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Died.] Jan. 26. The Rev. John El- lowing. He was chosen one of the lison, aged 76, rector of Wold New- aldermen on the 20th of July, 1785, ton, Lincolnshire, perpetual curate the year in which the king visited of Shoʻley, curate of St. Nicholas, Oxford, when his Majesty was pleased Newcastle, which he had held up- to confer the honour of knighthood wards of 20 years, chaplain to the In- on him.-At Bainpton, Mr. Fox, sen. firnar., and secretary to the society His death was occasioned by a daughof the sons of the Clergy.-The Rev. ter who lived with him, and who has Humphrey Hyde, aged 68, vicar of at different periods discovered symp. Bour, and also of Dowsby, Lincoln- toms of derangement, who placed a shire. At lainford, aged 68, Mr. quantity of gunpowder under the Lilly, sub-librarian to the Subscrip- chair in which her father was sitting, tion-room in that town. He was born and by means of a train which reach. at Market Raisin, and eariy in life em- ed to the outer door, set fire to it; the barker for America. In an excursion explosion from which was so powerful up the country, he and his compa- as to force a hole through the ceiling, nions were seized by a party of un- and the window out of the room subdued negoes, and those who were above. Mr. Fox was so severely innot massacred were detained as slaves. jured, that he remained speechless In this situation he was held for a for two days. It is very remarkable, long period, beirig repeatedly trans- that a short time since she had nearly ferred from one savage chieftain to effected the death of her father, by another, at the price of a few skins of administering poison to him. She is wild beasts. Having endured innu. now in strict confinement, and will merable hardships, lie at length ef- shortly be sent to a mad-house. fected his escape; and after spending

SOMERSETSHIRE. some time as a schoolmaster in Ame- Married.) At Clavedon, H. Hallam, rica, he returned in indgence to his Esq. commissioner of stamps, son of native country, and was indebted for the Rev. Dr. Hallam, canon of Winda moderate subsistence to the situa- sor, to Miss Elton, eldest daughter of tion he was put into by the Public Sir Abraham Elton, Bart. Library.

Dicd.] Jan. 25th, at Bath, Mrs. LANCASHIRE.

Smith, mother of Mrs. Fitzherbert. Among other modes of assistance afforded by the Repository at Lancas- Died.] Jan. 16th, at the Deanery, ter, the plan of selling blankets at re- Lichfield, the Rev. Baptist Proby, duced prices to the poor has been dean of Lichfield, rector of Dod. adopted. Twenty pieces have been dington, in the isle of Ely, and of already ordered, which are to be paid Thornhaugh, Northamptonshire. for by those who purchase them in small weekly sums. This method has Died.] Jan. 29th, at Shepperton, been found in other places to supply Fletcher Read, Esq. aged 46. He the poor with an essential comfort, was well known in the sporting world, without taking from their earnings particularly among the gymnastic more than they can conveniently af- professors

. He had spent the evenford at one time, and to be more be- ing before his death in a jovial manneficial than where the relief has been ner, and at a late hour went to bed, entirely gratuitous.

after having drank freely. In the NORFOLK.

morning he was found dead by his Married.) At Wolterton, the Hon. servant, having, as is supposed, died and Rev. Wm. Wodehouse, youngest through suffocation. Mr. Read has son of Lord Wodehouse, to Miss been one of the chief patrons of boxHussey, eldest daughter of Thomas ing for the last three years, and in Hussey, Esq. of Galtrim, Ireland, him the professors of that art have and grand-daughter of Lord Orford.' lost their best friend. Mr. Read was OXFORDSHIRE.

a native of Dundee, in Scotland, near Died.] At Oxford, aged 68, Sir to which place he had succeeded to John Treacher, Knight. He was estates by the death of his mother, the elected one of the eight assistants of intelligence of which event he reOxford on the sth of April, 1784, and ceived only two days previously to his mayor on the 20th of September fol- death.



