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P. 90, col. 2, 1. 30, for "Saxham college," read "Saxham cottage, near Bury."

P. 94. The, death of Richard Pennant, Baron Penrhyn, of Penrhyn, co. Caernarvon, terminates one of the antient and honourable family of the Pennants; but the memory of his Lordfhip will long exist in the agriculture of North Wales, in the extenfive traffick, which has given employment and food to thoufands, and in the opening of roads to and through the almoft inacceflible mountains.

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Nov. 30.

At St. Domingo, in his 24th year, Mr. John Brown, fon of Mr. Jas. B. tanner, of Stamford, co. Lincoln.

Dec. 4. At St. Petersburg, aged 37, Mr. William Bond, formerly of Hull.

19. At Gotha, aged 85, Baron Grimm, Titular Counfellor of State to the Emperor of Ruffia. He was one of the fmall knot of Philofophers whofe merits, as well as demerits, have been fo much exaggerated by Party; the friend of Helvetius, Jean-Jaques Rouffeau, and D'Alembert.


At Aberdeen, William Cruden, efq. late chief magiftrate of that city.

29. At Worcester, of a decline, Francis-Buller Coxe, efq. nephew of the late Hippefley C. efq. M. P. of Stone-Eafton, co. Somerfet.

In Wimpole-ftreet, aged 69, Richard De Vins, eiq. upwards of 45 years one of the fearchers in his Majesty's Customs.

30. Aged 77, Francis Filmer, efq. of John-treet, Bedford-row.

LATELY, at Jamaica. Horatio Noel, efq. major of the 18th Regiment of Infantry, and third fon of G. N. Noel, efq. M. P. for Rutland.

At Kingston, in Jamaica, the Rev. Piancos G. Lecun, paitor of the Roman Catholic Chapel, and the Apoftolic Prefect of the Pope for the West Indies.

At Raleigh, in North Carolina, Mr. Thomas Sambourne, formerly an emieat attorney at Sheffield, and deputy cerk of the peace for the West Riding of Yorkshire.

At Tralee, co. Kerry, in Ireland, far advanced in age, the Rev. Archdeacon Day, brother of Judge D.

Mrs. Sandiford, wife of the Rev. Tho. Scar of Whitechurch, co, Waterford.

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In Montague-place, Dublin, Mrs. Jane Landey, fifter to the late Ld. Kilwarden,

In Molefworth-street, Dublin, the Lady of Sir Frederick Flood, bart, fifter to the late Right Hon. Sir Henry Cavendish (whofe eldeft fon is now Lord Waterpark), daughter of the Right Hon. Sir Henry Cavendish, bart. who died Teller of the Exchequer, grand-daughter of the Lord Chief Justice Pym, and mother of Mrs. Solly, now Mrs Jeffop.

At his houfe in Kelfo, Thomas Barstow, efq. his Majesty's Falconer for Scotland, eldeft fon of the late Thomas B. efq. Town-clerk of Leeds.

At Keilles, in the parish of FowlisWefter, in Scotland, aged 107, Janet M'Naughton. Her memory had completely failed her as to recent occurrences even of a few days, while it was remarkably retentive as to events of a very remote date; and she enjoyed good health till within two days of her death.

At Llandegai, near Bangor, aged 103, Mr. William Lilly; whofe fifter died a fhort time fince, aged 102.1

At Pontefract, aged 80, Mrs. Perfect, widow of Alderman William P.

Mr. Jofeph Butler, many years minifter of a Diffenting Congregation at Stroud, co. Gloucefter.

At Walton, in Kimcote parish, co. Leicefter, Mr. Thomas Smith, formerly an eminent draper there.

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At Southwell, Mrs. Wylde, relict of the late W. efq. of Mansfield, and mother of W. Wylde, efq. major-commandant of the Southwell Volunteers. Mr. Henry Chambers, feedfman, Weftftreet, Bristol.

At Twiford, Norfolk, aged 77, Mrs. C. Page. She was borne to the grave by four of her neighbours, whofe united ages amounted to 264 years; and was followed by her hufband, who is in his 87th year, and perfectly retains his faculties.

