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SEC. 2.1202. FUNCTIONS OF THE COMMISSION: The Commission shall study alternative forms of future political status open to American Samoa and shall assess the advantages and disadvantages of each. The Commission shall study and appraise the history, the development and the present status of political units comparable or relevant to Samoa, both within and outside the jurisdiction of the United States. The Commission shall present a complete report of its findings and recommendations to the Second Regular Session of the Eleventh Legislature.

SEC. 2.1203.

POWERS OF THE COMMISSION: The Commission shall have power: (a) To hold hearings, to compel the attendance and testimony of witnesses, to order the production of documents and other tangible evidence, to administer oaths, and to cite for contempt;

(b) To employ necessary staff, including consultants, and experts, to purchase necessary materials, to make necessary publications, and to engage in necessary travel within American Samoa and abroad, and to take other necessary action for the performance of the functions assigned in Sec. 2.1202 of this Chapter, and Be it further enacted, That the sum of $20,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated from unappropriated local revenue for the operation of the Future Political Status Commission of American Samoa. The funds hereby appropriated shall be expended only on the authority of the Chairman of the Commission, and

Be it further enacted, That because of the emergency need to begin work on a future political status report for the next regular session of the Legislature, this Act shall take effect immediately upon being approved by the Governor.

Approved: July 8, 1969.


President of the Senate.

Speaker, House of Representatives.
Governor of American Samoa.

The following material pertaining to fiscal affairs of American Samoa was supplied by Governor Haydon at the request of Congressman Don H. Clausen.

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The fiscal year 1972 budget for American Samoa, and the proposed FY 1973 budget, are contained in the publication "Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1973-Part 4, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.: 1972."

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2 Public Law 89-426, grant for repair of hurricane damage, mainly housing construction.

Prior to the fiscal year 1971 the only grants-in-aid from other Federal agencies to the territory of American Samoa were approximately $85,000 from the Department of Agriculture and approximately $20,000 from the Geological Survey. These amounts for school lunches and fresh water surveys, respectively, were received annually, beginning about the fiscal year 1963.

For the fiscal year 1971, at which time the Congressional Subcommittees on Appropriations authorized the acceptance of grants-in-aid from other Federal agencies, the total amount of $1,070,600 was received by American Samoa. The grants comprising this amount were distributed as follows:

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For the fiscal year 1972 the total amount of $2,061,400 represented grants-inaid from other Federal agencies. This amount was distributed as follows:

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For the fiscal year 1973 the estimated amount of grants-in-aid from other Federal agencies is $4,914,000. It is anticipated that this amount will be distributed as follows:

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With but one exception ($243,500) which was authorized, all funds which are used for matching, as required for grants-in-aid from other Federal agencies, are derived from local revenue. This is in accordance with instructions from the Congressional Subcommittees on Appropriations.


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Note: The amounts given represent grant funds available for obligation during fiscal year 1972. More than 75 percent of the fiscal year 1972 grant funds will not be unencumbered by June 30, 1972, and thus will either carryover into fiscal year 1973 or lapse (revert to grantor or U.S. Treasury). Local cash match in the amount of $1,552,734 is excluded from the exhibit amounts.


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This release contains Chapter 1.05 of Part I of the Administration Manual entitled Audit Office-Organization and Function

H. REX LEE, Governor of American Samoa.

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