NEW MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT. Tralee (Ireland)-Samuel Boddington, Esq. Arundel-Lord Lecale, vice Francis John

rice Right flo.. Maurice Fitzgerald. Wilder, Esq. Heytesbury Charles Moore, iisq. and Mi- Sussei--Ilon. C. W. Wyndham, rice Gen. chael Symes, Esq. vice Right Hon. Chas. Lennox, now Duke of Richmond.

Abbot, and Sir Wm. A‘Couri, bart. Cante: buri-S. E Sawbridge, Esy. rice
Dundalk Josias Dupre Porcher, Esq rice James Sur mons, Esq. dec.
John Metge, Esq.

Dungarvan---Lord Hamilton, vice Hon.
Minehead John Fownes Luttrel, Esq. vice George Knox.
Sir John Lelt bridge.

ColeraineWalter Jones, Esq. vice Sir Geo. St Michae-Hon Sir Arthur Wellesley, Fitzgerald Hill, Bart.,

K.B rice Sir Christopher Hawkins, Bart. Plympion--Hon. Wm. Assheton Harbord, and Henry C. Montgomery, Esq. rice vice Sir Stephen Lushington, Bart. dec.


JANUARY 20, 1807, to February 18, 1807, inclusive. (Eatracted fom the London (azelle )-----The Solicitors' Names are between Parenthesis. A

ping, wharfinger, (Jackson, Fen. Duwiand W. Devizes, draper, (Nethersole church-buildings). Arın'age M. Altham and Co. Essex-strect, Strand). Dutton J. Mills, near Blackburn, miller, (Urred, Levenshulme, Manchester, calico-manuLiverpool.)

facturer, (John Higton, Manchester). Brown J. Liverpool, draper, (Royle, Dobson J. Ratcliffe-highway, linen-draper, Chester) Brake D. Nether Compton, (Syddall, Aldersgate-street). Dorsetshire, flax-dealer, (Score,Sheiburne). Eddington J. and Grosvenor, J. Monta. Bartens J. Bitton, Gloucestershire, mali. g!le-street, builders, (Allen, New Bridgesier, (Davis, Brisol). Bagshaw, A. North street). Eamer J. Preston, Lancashire, Walsham, Norfolk, shopkeep. (Foster, Son, cotton spinner, (Barrett, Holborn court, and Co. Norwich). Banks R. Bamber- Gray's Inn). Everall M. P. Worcester, bridge, Lancashire, cotton-manufacturer, plumber, (Rosser & Co. Bartlett-buildings). (Aspden and Co. Preston).) Brodbelt T. Fox H. Kingston-upon-Hull, ClockBolton-le-Moors, Lancashire, muslin-ma- maker,(Williams, Red Lion square). Fowo nufacturer, (Cross, Bolton). Bairstow L. ler R. Mortimer-street, upholder, (Taylor, Manchester, factor, (Johnson and Co. Man- · Mortimer-street). Feather H. Manchester, chester). Braint R. G. Minories, butcher, tea-dealer, (Parker and Co. Essex.street, (Cartell, Phi pot-lane). Brown W. F. Strand). Fowles, R. Nag's Head-Court, Birk's-mill, near Sedburgh, Yorkshire, cot- Gracechurch-street, merchant, (Swain and ton-spinner, (Holland, Manchester). Burg- Co. Old Jewry). Frankis, J. parish of hall, J. Greai Surrey street, Blackfriars-road, Churchdown, Gloucestershire, dealer, cheesemonger, (Beaurain and Co. Union (Vizard, jun. Gray's lun, London). st. Bishopsgate). Banks E. Bamber-bridge, Fletcher S. Great kussell-street, Blooms. Lancashire, corion-manufact. (Aspden and bury, chinaman, (Dove, Lincoln's Inn Co. Prestoni. Blunt G. and Mount J. Lit. Fields). de Carter-lane, Doctor's Conimons, grocers, Gamer T. Greenwich, victualler, (Fil. (Sudlow, Monument-gard). Butler N. I Jiligham, Union-street, Whitechapel). and Butler B. Painswick, Gloucestershire, Galloway J. Brook-street, Holborn, engiclothiers, (Vizard, Gray's-Inn-square). Bat- neer, tool and lath-maker (Parten, Crosstens J. Bitton, Gloucestershire, inaltster, street, Hatton-Gardien) Greensill E. Stour. (Jenkins and Co. New Inn). Bate M. St. port, Worcestershire, coal-morchant, (Bigg, Philip anri Jacob, Gloucestershire, malıster, Haiton Garden). Green, T Kingston-iipon(Jenkins and Co. New Inn). Barnard J. L. Hull, dealer, (Égerton, Gray's lon). Gaya Shoiter's Court, Throymorton-street, stock merJ. Mistley, Essex,coin-merchant, (Am-. broker, ( Maro and Co. Clo tk-lane). brose, Mistley). Grove W. Poultry, hab.s•