Mrs. Hardwicke, wife of the Rev. Dr. H. of Sopworth-houfe, Wilts; who fupported a long and lingering illness with unufual firmness, and with the faith, patience, and refignation of a Christian.

At Beccles, Mr. John Lincoln, onmerchant; whofe death was occafioned by rafhly immerfing his feet in cold water during a fit of the gout.

Mr. Anthony Hart, of Wanborough, Wilts; a fingularly parfimonious character, who had fecreted 13 or 1400 guineas in or about his dwelling, without giving any one inftructions where to find them.

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At Woodham-Walter, Effex, as two fons of Mr. Kemp, a respectable farmer there, were out shooting, the one unfortunately wounded the other (whilst in the act of firing at a hare),in fo dreadful a manner as to caufe his death on the fpot. At Iflington, Mr. George Franklin, stock-broker.

In St. Catharine's, near the Tower, in his 87th year, the eccentric Mofes Benjamin, who is faid to have drunk, in the courfe of his life, upwards of three thousand pounds worth of English gin. He was remarkable as a mediator among wrangling people; always ready to bail any one in diftrefs; and generally known by the appellation of Honest Benjamin.

At an obfcure lodging in Ratcliff highway, where he fell a victim to poverty and difeafe, Mr. William-Henry Hall, compiler of an "Encyclopædia" which bears his name, and feveral other works.

Mrs. Wybrow, the celebrated Columbine at Covent-garden Theatre, the Royal Circus, &c.


Jan. At Newmarket, co. Clare, in Ireland, aged 96, Michael Farrell, the well-known Monarch of the Mendicants of Munster, over whom he had reigned 70 years, with the utmost mildness, juftice, and moderation.

The wife of T. Lax, efq. of Weft Horrington, near Wells, Somerfet.

Mrs. Owen, wife of Mr. John O. maltfter, in St. Philip's place, Bristol.

Mifs Jemima Rudhall, youngest dau. of Mr. H. R. filk-mercer, of Bristol.

At Haverfordwest, Mrs. Smith, relict of Capt. S. of the Royal Navy.

Mrs. Workman, wife of Mr. W. furgeon, of Basingstoke.

William-Cholwich Lear, efq. of Upton cottage, only brother of Thomas L. efq. of Sandwell, Devon.

At Oxford, Mrs. Bricknell. relict of Wm. B. efq. of Evenload, co. Worcester. At Uppingham, Rutland, aged 83, Mrs. Cave, widow.

Aged 78, Mrs. Holmes, relict of the late Mr. H. fchoolmafter, at Langham. Francis Cholmeley, efq. of Branby, co. York; whofe death is much regretted by a refpectable tenantry, and a comfortable and grateful poor, to whose wants he was ever attentive.

At his mother's house at Warminster, Wilts, Charles Webb, efq.

At Nottingham, in his 19th year, Chrif, topher, fon of the Rev. G. H. of Mumby chapel, co. Lincoln.

Found dead on the floor, by her hufband, when he awoke in the morning, Mary Wright, of Chelmondifton.

John Marston, of Acton-upon-Tuffnall, near Stafford. Being at work in a mill by himself, the machinery caught hold of

his cloaths, and wedged him in between the horizontal and perpendicular wheels, by which he was crushed to death.

In the prime of life, Mr. John Seaton, drawing-mafter; who, for a few years. paft has taught in Whitehaven and Aberdeen, with great credit to himself and advantage to his pupils. Too clofe an application to the duties of his profeffion has, it is fuppofed, deprived the world of an Artist whofe labours, in fo fhort a life, gave proof of great abilities. Mr. William Green, of Birmingham, formerly a merchant refiding at Lisbon. Aged 69, Mr. S. Chantry, of Parkftreet, Birmingham, one of the collectors of the affeffed taxes.

Aged 77, Mr. John Bryan, 38 years tiler to the St. Alban's Lodge of Free Mafons in Birmingham. His remains

were interred in St. Bartholomew's chapel yard, in Mafonic order, attended by the members of the St. Alban's, St. Paul's, and the Royal Arch Lodges.

