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It may not be generally known among the members that there is a non-resident membership in the Club, and the Membership Committee takes this opportunity to remind members that there still remain some vacancies on this list.


Below is a list of the clubs with which the Boston City Club has reciprocal relations. Members of the Boston City Club may have all the privileges of these clubs by presentation of their membership cards in the Boston City Club, such privileges being extended on a cash basis.

Albany Club, Albany, N. Y.

Arkwright Club, 320 Broadway, New York City.

Business Men's Club, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Business Men's Club, Memphis, Tenn.

Business Men's Club, Richmond, Va.
City Club, Baltimore, Md.

City Club, Chicago, Ill.
City Club, Cleveland, Ohio.
City Club, Hartford, Conn.
City Club, Kansas City, Mo.
City Club, Milwaukee, Wis.

City Club, St. John's, Newfoundland.
City Club, St. Louis, Mo.

Commercial Club, Dubuque, Ia.

Commercial Club, Nashville, Tenn.

Commercial Club, Omaha, Neb.

Commercial Club, Washington, D. C.

Ellicott Club, Buffalo, N. Y.

Minneapolis Athletic Club.

Moline Commercial Club, Moline, Ill.

Underwriters' Club, 18 Liberty Street, New York.


The following members have died since the May issue of the BULLETIN:

[blocks in formation]

Mr. Alexander Steinert has presented the Club with a Victrola, which has been placed under the arch leading from the second floor corridor into the lounge.

On the evening of Thursday, June 15, an interesting group sat down to dinner together in the clubhouse. The party consisted of Ex-President Taft, Governor McCall, Samuel J. Elder, and Col. Henry L. Kincaide.

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For 1915-1916


GEORGE S. SMITH, First Vice-President
W. T. A. FITZGERALD, Second Vice-President
JAMES E. DOWNEY, Secretary

ADDISON L. WINSHIP, Civic Secretary

Board of Governors
Robert Amory
Horace Bacon
Wilfred Bolster
George E. Brock
Matthew C. Brush
Charles L. Burrill
Louis E. Cadieux
George W. Coleman
Henry S. Dennison
James E. Downey
Carl Dreyfus
James E. Fee
W. T. A. Fitzgerald
R. H. Gardiner, Jr.
George B. Glidden
E. K. Hall
Robert O. Harris
Louis E. Kirstein

James P. Munroe
Hugh W. Ogden
Elwyn G. Preston
Stephen W. Reynolds
Charles M. Rogers
Bernard J. Rothwell
George S. Smith
James J. Storrow
Alonzo R. Weed
John White, Jr.

Executive Committee
*George E. Brock
Carl Dreyfus
W. T. A. Fitzgerald
Elwyn G. Preston
Bernard J. Rothwell

House Committee
*Louis E. Kirstein
Louis E. Cadieux
W. E. Skillings, Jr.
Frederick Homer
Clarence W. McGuire

Entertainment Committee

*George B. Glidden
March G. Bennett

John B. Dore
Carroll W. Doten
Charles J. Martell
H. Staples Potter
George S. Smith
George L. Walker
Harry R. Wellman
Max E. Wyzanski

Forum Committee
*George W. Coleman
†Charles Kroll
March G. Bennett
Henry S. Dennison
Carroll W. Doten

James E. Downey
William C. Ewing
George B. Glidden
Franklin T. Kurt
Moses S. Lourie
John R. Simpson

Frank V. Thompson

Art and Library Committee
*Hugh W. Ogden
Jacob J. Arakelyan
Frank W. Bayley
Charles K. Bolton
Charles S. Cook
John W. Davies
H. L. Hawthorne
R. O. Holden
Clarence C. Minard
Augustine L. Rafter
Herbert B. Turner
Herbert S. Weaver

Auditing Committee
*Horace Bacon
George von L. Meyer
Alonzo R. Weed

Membership Committee
*John White, Jr.
Charles B. Breed
James A. Dorsey
Robert O. Harris
Frank L. Locke
Charles Logue
William H. Pear
Edward C. Wade
Ralph G. Wells
Abraham C. Webber

Bulletin Committee
*George W. Coleman
John Cutler
George P. Morris

Building Committee

*James W. Rollins
Clarence H. Blackall
Carl Dreyfus
David A. Ellis
James M. Head
John S. Lawrence
James P. Munroe
Bernard J. Rothwell
John R. Simpson

Finance Committee
*Robert H. Gardiner, Jr.
Edward A. Filene
E. Elmer Foye
Laurence Minot
James J. Phelan

Nominating Committee *March G. Bennett Robert J. Bottomly Carroll W. Doten James A. McKibben John R. Simpson Frederick Homer Max E. Wyzanski

*Chairman †Secretary

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