flat, or in Subjects 239 and 23h, from measurement or designs) shading is seldom important ; even colouring is not very important in drawings of machinery. An elevation or any projection which shows merely the outside appearance of an engineering object is seldom of much value in comparison with a section. Students must endeavour to produce working drawings which would be respected in actual engineering drawing-offices and workshops and for this purpose it is necessary to pay particular attention to lining.

A beginner should learn the use of his instruments in tracing. He ought to take great pains with his lines so that they shall all be of the same thickness, and so that the eye cannot detect the point of junction between one arc of a circle and another, or a straight line.

He ought not to be encouraged to submit for examination inked copies of drawings on white paper, but rather of very perfect tracings. Lines ought to be fairly thick.

A design or drawing from measurement ought to be drawn first on white paper with hard pencil in the ordinary way: the lines which are so often inked in ought only to be firmly drawn in softer pencil, the superfluous pencil lines being rubbed out; a very perfect tracing ought now to be made in ink, 80 that it could be repeatedly photographed for distribution to workmen and others. The student ought to send in his pencil drawing, his tracing, and if possible one photographic print on blue paper. If after making one tracing he finds it better to alter his pencil design, he ought to submit more than one tracing, thus giving alternative designs of certain details.

Although it is most usual to have the lines of one sheet all of the same thickness, tracings with shade lines are also in common use and may be presented. In this case tvo thicknesses ought to be adhered to, except where shade lines change gradually into thinner lines.

WORKS FOR CERTIFICATES. These must be duly entered on the supplementary fly-leaf to Form 528. Only one certificate work in each subject, or one set of certificate works where more than one certificate work in the same subject is required, may be submitted in one year by the same student for any one certificate.

Every work so forwarded must be clearly marked with the title and Group of the Certificate for which it is submitted.

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Rules for claiming Attendance Grants and for payments on results.

The claims for attendance grants and for payments on results must each be signed by the Secretary or Chairman and at least two other Managers at a meeting held specially to examine and certify the same.

In the case of an organisation recognised under $ VII. the signature of the Secretary alone may be accepted. All certificates and claims should be sent to the Board before the 31st October, and, if they are not received before the following 31st March, the right to payment may be treated as having lapsed.

The attendance registers must be sent to the Board in support of each claim.

The record of the Students joining the school ($ XV.) need only be sent when asked for.

The form of claim on account of attendances at instruction in Subjects of Science which was in use in the Session 1900-1901 is subjoined. It will be revised for the Session 1901-1902.


THAN 31st OCTOBER, 1901.
Any omission or inaccuracy will involve delay in payment

of the Grant.

Form 51.

Attendance Grant.



Session 1900-01.
(Liable to revision.)

[blocks in formation]

At Day Examinations only
Number of Individual Students At Evening Examinations only

of the above School examined At Day and Evening Examin-
in Science in April, May, or aticns
June 1901.


On behalf of the Managers of this School we certify that :

(i.) The following Teacher(s), viz.

Insert names of Teachers.

(a.) Have been recognised by the Board of Education as qualified in

the subjects they have taught.

(6.) Have given to the ciass during the past session at least 28 registered

lessons in each subject or stage of a subject for which payment
is claimed.





(ii.) Each of the attendances certified herein-(a) represents at least one hour's instruction, or (if special sanction has been obtained under the Directory § XIV6.) at least 40 minutes' instruction, or, in Practical

Except such subjects, at least one and a half hour's instruction, (() has been made attendances as during the session I at a class or classes supervised by the Managers, and are brought (c) has been duly registered.

with $ XVI, of (ii.) Each student named in this certificate has made at least 14 the Directory, attendances in each subject in which his attendances are certified.