Chamberlain N. Hleet-street, druggist, dasher, (koxly, Cheapside). (Lorgen andCo Bisinghali-street). Coombe Hingston W. Princes-street, Rothere W. late of Qucen-street, Chelipside, ware- hithe, mariner, (Palmer and Co. Copthallhouseinan, (Hall, Coleman-street). Clark court, Throgmorton-street). Handley W. T. Chathani, Kent, corn-dealer, (Parnther Beverley, Yorkshire, currier, (Campbell, and Son, London-st.). Chinnery F. Cran- Beverley), Hall J. Stafford, mercer, bour-passage, linen-draper (Walker, Old (Price and Co. Lincoln's Inn). Hayes A. Jewry). Couk J. Gloucester, wine-mer- Lancaster, spirit-merchant, (Blakelock, chant, (Meredith and Co. Lincoln's Inn). Temple). Hensley, s. Liverpool, mer

Dennison J. Queen-street, Oxford-street, chant, (Windle, John-street, Bedford-row). butcher, (Wild, Warwick-square). Dove Hammond R.dlyton, Kingston-upon-tlulí,

druggist, (J. Egerton, Gray's Inn.) Hes- Richardson W. New Cross, Surrey, lop R. Chiswell-street, painter and glazier, baker, (Kayll, Crown-sireet, Newington). (Syddall, Aldersgate-street). Harding T. Robinson T. and Robinson M. Kirus Steand Crean L. Godfrey-couri, Milk st dra- phen, Westmoreland, liquor-merchants, pers, (Syddail, Aldersgate-sireet). Hurry (ligge, Carey-street). Richarisen W. J. Nag's Ilead Couri, Gracechurch-street, Wrotliam, Kent, innkeeper, (Poole, Ser. merchant, (Swain and Co. Old Jewry). jeant's Inn). Reynolds G. Back lane, Hamilton J Newgate-street, linen draper. Shadwell, cow-keeper, (Hoard, Hooper(Arkinson, Castle-street, Falcon-square). square, Goodman's Fields). Rolfey G.

Johnson D. Brown street, Hanover- and Swinton R. Great St. Helens, mersquare, smith, (Freame, Great Queen- chants, (Foulkes, Southampton-street, street, Lincoln's Inn Fields). James J. Covent Garden). Stafford, grocer, (Tarrant and Co. Chan- Scott G. Thames-st. grocer (Godmond, cery lanc).

Bride couri, New Bridge-street). Spericer Kershaw J. Shaw Chapel, parish of J. Taplow Mill, Bucks, miller, (Pearce and Prestwich cumi Oldham, Lancashire, cnt. Co. Paternos:er row). Squire H. Exeter, ton manufacturer, (Chippendale, Temple ) ironmonger, (Sandford, Exeter). Self W.