Mr. Ambrofe Shaw, of Bond-street, Birmingham.

Mr. Hawthorn, furgeon, of Stafford. At Holbatch, near Himley, aged 55, much regretted, Mrs. Pratt.

At Melksham, in an advanced age, Mrs. Warneford, relict of the Rev. John W. formerly rector of Baffingham, co. Lincoln, and Camden's Profeffor of Hiftory in the University of Oxford.

At Gaskarth, in Buttermere, aged 88, Mr. Amos Tyfon.

At Clea, near Great Grimsby, co. Lincoln, Mrs. Elizabeth Fridlington; who in about 40 years had collected 3400 guineas in gold, two pieces of 31. 128. and a number of farthings, which were found in her house, after her deceafe, curiously wrapped up in parcels. They are depofited in the Bank of Meffrs. Garfit and Co. of Louth, it not being known at prefent to whom the property belongs. Befides this hoarded money, he has left a landed estate of the value of 4 or 5000l. A man of the name of William Fridlington, aged about 81, who has been fome years in the Trinity-houfe at Hull, and was coufin to the deceafed, is fuppofed to be the next of kin, and heir-at-law. Mr. Bell, of Grimsby, who married the daughter of the elder brother of the late deceased, is alfo a claimant. The habits of the deceased, for many years previous to her death, were parfimonious in the extreme, although he was herself igno rant of the perfon who would be bene fited by her accumulated store !

Interred, with military honours, at Whittlefea, near Peterborough, the remains of Mr. James Spencer, formerly hair-dreffer of that place, and trumpeter to the Whittlefea troop of Yeoman Caval


ry. His death was occafioned by the following accident: a few evenings fince, returning home in company with an acquaintance, he, in jocularity, propofed running a race, which was agreed to. They started at full fpeed, and having a bridge to pass over, the deceased (in order to gain ground of his adversary) ran with fuch violence, that on turning the angle of the bridge, he could not reCover his balance, but precipitated over, and pitched with fuch force upon his head on the ice, that it fractured his fcull, and the ice immediately breaking, immerfed his body in a watery grave. He has left a wife and three children to lament their irreparable lofs, and is fincerely regretted by a numerous acquaintance.

In London, William, the only fon of William F. Maitland, efq. M. P. for Chippenham, and on whom the immenfe fortune acquired By his great uncle, Mr. Fuller the banker, was entailed. Jan. 1. At Kilmarnock, in Scotland, aged 90, Mr. William Muir.

John-Mark Le Cointé, efq. of Devonfhire-square, chief of the South Sea Stock and New Annuity Office.

4. Mrs. Howard, of Pepys-bridge, Mitcham, Surrey.

5. At Chefter, Mr. John Rawlinfon, clerk of St. John's church, and upwards of 30 years a chorifter of the cathedral.

6. At Daventry, Mrs. Joad, relict of Mr. J. of Banbury, and mother of Capt. J. in the Weft India trade, and of Mrs. Marriott, of Daventry.

7, and 9. At their father house, at Greenfide, near Edinburgh, Eliza and Thomas Stevenson, aged four years and fix months.

9. At Linkstown, in Scotland, advanced in age, and in the 43d year of his miniftry, the Rev. James Kirkaldie.

10. At Caldewgate, in Carlisle, aged 80, Mrs. Elizabeth Bunton, widow.

14. At Sunderland, aged 65, Mr. Rd. Hindmarch, late of Rofe Castle.

At Woodbridge barracks, Hen. Crawford, aged 74 years, 47 of which he had been drum-major of the Durham Militia.

At Swalcliffe, co. Oxford, the Rev.

Cafwell, vicar of that parish, and formerly fellow of New college, Oxford.

15. Oh-board his Majefty's fhip Donegal, off Rochefort, James Armstrong, midshipman, only fon of Mr. T. A. of Spring-house, near Eafingwold.

At Gloucester, Charles Watkins, efq. late of the Middle Temple, barrister.

