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this Chilldren Was April. 2-1752

To Marry Jones the Peter Jones Shouth Hanrhydd Street the Was Baptize in Lanr. Church October 10-7 first


1 Child Mary Jones Daughter of the abor Peter Jones and Mary his Wife Was Born & 27 - 1773 and Baptize

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2 Charles Son of the Name Was Baptize 3 1775

3 Jane Daughter of the Name Has Baptize Sep. the 29-1776

above Name Was Baptize May the 3-1778.

5 Hannah daughter of the above Name Was Baptize Feb" the 13-1780

6 Peter Jones of the above Name Was Baßlize September the 30-1781

7. Thomas Son of the above Name Has Baptize August the 27-1783

8. Anne Jaughter of the above Name Was Baptize August "the 7-1785.

Sarah daughter of the above tame itas Baptize September -9-1787


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