Lawson T. Lancaster, grocer, (Blakelock, Bath, mercer, (James, Gray's Inu Square). Teinple.) Lovell J. Birminghamn, pin. Shakeshaft J. jun. Widegate-street, Bi. mannfacturer, (Egerton, Gray's Inn, Hol- shopsgate, dealer, (Wilson, Temple). , born). Liiter L. Sheerness; shoe-maker, Saunders A. Duke-sireet, St. George's (Siivestar, Field Court, Gray's lon). Leach fields, horse-dealer, (Keys, Somerset T Grace's Alley, Wellcio e Square, haber- street, Aldgate). Steel J. Stockport, dasher, (Devon & Co. Gray's Inn Square) check-manufacturer (Hannam, Fast Ret. Lugg W. J. Worcester, baker, (S:ephen- ford). Senior J. Broadl-court, Drury-lane, son and Co. Gray's lun.)

money-scrivener, (Baddeley, Searle-street, Meredith E. Blackmoor-street, Drury. Lincoln's Inn Fields). Stone I. and ConJane, linen draper, (Harman, Wine-office- stance P. Great Yarmouth, shipwrights, court). Morley, R. Old-street Road, inoney- (Swain and Co. Old Jewry). Stephens J. scrivener, (Cale:aft, Lyon's Inn). Morton Reading, Berks, grocer, (Vines, Reading). W. Lancaster, corn dealer (Hurd, Tem- Thornley W. Adlington, Cheshire, car

ple). Morris J. Union-street, Bond-stroet, rier, (Sherwin, Great James street, Bedboot-maker, (Metcalfe, Basinghall-street). ford-row). Tyrrell J. Maidstone, ironMuir J. Fenchurch-buildings, insurance- monger, (Bolton and Co. Lawrence Pount. broker, (Swain and Co. Old Jewry). Mor- ney.hill, Cannon-sireet). Travis J. and ton C. Croydon, horse-deal. (Benton, Union Travis ki. Prestwich, Lancashire, bleachers, sireet, Sonilwark). Mountfort, B. Walsall, (Milne and Parry, Old Jewry). Tomlin. miller, (Kinderley and Co. Symond's lon). son k. Leck, Siaffordshire, linen draper, Dledford, M. New City Chambers, broker, (Berry and Co. Waturuok). Tuplin T. (Cuppags, Jermya-sireet). Monk W. Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, ccal-mer. Parbold, Lancashire, limeburner, (Wisdle, chunt, (Sykes and Co. New fon). Told J. Joh:) street, Bediord-row).

Berwick upon Tweed, ship-builder, (Allen Nibler! J. Roxboroughi, Gloucestershire, and Co. Furuival's Inn). Tabrum R. and clothier, (Constable, Symoud's Jun). New. Barron J. Walbrooke Manchester warebury E. Ok Brozorect, builder, (Smith bouemen, (Aikinson, Casile-street, Faland Tisou, St Paul's Church card). con square).

Ogilvy W. the younger, Nylne G. and Unsworth J. Manchester, perfumer, Cha'niers J. Je frey-square, nierchants, (Borshell, Bouverie-street). (Crowder and Co. Frederiks-place). Os- Wicocks T. Orchard-street, Westminler W. Birmingham, baker, (Swain and ster, baker, (Vincent and Co. BedfordCo. Old Jewry).

street). Wood T. Hereford, statuary, Powell W. Brecon, liquor merchant, . (Woodhouse, Hereforel). Whitaker G. (Smith and Co. Great St. llele!s). Pur- St. Columb, Cornwall, linen-draper, (Sandkiss S. Actɔn green, Middies.x, carpenter, ford, Exeter.) "Voikin on J. R. Three(Bower, Clifford's Imu). Pag:J. Need- ok-lane, Flor-de;down, (Suain and Co. ham Market, Suffulk, grocer, (Kinderky Old Jewry) Ward J. Baubury, Oxfordand Co Symond's Inn) Priljard v.š. shire, aver, (Pearson and Co. Teinple). Wiginore srcet, grocor, (Allin, New Whit had J Church-s!rect, Blackwiars. Bridge sireel). Price E. otherwis? Spence Rval, hat-manufacturer, (Meymott, ClarA. Leis, merchant. (Bar'ye, Chancery- lotie-street). Whiteley J. Plymouthi, merJane) l'arkiuson G. London, warehouse chan', (Whiteford, Plynou h).