17. At Woburn, có. Bucks, Mrs. Goffe, many years housekeeper to Sir John St. Aubyn, bart.

In his 74th year, Henry Peckitt, efq. of Compton-freet.

At Greenwich, Ralph Davison, efq. nephew of the late Lieutenant-governor Brown, of the island of Guernsey. His death was occafioned by an accident which he met with fome years ago in humanely affifting to fave the lives of the crew of his Majesty's cutter the Pigmy, caft upon the fhore of that island during a very dark and stormy night. This gentleman then unfortunately received à violent blow from part of the rigging of that veffel being dashed against him by the wind, which broke his thigh, from the effects of which he never afterwards completely recovered. It may, therefore, be truly faid, that this worthy young man has fallen a facrifice to his laudable exertions in the cause of Humanity. Subfequently to his temporary recovery, he was appointed, by the late Administration, to the fituation of Superintendant of the Victualling Department of Greenwich Hofpital; a place which he occupied till his death, with honour to himself, and with advantage to that public and patriotic Institution. It is only doing juftice to his memory to add, that his general abilities, extenfive information, and acknowledged integrity, were fuch as would have befitted him, but for this melancholy accident, to have occupied a more prominent fphere in the ranks of fociety. His numerous amiable qualities endeared him to all his friends and acquaintances, and render his premature demife the cause of much fincere affliction and regret to his inconfolable relations.

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18. Drowned, in confequence of the ice giving way while he was fkaiting, on a pond at Illington, Coxen, of Alderfgate-ftreet, aged 14. Five perfons were plunged into the water at the fame time; all of whom were faved except the deceafed, who was not more than 6 yards from the water's edge, and the water was only four feet deep; but in falling he funk under the ice, and was not taken out till half an hour had expired.

In Soho-fquare, aged 82, Mrs. M. Lahutte, relict of René L. efq of Cambridge.

Monniere Roch, efq. many years a refpectable banker and merchant at Barnstaple, Devon, of which Corporation he had been a member upwards of 50 years, and had thrice ferved the office of mayor.

Aged 80, Mr. John Snell, of St. Michael's hill, Bristol; leaving three children, the youngest 30 years of age, all of whom have been fo divided in refidence that he never faw them all together during his life; and they met, for the first time, at his funeral.

At Poole, Dorset, after a lingering illnefs, Mifs Maria Barton, daughter of the late George B, efq. of the Isle of Wight. Murdered,

Murdered, Mrs. Margaret Smith, wife of Mr. Thomas S. of Longburn, in Cumberland, and alfo Jane Pattinson, her fifter; committed by a perfon of the name of James Wood, who had worked with Mr. Smith fince Martinmas last, and who boarded and lodged in his master's houfe, which is diftant about a mile from any other, and from which he had abfconded. Diligent fearch was inftantly made, and people difpatched in every direction, in queft of the foul murderer. Their efforts were not in vain he was apprehended the next day upon the road leading from Annan to Dumfries, about four or five miles from the former place, by Mr. Topping, of Bownefs, one of the purfuers. A filver watch was found upon Wood, which he had that morning purchased at Annan, three Bank notes, and fome filver and copper. He was brought to Carlisle; and, in his voluntary examination, taken before the Rev. J. Brown, faid, that when he was thrashing in the barn, his miftrefs, Margaret Smith, came in, whom he attacked with the flail, and knocked down. He left her immediately, and went into the dwelling house, taking with him a bill-hook, or hedge-hook, with which he ftruck Jane Pattinfon upon the head, very feverely. He then broke open the box, took thereout fix. Bank notes, fome of one guinea and others of one pound, and fome filver. He told the fame tale the day before, upon his examination before the Magiftrates at Annan. He is committed to the gaol, until the next Affizes. He appeared very indifferent and hardened. He is an apprentice to a weaver in the fuburbs of Carlife, from whom he has abfconded at different times, and is at present, it is believed, a deferter both from the Army and Navy. The deceafed were very old infirm women, and remarkably kind and civil to him.

