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duction of sheep, it appears he has Dicd.] After a long and very pain- ejected a great number of families. ful illness, which he bore with true It has been said, that this gentleman Christian fortitude, to the great grief had built a town for the ejected of his amiable family, Francis Chol- farmers; but this town is in realmeley, esq. of Bransby; his death is ity as yet only one house, which is much regretted by a respectable te engaged to Government as an exnantry, and a comortable and grate- cise office. Though no cottages are ful poor, to whose wants he was ever yet built, it is a fact, that by this attentive; though not a man of fa- plan, several comfortable farmers are shion, none was more the gentleman; reduced to what, in Caithness, is he was a man of superior information, called a cotter. A cotter, even to upright in all his transactions; and this day, is obliged to work three or be will be long remembered in the four days in the week for his landneighbourhood with great respect. lord, and send him so many doz nś At Clea, near Grimsby, aged 75, Mrs. of fowls and eggs, a few pigs, some Elizabeth Fridlington, of that place, wood, cheese, &c. that he can hardly a maiden lady: she had long lived in be said to live. In short, the ejected a penurious manner, but, after her farmers are so distressed, that last decease, upwards of 3,400l. in gold year a vessel sailed from Caithness for was found in her house, wrapped up America, having on board 130 of in small linen bags, containing about them; and even in September last, 1001. in each, together with some another vessel sailed from the same silver and copper coin, altogether place with 150 more. weighing five stone two pounds: she The Royal Society of Edinburgh, was also possessed of landed property in testimony of its high respect for to the amount of 40001. or 5000l. the illustrious Werner (the celebrated Mr. Wm. Dunn, of Redhill, Sheffield, German mineralogist), has conferred an eminent engineer. Mr. D. was a upon him the distinction of being very intelligent and well-informed one of its honorary members. man.-Rev. J. Milner, 30 years minister of Hunlet, near Leeds.


Died.] At his house in Ayrshire, the Earl of Crawford and Lindsey.At Elie-house, Fifeshire, Sir Philip Died.] At Rhos Llanerchrygog, Anstruther, bart.-In the 23d year of near Wrexham, Mrs. Eliz. Rogers,wi. his age, at Edinburgh, Lord Alexdow, aged 89: she had 17 children, 68 ander Gordon, youngest son of the grand-children, and 35 great grand- Duke of Gordon. The deceased only children-in all, 121: she was left a entered into his 25d year in November widow, with a numerous train of in- last. Ilis disorder was inward: he fants, without any means of support, was attended by his mother the Dubut her industry, and the assistance chess of Gordon, his sister the Duchess of her three eldest children, who all of Bedford, and the Marquis of Iluntlaboured hard at the loom to main- ley, his lordship's brother.-Lately, tain themselves and the younger at Kinfauns, near Perth, in his 87th branches. For the last thirty years year, Andrew Hall, sexton of that she practised midwifery with great parish. He succeeded his father in success and credit; in that space of the year 1742, and it is probably a time she assisted at the birth of 4000 circumstance unequalled in the anchildren; she was ever ready to lend nals of the church of Scotland, that an assisting hand to support the his grandfather, his father, and himdrooping head, and ease the pillow of the afflicted.


self, held that office for the space of 160 years. It is supposed, that his youngest son, who is 60 years of age, will succeed to the office of sexton.


Much misrepresentation having been broached respecting the consolidation of farms, and the plans of a A very laudable example has been Caithness baronet, a person on the lately set in the parish of Delgany, spot observes, that by the baronet's county Wicklow, to the different Consolidation of farms, not for agri- parishes. The society propose, at cultural purposes, but for the intro- the commencement of the winter, UNIVERSAL MAG. VOL. IX.

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which we hope will be followed up, in the 96th year of his age, Michael to sell blankets, shoes, coals, fiannels, Farrell, the well known monarch of frize, shirts, shifts, and oatmeal, to the mendicants of Munster, over the honest poorinhabitants, who bring whom he reigned for 70 years with recommendatious from the parish mildness, justice, and moderation. priest, or some respectable house- He oftener dispensed bounty to, than keeper, on depositing one fourth of exacted tribute from, his subjects; the price, and paying the remainder and, in the course of his long reign, by weekly instalments of one shilling was never accessary to the death of in the pound, till the whole shall be one human being. Hackball, the paid: but if they pay ready money, renowned king of the beggars in they get the article one fourth less Dublin, sported a vehicle, which rethan first cost. moved his august body from place to