Der man, (Meddowcroft and Co. Gray's inow). champs W. W. Morgan B. S and M'Tags Pope W. We:bury-u; 'on-Serrro, Glouces gart P. Suffolk-lane, merchants, (Pearce tershire, dealer in rigai (Edmunds and and Co. Paternoster-row). Woot J Ryo Sol!, Lincoln's Inn). Prior J. Princes der's-court, Soho, glover, (Nelson, Madseropt, Spielfelds, drysaiter, (larnell, dox street). Wilkiiis T. jun. Si. Albanis, Church-street, Sp.tals1 j


(Tachana, Craven-sb.cci,


Strand). Wild J. and Wild W. Stock. Hargrave E. Whitcomb-street, March 24. poit, cottoo spioners, (Chetham, Stock- Houlding R. and Houlding J. Preston, port). Waikert.T, Liverpool, merchant, March »i. (Windle, John-street, Beütord-row). West Jackson J. Great Yarmouth, Feb. 10. J. Richmond, Surrey, breeches-maker, Jameson R. and M‘Quoid S. Sherbome(Patten, Cruss street, Hatton Garden). lane, Feb. 21

Jones W. Sirangford, HeYoung A. and Bacon J. St Mary-at-hill, reford, Feb. 27 Jubson J. Alnmouth, merchants, (Gatty and Co. Angel Couri, Northumberland, March 10. Jones J. New Throgmorton-street).

Bond-strett, March 31.

Kirkman J. Kirkdale, Lancashire, March DIVIDENDS.

11. Kirkman R. Liverpool, March 11. Austin W. Dursley, Gloucestershire, Lowe G and Lowe.C. Imber Mill, DerFeb 16. Arbuthnot A. and Bracken R. byshire, Feb. 25. Leach J. A JewryPhilpot-lane, Feb. 17, and March 10. street, Aldgite, Feb. 28. Lazonby W. Arrowsmith J. Richmond, Yorkshire, Fe. Manchester, March 2.

Lewis R. and Darbruary 24.

vell J. Hulborli, March 7. Lewis J. Old Bonsall T Crescen', St. George's Fields, Jewry, April 4 Feb. 14. Bryan W. White Lion Court, Moyser J. Sution-11 pon- Derwen!, YorkBirchin-Lane, Feb. 17. Beits B and shire, and Beal G. Pocklington, Feb. 16. Smith Ann, Basinghall-street, Feb. 17. Moore S. Leicester, March 14. Marriott Bates R. Cu tle Bridge, Derbyshire, Feb.18. T. Olney, Bucks, Feb. 24. Martin T. Bristow C. Newgate-streer, Feb 24. Brain Birminghain, and Nicholls 7. Stone, Feb. G. Bristol, Feb. 26. Bankes H. Lincoln, 27. Mallard J. Bristol, March 28. Miller Feb. 28. Barrett R. High-street, South- T. Preston, Feb 19. Morgan T. Holborn, wark, Feb 28. Battier J. R. and Bartier March 3. Milner G. Thurston, Yorkshire, J.J. Goull's-square, Crutched friars, March and Whitaker D. Manchester, March 5. 3. Buck C. Wainfleet, All Saints, Lin- Nicholls T i tone, Staffordshire, Feb. 27. colo, March 3. Bell C. Sampson's-Gar- Ockenden R. Bexhill, Sussex, Feb. 24. dens, Wapping, March 10. Brookfield J. Owen T. Rood-lane. Feb. 28. Owles Jo Aldermanbury, March 14. Brown W. Bungay, Suffik, varch 3. and Yoxen J. Jermyn-street, April 25. Fettett J. Feb. 14. Poole R. Ratcliffe.

