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ARCHITECTURAL EXHIBITION The Boston Architectural Club will hold its Annual Exhibition at the Boston City Club in November. The Exhibition will consist of

. photographs, drawings, and models of buildings that have been erected during the last year in Boston and vicinity. It is the purpose of the Club to make this Exhibition show some intelligent developments of building projects and the resulting betterment to communities in which such procedure has been adhered to. That is, it is the Club's desire to show the advantage resulting to communities and owners, where proper architectural consideration and study is given, projects of building development, both of a public and private nature.

In connection with the Exposition of successful projects which have received this proper consideration, it is also the intention of the Club to show other developments, both public and private, where the interests of communities have suffered from the lack of such consideration.

EXHIBIT OF WAR POSTERS The Committee will display a unique collection of "War Loan" posters. It is believed that this is the only collection in America. In addition to the exhibit of posters there will be some "active service" testaments, also English regimental badges. This exhibition is loaned to the Club by Mrs. Fiske Warren.

SIR DOUGLAS MAWSON PICTURES There has been hung on the walls a collection of photographs taken by Sir Douglas Mawson on his eventful trip to the Antarctic. This collection contains some of the most wonderful photographs ever made, representing hitherto unknown scenes and objects.

PAINTINGS BY J. A. S. MONKS An exhibition of oil paintings has been hung in the Assembly Room on the third floor, by J. A. S. Monks. They consist mostly of studies in sheep life and are worthy of inspection by the members.

The paintings of Harry L. Hoffman, hanging in the Art Gallery on the third floor, will remain on the walls. Also the exhibitions of Sears Gallagher, Heinrich Roth, and S. Bissell.

The Society of Arts & Crafts will hold an exhibition in the Club House from October 14 to 28.

The Committee acknowledges a donation to the library by Clarence H. Knight, and by Rufus B. Tobey, of seventy-five volumes. Walter M. Bacon, University Press, sixteen bound volumes of the Printing Art.


Westley Jones has presented a framed photograph of the meeting in Boston of the Fifth International Chamber of Commerce, which occurred in 1912.

The collection of European prints, hanging in the grill room, have been loaned to the Club by George B. Dexter. A collection of eight Venetian prints has been loaned by Irving G. Hall, and are hanging in the game room.

Theodore C. Williams
Gordon W. Stearns
W. S. Hinman
J. E. Clifford
Charles M. Cabot

Elmer Chickering
Henry C. Nickerson
Dexter Brackett
L. E. Demelman


Thursday Evening, November 11

University of Pennsylvania

Thursday Evening, November 18


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For 1914-1915
FREDERICK P. Fish, President
James W. ROLLINS, First Vice-President
W, T. A. FITZGERALD, Second Vice-President
Morgan L. COOLEY, Treasurer
James E. Downey, Secretary

Addison L. WINSHIP, Civic Secretary
Board of Governors

H. Staples Potter Robert Amory, Jr.

S. W. Reynolds Horace Bacon

George S. Smith March G. Bennett

Max E. Wyzanski Matthew C. Brush

Art and Library Committee Charles L. Burrill

James P. Munroe, Chairman Charles M. Cabot

Frank W. Bayley George W. Coleman

A. B. Beeching Morgan L. Cooley

Carroll M, Bill Louis A. Coolidge

Charles K. Bolton James E. Downey

Charles L. Burrill Frederic H. Fay

Charles F. R. Foss James E. Fee

H. L. Hawthorne Frederick P. Fish

Herbert F. Jenkins
W. T. A. Fitzgerald

Charles Logue
R. H. Gardiner, Jr.
George B. Glidden

Auditing Committee
E. K. Hall

Horace Bacon, Chairman Robert O. Harris

Charles M. Cabot Frederick Homer

Alonzo R. Weed Louis E. Kirstein

Membership Committee Charles Logue

Charles M. Rogers, Chairman James P. Munroe

Robert O. Harris H. Staples Potter

Frank L. Locke Elwyn G. Preston

William H. Pear Charles M. Rogers

Abraham C. Webber James W. Rollins

Ralph G. Wells Bernard J. Rothwell

John White, Jr. Alonzo R. Weed

Bulletin Committee Robert A. Woods

George W. Coleman, Chairman Executive Committee

Myron E. Pierce W. T. A. Fitzgerald, Chairman George P. Morris Frederick Homer, Secretary

George S. Smith Frederic H. Fay

Building Committee Louis E. Kirstein

James W. Rollins, Chairman Elwyn G. Preston

Clarence H. Blackall House Committee

Carl Dreyfus James E. Fee, Chairman

David A. Ellis Louis E. Cadieux

James M. Head Henry H. Fuller

John S. Lawrence Clarence W. McGuire

James P. Munroe W. E. Skillings

Bernard J. Rothwell Entertainment Committee

John R. Simpson March G. Bennett, Chairman Finance Committee Robert H. Bean

Robert H. Gardiner, Jr. John B. Dore

Nathan L. Amster Carroll W. Doten

Edward A. Filene George B. Glidden

Laurence Minot Charles J. Martell

James J. Phelan George P. Morris

James J. Storrow



"This Club is founded in the spirit of good fellowashipand every meno
ber of the Club knows every other member withatan introductiaci

Vol. X.

NOVEMBER 1, 1915

No. 2


Tuesday Evening, November 2

ELECTION RETURNS As in former years, the returns from towns and cities in the Commonwealth will be tabulated and displayed in the main lounge on the second floor.

Thursday Evening, November 4

Mr. Neilson will deliver an address, taking for his subject

“HAS DEMOCRACY FAILED?" Mr. Neilson has just arrived from England, and his remarks will be of special significance.

Rev. HAROLD MARSHALL will preside.
Dinner at 6 o'clock. Tickets at the Civic Secretary's Office.

Friday, November 5, 1.15 p. m.


Former President Taft, an honorary member of this Club, will be our guest on the above date. As he will be the only speaker, there will be opportunity for an address of about forty minutes' duration. It is expected that he will speak upon

Vice-President W. T. A. FITZGERALD will preside.
Hon. SAMUEL J. ELDER, Toastmaster.
Tickets at the Civic Secretary's Office

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