Died.] At the advanced age of place; but King Farrell disdained 110 years, Denis Hampson, the blind any assistance of this kind, and made bard of Magilligan, of whom so inte- use of what nature furnished him to resting an account is given by Miss bear him about, namely, a stout pair Owenson, in her elegant work, "The of legs. He, however, had for his Wild Irish Girl." A few hours be- support a long quarter-staff, which he fore his death he tuned his harp, in occasionally used for his protection, order to have it in readiness to enter- having no body guards; this staff was tain Sir II. Bruce's family, who were adorned, towards the head, with brass expected to pass that way in a few nails, &c. which gave it very much days, and who were in the habit of the appearance of a sceptre; but a stopping to hear his music; shortly hat resembling that of a cardinal, and after, however, he felt the approach his great coat, would have covered a of death, and calling his family around tent; it is therefore evident, that our him, resigned his breath without a royal hero was of large stature, which struggle, being in perfect possession is certainly the case; he was also well of his faculties to the last moment. made, had a majestic deportment, At his house in George's-street, with a very intelligent and benign Limerick, Robert Warburton, esq. countenance. captain in the royal navy, to which he was promoted in 1795, and for twelve years regulating officer of that port. He was a few days before appointed by the admiralty to the port of Dublin, where he intended to



At Agra, in the 95th year of her age, Kodijah Sultana Begum, sister of the Nawaub Nadjaph Khan, Vizier to the late Emperor Shah Allum, and relict of Nawaub Mosum Khan, brother to the Nawaub Surder Jung

At his house at Cold Blow, near Since the death of her brother, the Dublin, the Rev. Thos. Lyster, D.D. life of this venerable and respectable aged 66 years: he was a curate in the Lady has been embittered by a concity of Dublin 44 years, in the pa- stant series of misfortunes, unprerishes of St. Werburgh and St. Peter, cedented as unmerited. They reduced and acted as secretary to the Dublin her, as well as the descendants of her Society for 35 years, with the strictest magnanimous brother, to a state of integrity and assiduity. This gen- the most wretched penury, which tleman was married to Miss Quid, would have accompanied her to the only daughter of Sir Fielding Ould, grave, but for the liberal and benevowho was knighted by the father of lent assistance afforded by the genethe present Duke of Bedford, when rosity of the British Government. lord lieutenant of Ireland. Mr. Lys- Her remains were interred in great ter's situation as secretary made him state, and accompanied to the grave known to all the nobility and landed by a company of Sepoys, by all the interest of Ireland. Many were the Native civil Officers of Government, livings bestowed on amiable persons and by all the people of rank and reduring thirty-five years; yet this spectability residing at Agra, who, by worthy unassuming man died a cu- the sorrows expressed at her death. rate at the age of 66. passed on the character of her whole At Newmarket, county of Clare, life the highest possible eulogium.

At the government-house in the cil. His lordship married MademoiIsland of Antigua, the Right Hon. selle Françoise Lambertine, Baroness Ralph Payne, Baron of Lavington of de Kolbell, of a noble Saxon family, the kingdom of Ireland, Knight of the and daughter of Frederick MaximiBath, Captain General, Governor in lian, Baron de Kolbell, a general in Chief, and Vice Admiral of the Lee- the Imperial service, who survives ward Islands. Early in life, during him. Dying without issue the title his residence in the Island of St. becomes extinct. His remains were Christopher's he was elected one of interred with military honours, in the the representatives of the House of garden of Carlisle's estate, his proAssembly in that Island, and so great perty, on a spot pointed out for that was the influence he had acquired purpose some time before his death by from the avowed superiority of his his fordship.