Champion J. H. Gravesend, Feb. 14. highway, Feb. 24. I'rice R. Cannon-street, Cole C. Oldham, Hants, March 17. Feb. 28. Price W. Leadenhall-sireet,

Drake F. Plymouth Dock, Feb. 14. March 7. Papillon P.J. St. Swithin’s-lane,
Dodsworth J. Stamford, Feb. 24. Dear- March 24. Pendred J. Brook Green, Ham.
man R. Bamsley, Yorkshire, and Dearman mersmith, March 31. Pritchard J. S. Wig-
R. Worsborough, Feb. 24. Dawson R.H. nore-street, April 4,
Southwold, Suffolk, Feb. 28. Davie T. Raby J. Narrow-street, Limehouse,
Leic-ster, March 2. Day E. Collinghorne, March 7.
Ducis, Wilis, March 10.

Smith A Basinghall-street, Feb. 17, Egerton T. Alston, Lancaster, Feb. 19. Simpson J. Fairford, Glouce tershire, Feb. Enok R. Oxfordl-street, March 3.

26. Starr J. Worce:ter, March 2. Stark Fisher S M. Gravesend, Feb. 24. Fisher W. Blue-Coat Buildings, March 3. SutH. Gracechurch-st. Mar. 3. Felihain S. ton T. Ringmore, Devonshire, March 7. New Saruns, Wilts, March 7. Flavell. Simms W. Birmingham, March 7. Steed. High-st. Suuthwark, March 31. Hugh's inan G. and MʻLean J. Lamb-street, March JF Wignore-street, April 4. Glovei D. 7. Sution B Birmingham, March 9. Guiter-lane, Feb. 21. Gurden W. jun. Simpson F. Preston, March 14. ShepStoney Stratford, Feb. 24. Green M. and herd P. Lynn, March 17. Scott J. and Green H. C. Oxford-street, March 7. Scott G. South-street, Finsbury-square, Greenwell J. South Shields, March 5. March 31. Sution W. Salter's-Hall-court,

Hargrave E. White'mb-street, Feb. 14. April 25. Hamilton J. and Surkington W. Finch. Taylor T. Biriningham, March 11. hane, Feb.14. Hawkins J. Ash, Suffolk, Thompson J. I sand-court, Upper ThamesFeb. 17. Higgins T. Throymorton-street. street, March 17. Thomas R. Cowbridge, Feb. 14.

Biarris T. Prince's-street, Feb. Glamorgansiire, March 25. 21. Flattersley T. Holborn, Feb. 24. Underhill J. Barbican, March 7. Hanling J. Abingdon, Berks, Feb. 20. Warne E. Tottenham Court koad, Feb. Huddieston W. Manchester, Feb. 20. 21. Whatman W. Guildford, Feb. 24. Hewitt J. Birmingham, Feb. 27. Hughes Wiseman J. Liverpool, March 2. WhiteM. W'arring:on, Feb. 21. Hill J. Dept- house, E. Szoke-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, ford, Feb. 28. Herbert T. Duwgate-hill, March 10. Ward J. Bermondsey, March

Howett J. St. Martin's-lane, 31. Wilson W. Coal Exchange, April March 10. Hayes J Maidstone, March 14. 25. Wyat J. Cheadle, Cheshire, Francis Harris J. Cardiff, March 16. Hoffman D. W.P. Litchfield, Siaffordshire, and Chade Button-street, Long Acre, March 21. Hig- wick J. Slow, March 9. gins T. Throckmorton-street, A. arch "%+.

Feb. 21



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By the WinchesterQuarter of 8 Bushels, and of OATMEAL per Boll of 140lbs. Averdupois, from the Returns received in the Week ended Feb. 14, 1807. INLAND COUNTIES.