19. At Sea, on his paffage from Gottenburgh, A. R. Deane, esq. captain of his Majesty's packet Prince of Wales. His remains were interred at Dover Court, Harwich, numerously attended, his brother feamen being anxious to pay their last tribute of respect to his memory. About 500 perfons were prefent; fix captains of packets, and twelve feamen belonging to the Prince of Wales,

were chief mourners.

At Bath, John Hayne, efq. of Afhborne-green-hall, co. Derby, and in the commiffion of the peace for that county. At Bolingbroke, aged 68, Sufannah, wife of Mr. Chriftopher Babington.

On the 9th inftant Mr. Timms, miller, of Spalding, co. Lincoln, in a fit of delirium, cut his throat fo dreadfully as to

caufe his death this day. In the interim he dictated his will, and expreffed much contrition for the act, declaring he knew not what he had done till he felt the blood ftreaming from the wound.

At Hitchin Priory, Herts, the wife of Emilius-Henry-Delme Radcliffe, efq.

Of the hydrophobia, aged 21, Mr. Jofeph Parkes, fon of Mr. Z. P. iron-mafter, at Holy-hall, near Dudley, co. Worcefter. He was bitten by his father's dog, who afterwards proved to be mad, on the 22d of November laft; in three days afterwards he went to bathe in the fea; and fo confident were he and his friends in the fafety of this remedy, that no other application was made to the bitten part.

20. Aged fix months, Anne-Catharine, the infant daughter of John Gofling, efq. of Gloucester-place, Mary-la-Bonne.

Mrs. Phipps, wife of J. W. P. efq. of Cork-ftreet, Burlington-gardens.

John Tweddell, efq. of Unthank-hall, fenior magiftrate of Northumberland.

21. A young woman, named Sumner, a baker's daughter, at Henley-uponThames, was taken out of the river, about two miles from that place. Some unpleasant altercation had taken place between her and her mother, about five weeks ago, which, it is generally fuppofed, led to the melancholy catastrophe, as the left the houfe the fame evening in great agitation of mind, and was not heard of till this day.

Jofeph Scott, a promifing young man, aged about 18, fon of Mr. S. bookfeller, in King-ftreet, Westminster. While fkaiting on the canal in St. James's Park, about eight o'clock this morning, the ice broke, and there being only a few boys prefent, who were incapable of giving him any affiftance, after rifing several times, he funk to rife no more.

At Great Cheverell, Wilts, the father of Mr. Staples, land-furveyor, of Bristol.

Aged 71, Mr. Thomas Hargrave, of North Scarle, co. Lincoln, farmer. He left his house in good health that morning, and was found dead on the road in about two hours after.

Aged 62, Mary, wife of Joshua Carver, of Bole, near Gainsborough. This poor woman, in confequence of a cancer ón her tongue, was, for the last fix months, prevented from eating, and lived entirely upon liquids.

At Enfield, Middlefex, aged 71, Mr. Harrison, formerly an apothecary, and partner with Mr. Prichard.

At Stirling, Dr. Abraham Gordon.

22. In the abfence of her husband, now on a voyage to the Weft Indies, Mrs. Mafon, wife of Mr. M. of King's, Coffee-houfe, High-street, Hull.


Suddenly, at Market-Deeping, Mr. William Manton, mafter of the White Hart inn at Surfleet, near Spalding, Linc. In her 83d year, Mrs. Blunt, of Thorney Abbey, near Peterborough.

At Bristol, aged 94, M. Thomas, an honeft and pious woman; 52 years of whofe life was spent as a domeftic fervant to Mr. W. Acraman, of that city.

Mrs. Rofe, wife of Mr. P. R. printer, and third daughter of Mr. Poole, Bristol.

At Upton Court, Shepherdfwell, Kent, aged 77, Mrs. Hannah Rhodes; who, after fuftaining many heavy and heart-rending afflictions with refignation and fortitude in the earlier part of her life, was doomed, at its clofe, to experience one of the fevereft of human deprivations, that of fight. The laft nine years of her life were spent in total darkness. This heavy calamity preying upon her active mind produced an almoft conftant feries of ill health, and fank her gradually to the grave, compaffionated and esteemed by all who knew her fufferings and merits.