talents and knowledge, that at the first At Calcutta, after an illness of a meeting of the house he was called few hours, Richard Comyns Birch, unanimously to the chair, and by his Esq. Purveyor-General of Hospitals, conduct in that distinguished si Postmaster-General, and Commis tuation, fully justified the choice sioner of Chinsurah and Chandernathat had been made. It was said gore; a man whose virtues shone too at the time this event took place, that conspicuously in an active and useful he was not legally qualified, from life to need the aid of posthumous his state of minority, to take his seat panygeric. as a member of the assembly, and In the 62d year of his age, at his consequently could not assume the seat, near the Schuylkill, General duties of the chair. This might have Peter Muhlenburg. This gentleman, been, and it is believed that the house in early life, yielded to the wishes of knew it to be true, but the acquisi- his venerable father, the late Rev. tion it had made was too great to be Dr. Henry Muhlenburg, the patriarch hazarded upon the result of a motion, of the German Lutheran Church, in and the question was never agitated. Pennsylvania, by becoming a minister On his arrival in England, he was in- of the Episcopal Church, in which troduced to the highest circles, and capacity he acted in an acceptable his accomplishments soon made his manner in Virginia, until the year Society acceptable wherever he went. 1776, when he became a member of After having made the tour of Europe, the Convention, and afterwards a cohe was elected in 1768, a member of lonel of a regiment in that state. In the British Parliament, for the Bo- the year 1777, he was appointed brirough of Shaftesbury; and in the suc gadier general in the revolutionary cessive parliaments of 1774 and 1780, army, in which capacity he acted unhe served for Camelford and Plymp- til the termination of the war gave ton. In 1772 he was honoured with liberty and independence to his counthe Order of the Bath, and at the time try, at which time he was promoted to of his death was the senior Knight. the rank of major-general. After the In 1771 he was appointed Captain peace, he was chosen by his fellowGeneral and Governor in Chief of citizens of Pennsylvania (his native the Leeward Islands, and continued state) to fill, in succession, the various in that station until 1775, when he re- stations of Vice-President of the Suturned to England, and was appointed preme Executive Council of PennClerk of the Board of Green Cloth, sylvania, Member of the House of in which department he remained Representatives, and Senator of the during the continuance of that Board. United States: and afterwards apIn October, 1795, he was advanced to pointed by the President of the United the peerage of the kingdom of Ireland, States, Supervisor of the Excise in by the title of Baron Lavington, and Pennsylvania; and, finally, Collector was again elected in the British Par- of the Port of Philadelphia, which liament as representative for Wood- office he held at the time of his death. stock. In 1801, his Lordship was a second time appointed Captain General of the Leeward Islands, and sworn a member of the King's Privy Coun

At Vienna, Mr. Von Mack, brother of the redoubted General Mack, and Jeweller to the Court: he has left a fortune of eight millions of florins!



On the 5th of June, at sea, on singular good fortune to be trained beard his Majesty's ship Rattlesnake, under Sir Edward Pellew, since his William Warden, esq. a post captain entrance into the navy in 1793, and in his Majesty's navy, and commander shared the glory of all that officer's of that ship. The death of this gal- brilliant achievements, till his arrival lant and enterprising young officer to the supreme command in those His death was occasioned by may be considered as a great loss to seas. the British navy, of which he pro- excessive fatigue and exposure during mised to be one of the brightest orna- a violent gale of wind, in his passage ments. Captain Warden had the to Madras.



JAN. 16, to FEB. 16, 1808, inclusive.

[Extracted from the London Gazette.]-----The Solicitors' Names are between Parenthesis. INSWORTH W. Manchester, cotton spinner (Huxley, Pump-court, Temple). Allen S. Cardiff, fellmonger Abrahams (Mangnall, Warwick-square) S. Sandwich, linen-draper (Anthony, Earl street).

Bateman J. Redcross-street, Bateman J. Wike, Yorkshire, and Bateman W. North Bierly, same county, woollen-manufacturers (Cardale and Spear, Gray's Ion). Brown J. junior, Petersfield, fellmonger (Messum, Portsea). Bunn T. Norwich, corn and coal merchant (Hister and Co. Lincoln's Inn). Bill W. Bush-fane, broker (Taylor, Old-street-road) Busby W. and Hill I. Strand, hatters (Godmond, .New Bridge-street). Barker W. Cheapside, warehouseman (Adams, Old Jewry). Boyd T. Edgware-road, grocer (Day and Co. Cullum-street). Blyth E. Louth, Inerchant (Barber, Gray's Inu). Betis J. Mistley, ship-builder (Ambrose, Mistley). Bayly R. jun. Dowgate-hill, merchant Bowles (Kersey, Bishopsgate - within). A. T. and Williams T. of Kent-street, grocers (Speck, St. John's, Southwark). Barreto, V. A. S. of Liverpool, merchant (Kinderley and Co. Gray's Inn). Brooke J. Hartshead, merchant (Sykes and Co. New Inn). Beach J. Birmingham, but ton-maker (Egerton, Gray's Inn Square). Breffit J. Alfreton, mercer (Ross and Co. New Boswell-court).