MARITIME COUNTIES. Wheail Rye Barley. Oats

Wheat Rye Barley, Oats d S. d s. d.


ds. d. Middsx. 82 9 49 097 31 S1 21] Essex

75 31 36 6 36 6150 6 Surrey 84 0 42 0 37 10 33 0) Kent

83 6 48 0 S9 0134 9 Hertford 74 51 43 0 이 19 0 27 4 Sus ex


033 0 Bedford 74 10 52 0 6 101 25 8 Suffolk

75 6

35 6 34 8 Huntin 75 5 36 0 23 0Cambridge 70 10

31 920 7 Noriha. 70 0 48 01 34 111 23 9 Norfolk

70 41 46 0 38 11 25 4 Rutland 73 042 0 39 61 22 6 Lincoln

69 041 10 34 421 11 Leicest | 70 10 43 2 36 21 24 2] York

690 41 81 35 2 25 4 No'ting. 73 u 16 0 39 8 26 6 Durham

78 7

41 026 11 Derby 76 0

42 6 26 Northumberland 70 ( 51 0 37 5 26 9 Stafford 75 1

42 0 29 0 Cumberland 67 81 53 1 39 10/26 5 Salop 71 2 53 10 40 1 25 10 Westmorland 73 8 62 0 이 87 0 28 10 Herefor 73 046 41 37 0 27 S Lancas'er

73 SL

41 727 10 Wor'st 73 2 39 41 33 1 Chester

68 11

26 1 Warwic 81 1 44 öl 31 & Flint

44 8 Wilts 75 8 37 0 320Denbigh

79 2

44 823 2 Berks, 83 11 37 8 31 2janglesea .

36 021 0 Oxford 77 5 $5 0 28 9 Caroarvon

76 0

S9 01 208 Bucks 80 5 S7 31 28 olverioneth

85 1

47 0 24 0 Brecon 74 1 51 21 39 2 22 4||Cardigan .. 77 5

31 7| 16 6 Montgo. 70 10 36 9 25 8|Pembroke

64 5

35 4 18 10 Radnor. / 69 9 S6 101 22 1|Carmarthen... 83 0

34 8190 Glamorgan 79 2

36 1194 Gloucester 74 &

38 4/27 11 Somerset .. 78 8

S6 626 0 Average of England and Wales. Monmouth 77 10

40 21 25 7 Wheat 755. 8d.; Kye 475. 2d.; Barley Devon

84 11

38 228 0 37s. 11d.; Oats 265. 4d.; Beans Cornwall

81 4

37 0217 43s. 100.; Pease 475. 1d.; Oatmeal! Dorset

78 4

36 728 0 43s. 2d.


80 71 S9 81 84 8

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AGRICULTURAL REPORT. ITTLE variation from last month. Lands wet and spring tilth no where for. got in. The wheat, rye, and forward pease look particularly well; the latter, however, may suffer from the present sudden frost. All the cattle crops in the utmost abund. ance; but the stock fed abroad have suffered from the wetness of the season, and those fed in the homestall from the excessive high price of oil-cake, amounting to sixteen guineas per thousand. Lean stock dear, especially sheep, pigs, and horses of all kinds. Much preparation making in various parts for sowing spring wheat.

Beef, at Smithfield, 4s. to 55.-inution, ditio to 55. ed.--veal, 5s. 10 75.-houselamb, 155. 10 18s. per quarter-pork, 5s.6d. to 6s. 4d.-English bacon, 6s. 40.Irish, 55.

Middleser, Feb. 20.


BILL of MORTALITY, from JAN. 20, to FEB. 24, 1807. CHRISTENED.


1 2 and 5 · 177 60 and 70 195 Males 951

Males, 98

5 and 10 64 70 and 80 149 1866 Females 915 Females, 957 10 and 20 4280 and 90

63 Whereof have died under two years old 490 20 and 90 115

90 and 100

SO and 40 186 Peck Loaf, 4s. 5d, 4s, 311. 45. 21. 4s. 3d. 40 and '50 - 234 Salt, 20s. per bushcl, 4) pe lb.

50 and 60 228



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