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$9.00 9.00 9.80 9.20 9.00 9.00 9.80 9.80 9.40 9.00 9.00 9.00 8.00 11.50 11.50 11.50

9.00 11.40 11.50

.10, 3 for .13, 2 for .13, 2 for .15, 2 for

Principes Specials

$0.10 straight

$4.50 L'Amour Marquise

.10 straight

$2.25 4.50 La Mora Puritanos

.10 straight

4.90 La Regalitas Marquise

10 straight


4.60 Girard Brokers

10 straight

4.50 La Preferencia Victoria

.10 straight

4.50 Don Roderigo Breva

10 straight

4.90 Puritano

.10 straight Manuel solina Amores

4.90 .10 straight

4.70 Admiration Bon Ton

.10 straight

4.50 Bouquet de Paris Puritano

.10 straight

4.50 Reynaldo Bankers

.10 straight

4.50 Concha


4.00 Americus Palmas


2.90 5.75 La Integridad.

.25 2.90 5.75 La Tessina Napoleons


.10 straight

4.50 Cafe Savarin


5.70 Sauchez & Haya New Bishop


5.75 Garcia & Vega Corona


(package of 5 for .60) 5.50 Panetela,


2.45 Bock Panetela

.15 straight

7.00 Beck Excellente

.15 straight

7.00 Romeo & Juliet Amalia

.15 straight

6.50 Perfeccionados

.20 straight


8.50 Partagas Puritano

.15 straight

7.00 Perfeccionados

.20 straight

4.75 8.50 Hildana Triangulares

.15, 7 for $1.00

3.50 7.00 Colts

.05 straight

2.25 La Corona Belvedere

.20, 3 for

8.00 Punch Regalia

.20 straight

8.50 La Carolina Perfecto

.25 straight

6.00 12.00 Invincible

-30 straight

7.00 14.00 Manuel Garcia Perfecto

.25 straight

6.00 12.00 Les Perlas Rothschild

.25 straight

12.00 Upmann Perfecto

.25 straight

6.00 12.00 Above prices subject to change without notice, due to war tax.

.15, 2 for .15, 2 for .15, 2 for

.05, 5 for


4.90 14.00 14.00 13.00 17.00 14.00 17.00 14.00

4.50 16.00 17.00 24.00 28.00 24.00 24.00 24.00


A NEW CIGAR SERVICE With the installation of a new Humidor under the advice of an expert, the Club is ready to undertake the keeping of cigars for members who prefer to purchase in quantity. These cigars may be withdraw desired, so that members may keep actually on hand - at home or once

- only enough for current needs, and their reserve stock will be cared for by the Club under conditions best calculated to maintain flavor and good condition. Delivery will be made by express, messenger or mail, as desired, at a small extra charge.

The regular stock of cigars offers a large variety (the list is given herewith), but any brand not usually carried will be ordered if members who desire to avail themselves of the above-mentioned service will communicate with the cigar clerk.

Members who do not find it convenient to order in person may use the attached coupon.

Prices of Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos, subject to change,

owing to the Government War Tax.

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JAMES E. FEB, First Vice-President
Louis E. KIRSTEIN, Second Vice-President
JAMES E. DOWNEY, Secretary

ADDISON L. WINSHIP, Civic Secretary
Board of Governors

Entertainment Committee Membership Committee Robert Amory *Charles J. Martell

*John White, Jr.
Wilfred Bolster
March G. Bennett

James A. Dorsey
George E. Brock
Daniel J. Kiley

James E. Fee
Matthew C. Brush
Delcevare King

Lee M. Friedman
Louis E. Cadieux
Fred E. Mann

Frank J. Ludwig
Henry S. Dennison
George S. Smith

James E. McConnell
James E. Downey
M. H. Sullivan

Robert L. Norton
Carl Dreyfus
George L. Walker

Edward C. Wade
George H. Ellis
Harry R. Wellman

Abraham C. Webber
John H. Fahey
Max E. Wyzanski

Ralph G. Wells
James E. Fee
Edward J. Frost

Finance Committee
George B. Glidden

Forum Committee Henry I. Harriman

*George E. Brock
Robert O. Harris
*George W. Coleman

Edward A. Filene
Louis E. Kirstein
Charles Kroll

E. Elmer Foye
March G. Bennett
Robert Luce

Geoffrey B. Lehy
Charles J. Martell
Henry S. Dennison

Laurence Minot
James E. Downey
Hugh W. Ogden

William C. Ewing
Elwyn G. Preston

Franklin T. Kurt Winfield S. Quinby

Nominating Committee

Moses S. Lourie Stephen W. Reynolds

*Robert H. Gardiner, Jr. Charles J. Martell Bernard J. Rothwell

James E. Downey
Frank V. Thompson
James J. Storrow

David A. Ellis
Frank V. Thompson

Frederic H. Fay Charles H. Thurber

David D. Scannell Alonzo R. Weed

Art and Library Committee Bertram G. Waters John White, Jr. *Hugh W. Ogden

Arthur J. Wellington

Jacob J. Arakelyan Executive Committee

Charles K. Bolton *Bernard J. Rothwell

Frank C. Brown

Hospitality Committee
Carl Dreyfus
John W. Davies

*Harry S. Kelsey
Elwyn G. Preston
W. T. Dowling

Thomas J. Feeney
C. H. Thurber
Vesper L. George

W. T. A. Fitzgerald
Alonzo R. Weed
H. L. Hawthorne

J. Mitchel Galvin
R. O, Holden

Walter A. Hawkins
Auditing Committee

John Nolen

Clarence P. Johnson *W. S. Quinby

Arthur F. O'Malley Geoffrey B. Lehy
Horace Bacon
M. J. Sughrue

(Hon. Member)
Edmund Billings
Lindsay Swift

Col. Edward L. Logan

James E. McConnell House Committee

Capt. Fred McDonald *Louis E. Kirstein

George von L. Meyer, Jr. Frederick Homer Bulletin Committee

James B. Noyes Louis E. Cadieux *George H. Ellis

Abraham E. Pinanski Clarence W. McGuire Edward F. McSweeney George S. Smith W. E. Skillings George P. Morris

Herbert S. Weaver * Chairman Secretary

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"This Club is founded in the spirit of good fellowship and every mem
ber of the Club knows every other member without an introductiori.

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DUET, “Hunting Song "

Messrs. Harlow and Cutter

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