(iv.) (a) No student included herein for day attendances is on the register for day attendance under the Board of Education, Whitehall ; (6) no student included herein for a grant in any subject has received instruction in the same subject during the session in an Evening Continuation School ; (c) no student included herein is on the register of a School of Science for the same session ; (d) no student included herein is a scholar in a Higher Eleniolentary Scho; (e)no male students who are, or have been, Pupil Teachers or Assistant Teachers in a Public Elementary School under the Board of Education, or who have been trained as Teachers at the public expense, i.e., în a State-aided Training College, have been registered as students of a class in Stage 1 of Mathematics; and (1) no student who is recognised by the Board of Education, South Kensington, as qualified to teach a subject has been included herein for a grant for attendance at instruction in that subject.

v. (a) No student whose attendances in the Elementary Stage of a subject are certified herein has been already paid upon for more than one year in that stage, or has previously obtained a first class in the Elementary Stage or obtained a success in the Advanced Stage or Honours of the same subject; (6) no student certified for attendances in Section ] of the Elementary Stage of Subject XXIII. has previously been paid upon in that section, or has during the session been registered for attendance grants in Subjects VI.a, VI., VIII., IX., X., or XXIII., or has previously obtained a success in any one of those subjects ; and (c) no student certified for attendances in Section 1 of the Elementary Stage of Subject XV. has previously been paid upon in that section, or has during the session been registered for attendance grants in Subjects XIV., XV., XVI., or XVII., or has previuusly obtained a success in any one of those subjects.

(vi.) Each student whose attendances in the Advanced Stage of a subject are certified herein has made 20 attendances in a previous year, in the Elementary Stage of the same subject, or has obtained a success at the Board's examination in the Elementary Stage of that subject (or has passed an examination which has been recognised by the Board as its equivalent, or has been specially exempted by the Inspector), or has passed through the Elementary course in a School of Science; and no such student ha.. been already paid upon for more than one year in the Advanced Stage, or has previously obtained either a first class in the Advanced Stage or a success in Honours in the subject or subjects in which his attendances are certified herein.


(vii.) (a) No student certified herein for attendance in Science Subject I. is also certified on Form 405 for attendances in Subject I.a, Geometrical Drawing (Art), and ) no attendance certified herein in Subjects I., II., III., and IV., was made at a lesson any part of which was occupied in the preparation of "Works” for payment under 3S XXXIII. and XLV. of the Directory.

(viii.) Each student, for whose attendance payments at the special rate for practical work in any subject are claimed herein, has received theoretical instruction in the same or a higher stage of that subject.

(ix.). The claim is, in all other respects, strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Science and Art Directory.

Examined and Certified at a meeting of the Managers held for that purpose on the

day of

1901. Autograph Signatures

of three Managers of the School present at the Meeting.

Autograph Signature of Secretary

to Clause VII. Organisation.

|| To be left blank if the Managers are not acting in unison with an Organisation recognised under Clause VII. of the Directory.


SCIENCE TO STUDENTS OF ANY PARTICULAR LOCALITY, If any claim is made for payments in subjects No. XVIII. (Principles of Mining), XX. (Navigation), XXI, (Nautical Astronomy), or XXIV. (Principles of Agriculture), it will be necessary, in accordance with the requirements of the Directory, to fill up the certificate hereto appended.

In the absence of such certificate the claim in respect of any of these subjects cannot be considered. We, on behalf of the Managers of School No.

hereby certify that the students claimed on in Subject XVIII., XX., XIT., or XXIV., are, or are going to be, employed in a trade or industry to which the subject applies, or are going to be teachers of the subject.

[Erase numbe of subjects which do not apply.

Autograph Signatures

of three approved Managers.

The entries for Day and Evening classes must be kept separate.
The names of the students must be arranged alphabetically.

A separate line should be used for each student, and the attendances made by him in each subject must be entered opposite his name in the column allocated to that subject.

In an Evening class, not more than 60 attendances in any one subject of Science may be counted during one session on behalf of a student, nor more than 120 attendances altogether. In a Day class these numbers are 120 and 240 respectively. The total of the attendances claimed on for each student should be entered opposite his name in the last column.

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