23. This day a meeting took place at Six-mile-bridge, Clare, between William Hammond, efq. of the city of Limerick, and William Foley, efq. of Shepperton, in that county, the refult of a previous altercation. On firing, the former gentleman received the ball of the latter in the wrift, and Mr. Foley received a mortal wound, the ball entering his fide, paffed through the inteftines and perforated the fpine. He was taken off the ground to the houfe of Mr. Millar, apothecary, where every aid was afforded him, and he expired the next night, at eleven o'clock, in great agony. Thus has fallen, in the bloom of youth, a gentleman of a truly amiable and affectionate difpofition and ample fortune.

About a fortnight fince, a duel was fought between Meffrs. Coulfon and Farrol, near Rickmanfworth, Herts; and the latter, who was a furgeon, was wounded in the arm, and confined a few days in confequence, but no danger was apprehended. He, however, died this day; and an investigation took place before a Coroner's Jury, when evidence was called to prove the duel, which was fuppofed to have occafioned his death; but it was the opinion of two gentlemen of the Faculty, that he died of apoplexy. A verdict was in confequence given, Died by the Vifitation of God.

In Lower Berkeley-street, Mrs. Rawlinfon, relic of the late Henry R. efq. M. P. for Liverpool.

24. Rev. James Milner, 30 years minifter of Hunflet, near Leeds, Yorkshire. In his 17th year, Robert, fecond fon of the Rev. Dr. Grantham, vicar of Scaw. by, co. Lincoln,

At Stamford, co. Lincoln, in his 70th year, Mr. Richard Edwards, eldest fon of the late Richard E. efq. of WaterNewton, Hunts.

At Bristol, Mrs. Popkin, relict of Jn. P. efq. of Coytrehene, Glamorganfhire. Aged 77, Mr. Edmund Ball, of High Wycombe, Bucks.

At his houfe at Old Brompton, Clark Durnford, efq. chief clerk of the Treafury office in the Tower of London, and who had been 45 years in the fervice of the Board of Ordnance.

In Millman-street, Bedford-row, Hector Daniel Macleifh, efq. of Queen's college, Oxford.

A perfon named Robins, a confiderable dairy farmer at Brinerd's-hill, near Wootton-Baffet, was in the daily practice of drinking to great excefs; and, in fits of inebriety, he would often beat his wife moft cruelly, and threaten to kill her, On Sunday, Jan. 24, the poor woman had expreffed her fears that he would put his threats in execution, and had particularly requested one of the menfervants to fleep in the houfe; but this requeft, unfortunately, was not attended to, and no one was in the house that night but Robins and his wife. On Monday morning, at break of day, the first labourer that went to work discovered Robins fitting by the hearth fide, in the back kitchen, and near him his wife, lying on the embers burnt in a dreadful manner, and quite dead. The murderer was apprehended, and lodged in Devizes prifon.

25. At his houfe, Whites, near Beaconsfield, Bucks, aged 80, Joseph Stevenfon, efq. late of Botolph-lane. At Badminton, in his 81ft year, Mr. J. Saggiapi, house-steward to the Duke of Beaufort, in whofe family he had lived upwards of 44 years.

Mr. Peirce, furgeon, of Wells. Mr. Bentley, furgeon and apothecary, of Sutton-upon-Trent, Notts. Suddenly, Hugh Parnell,efq. of Churchtreet, Spital-fields.

26. In the prime of life, Mr.Robert Clarke, furgeon and apothecary, Wisbech. In Great Pulteney-street, Bath, at an advanced age, Mrs. Mary Newman, relict of the late Rev. Ashburnham-Philip N. of Thornbury park, co. Gloucefter.

At Godmanchester, Mrs. Pearce, mother of Col P. While standing by the fire, a fpark flew out, and fet her veil in a blaze, which communicating to other parts of her drefs, burnt her in so shocking a manner as to caufe her almost immediate death in great agonies.

In Greek ftreet, Soho fquare, Mrs. Watkins, widow of the late Daniel W. efq. of Turnham green.

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