Cassidy T. Waltham Abbey, shopkeeper (Syddall, Aldersgate-street). Cuss W. Pontefract, miller (Blakelock, Temple). Cowley J. Shefheld, cutler (Wilson, Greville-street). Cookesley R. Poole, merchant (Milne and Co. Old Jewry). Cole J. Fore-street, stationer (Pullen, Fore-st.). Crowther J. Halifax, Yorkshire, corn dealer (Hodsou, Surrey-strect, Strand) Crocker G. Bideford, Devon, ship-builder (Bremridge, Inner Temple) Clemence M. Craven-street, Strand, tailor (Hamil te, Tavistock-row, Covent Garden)

Damant B. Whitechapel, brazier (Mills,
Vine-street, Piccadilly). Dalton T. Bir-

mingham, merchant (Elkington, Birming-
Dudley C. Gracechurch-street,
merchant (Eaton and Co Birchin-lane).
Davis A. Stroud-green, dealer in cattle
(Robinson, Charter-house-square). Da-
vies D Thames Ditton, Surrey, maltster
(Aubert, Symond's Inn). Davis A. and
N. Little Carter-iane, Doctors' Commons,
warehousemen (Sudlow, Monument-yard).
Davis W North-street, Chelsea, plaisterer
(Howard, Temple).

Else G. Sutton Ashfield, Nottingham, hosier (Ross and Co. New Boswell-court). Ellis S. Folkingham, Lincolnshire, woollen-draper (Crosley, Holborn-court, Gray's Inn).

Easton W. and Easton R. jun. Bucklersbury, warehousemen (Williams, Red Lion-square). Edgington R. Abingdon, hemp-manufacturer (Maddock and Co. Lincoln's Inn). Eadon G. otherwise Yeadon, Bermondsey-street, leather-dresser (Pearce and Son, Swithin's-lane). Elworthy J. M. St. James's street, goldsmith (Davies, Warwick-street).

Fuller J. J. Yoxford, draper (Debary and Co. Tanfield-court).

Grieveson J. sen.Newcastle-upon-Tyne, vintner (Clayton and Co. Lincoln's Ion Gordon J. WestburyNew Square). upon Trim, merchant (James, Gray's Inn Square). Gray T. Rumford, innholder Gell E. (Cutting, Bartlett's Buildings) and A. Winksworth, grocers (Kinderley and Co. Gray's Inn).

Hudson H. Salford, manufacturer (Milne Haines S. Chipand Co. Old Jewry). ping Campden, grocer (King, Took's Hurren R. Kelsale, cordwainer court). Horley R. Epsom, (Rabett, Carlton). pork butcher (Guy, Epsom). Hurry N. and Jones C. R. Liverpool, merchants (Atkinson, Chancery-lane). Harrison S. Manchester, and Harrison W. Sheffield, hatters (Chesshyre and Co. Manchester). Hyde A Brandon, liquor-merchant (BremHall F. ridge, Common Pleas Office) Jermyn-street, cordwainer (Palmer, Barnard's Inn). Heaton D. widow, Heaton

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M. J. and W. Spring Head, Yorkshire, cotton twist spinners (Caton and Co. Aldersgate-street). Halliday W. D. Bathstreet, City-road, livery stable keeper and grocer (Pellatt, Ironmonger's-hall). Harding W. Oxford-street, hatter (Walker, Old Jewry). Harvey J. Springfield, Essex, bricklayer (Bigg, Hatton-garden). Hulme E. Manchester, victualler (Johnson and Co. Manchester).

Jarman P. and T. of Llanfihangel Brympabean, wool dealers (Meredith and Co. Gray's Inn). Jones R. Gower-street, silkwinder (Bland, Racquet-court).

Kierulff C. G. G. Prudenge-square, merchant (Hannam, Piazza Chambers). Lay J. B. Manchester, cotton-manufacturer (Hurd, King's Bench Walks). Lee T. Holborn, glover (Street and Co. Philpot-lane). Luck M. otherwise Seares, St Martin's Le Grand, dealer (Fryett, Millbank-street). Longmire M. Penrith, milliner (Birkett, Bond-court).

Merrefeld J. Granthain, money-scrivener (Whishaw, Lamb's Conduit-street). Martin J. Louth, carpenter (Ellis, Cursitor-street). Mills C. Colonnade, Paneras, baker (Minshull and Co. Abingdonstreet). Maclachlin J. Harford-place, cabinet-maker (Surnam, Golden-square). Mayell W Exeter, jeweller (Orchard, Hatton Garden). Macfadzen J. Liverpool, merchant (Battye, Chancery-lane), Mount R. and Roberts W. Angel-court, merchants (Blunt and Co. Old Pay Office). Matthews W. Maidenhead, carpenter (Richardson, New Inn). Mitchell E. Exeter, fuller (Williams and Co. New Square, Lincoln's Inn. Manfield T. Lewes, grocer (Sudlow, Monument-yard) Make ham J. Upper Thames-street, cheeseLonger (Wild, Warwick-square).

Newby J. Aldgate, draper (Swaine and Co. Old Jewry).

(Williams and Co New-square, Lincoln's Inn). Rickards J. Colchester, draper (Hanson and Co Chancery-lane). Round J. Poisall, factor (Boutflower, Devonshirestreet). Rose W. Kensington, brewer (Allen, Carlisle-street).

Seabrook R. Great Bradley, butcher (Windus & Co. Southainpton-buildings). Standley W. Whetstone, maltster (Kinderley and Co. Gray's Inn). Simpson G. Copthall Chambers (Holmes and Co. Mark-lane). Seddon J. P. Homerton, merchant (Alcock and Co York-street). Salisbury J. Exeter, cabinet-maker (Wiiliams and Co. Lincoln's Inn). Seecombe J. Horrabridge, Lewarne J. Truro, Hore W. Grampound, Hoyte C. same place, Burley C. Horrabridge, and Searle R. Launceston,woollen manufacturers (Bray, Tavistock). Swindells J. Ludworth, innkeeper (Cooper and Co. Southamptonbuildings). Seccombe J Walkhampton, Hoyte K. Grampound, Hore W. same place, Burley C. Walkhampton, and Searle R. St. Stevens, woollen-manufac turers (Fairbank, Ely-place). Spencer H. West Wratting, maltster (Cutting, Bartlett's-buildings).

Tidmarsh J. New County Terrace, builder (Phillips and Co. Howard-street). Thomson J. Lowerhouse, grocer (Hurd, King's Bench Walks). Thorpe W. Pocklington, grocer (Blackiston, Synond's Inn). Tompkins R Hatton-garden, inerchant (Bishop, York-place). Turner J. Swefling, draper (Debary and Co. Tanfield-court). Tiuney W. Cambridge, surgeon (Bigg, Hatton-garden).

Wright C. Aldgate, tobacconist (Redit, Cook's-court). Wallis J. Dartmouth-str. dealer (Rogers, Manchester-buildings).Wrae J. Ferrybridge, coal-merchant (Exley and Co. Furnival's Inn). Woddilove R. Ainsworth Mill, calico printer (Lyon Pettitt T. Witney, leather-dresser (Bax- and Co. Gray's Inn). Wain J. Mountters and Co. Furnival's Inn). Phoenix J. street, merchant (Highmoor, Bush-lane). Liverpool, merchant (Rowlinson, Church Wright T. Dulverton, innkeeper (Lys, yard-court, Temple). Pratten J. Wal- Took's-court). Wood T. Sheffield, mertham Akbey, tailor (Oxlade, Hoddesdon). chant (Blakelock, Temple). Withall C. Preston T. Aldermanbury, warehouseman Fenchurch-street, warehouse keeper (Car(Godmond, New Bridge-street). Parrott penter and Co. Basinghall-street). Wills J. Frith-street, confectioner (Howell, T. Lamb's Conduit-street, linen-draper Bartlett's Buildings). Peynado J. R. Be- (Bell and Co. Bow lane). vis Marks (Sudlow, Monument-yard). Pitt-street, hat - manufacturer (Taylor, Renton J. Gloucester-terrace, mariner Took's-court). Williams L. Nicholas (Healing, Lawrence-lane). Reppen J. lane, merchant (Day, Puinp-court). Winand J. Clapham, dealers in coals (Harman, ter W. jun. Blackfriars-road (Meymott, Wine-Office-court). Renwick J. jun. Charlotte-street). Wilkinson J. LiquorBurr-street, coal-merchant (Bell and Co. pond street, baker (Nettlefold, FenchurchBow-lane). Risleben H. Birmingham, street). Washington J. Ashborne, sad. tailor (Punton, Hind-court). Roser E. dler (Tucker, Staples Inn). Woolley Lindfield, soap-manufacturer (Reilly, Staf- J. P. Walham-green, brewer (Tavlor, ford-row). Roberts S. Rhayader, Aannel- Took's-court). Wright N. Nottingham, manufacturer (Street and Co. Philpot brick-maker (Baxter and Co. Furnival's Jane) Rees D. Llanelly, shopkeeper Inn).

Wrigley J.

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