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Served : on leave of absence and awaiting orders, June 15, to

Dec. 26, 1877; on frontier duty at Ojo Caliente, N. M., Dec. 26, 1877, to Mar. 18, 1878,---- on Ute Expedition, to Sep. 10, 1878,

at Ft. Union, N. M., and commanding Indian Scouts in the field,

to Feb. 10, 1881, being engaged in lights with Apache Indians,

Sep. 18 and 29, 1879, and Apr. 12, 1880, -Acting Engineer Officer

of District of New Mexico, Mar. 5 to Oct, 26, 1881,-- and in Chief Engineer's Oflice, Department of the Missouri, to Nov. 21, 1881; on leave of absence, to Jan. 7, 1882; as Aide-de-Camp to Major

General Pope, Jan. 7, 1882, to Oct. 21, 1885; on frontier duty

(First Lieutenant, 9th Cavalry, Jan. 20, 1883 at Ft. Niobrara,

Neb. (leave of absence, May 20, to Sep. 23, 1887, and Dec. 20, 1887, to Feb. 21, 1888), to Mar. 22, 1889; and on recruiting Service. Resigned, April 6th, 1891.

Awarded Medal of Elonor for listinguished gallantry in fight

with hostile Indians at Las Animals Canon, N. M., Sept. 18th,


Volunteer Service.-- First Lieutenant and Regimental Adju

tant, 1st Regt., N. Y. Vols., May 20th, 1898; Major, May 24th,

1898, to Feb. 26th, 1899.


Enlisted private, 15th Separate Company, June 1st, 1899; Cor

poral, March 24th, 1890; Sergeant, Jany. 18th, 1893; 2nd Lieu

tenant, July 2nd, 1894; 1st Leutenant, March 17th, 1896;

Captain, May 5th, 1896; Capt. Co. K, 1st N. Y. Vols., May 20th,

1898; Major, 1st Regiment, N. Y. Vols., Feb. 19th, 1899. Mustered

out, Feb. 22nd, 1899.



On the 2d of May, 1898, the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and

Fifteenth Battalions of the Third Brigade of the National Guard

of the State of New York, pursuant to orders received from the Adjutant-General's office, proceeded, with such of their enlisted

men as were willing to serve for two years in the Volunteer

Army of the United States, from their home stations to Hemp

stead Plains, wliere a camp of mobilization was to be established.

These battalions were to be formed into a regiment to be known

as the Second New York Volunteers, under command of Captain

E. E. Hardin of the Seventh United States Infantry, who was to

receive a comunission as Colonel of Volunteers. Major James H.

Lloyd of the Thirteenth Battalion was designated as Lieutenant



Each battalion proceeded by a special train to its destination

and all arrived between three and five o'clock. Camp was laid

out by the Engineer and as soon as the lines were given, the tents sprang up like a mushroom growth. This camp was named

Camp Black" in honor of the Governor of the State.

Colonel Hardin joined the Regiment and assumed command

on the 3d of May, and the work of preparation for muster was immediately undertaken. Dr. Henry C. Baum of the Fortyfirst Separate Company of Syracuse was mustered in and as

signed to the Regiment as Assistant Surgeon on the 5th. Major

Lewis Balch, Acting Assistant Surgeon-General, State of New

York, who had been absent on leave since the arrival of the

Regimient, returned on the 5th and was mustered in on the 6th as



The Surgeon, assisted by Dr. Albert F. Brugman of the Second Battery, N. G., N. Y., who was subsequently assigned to the Regiment as Assistant Surgeon and mustered in on the 16th inst.,

immediately commenced the work of physically examining the

men of the Regiment.

From four to twenty-two men were

thrown out of each company. Their places were filled by recruits sent from the home stations, and on Saturday, the 14th, the work of examination of both officers and men was practically concluded, and the Regiment ready for muster.

On the 11th day of May, 1898, all the regiments of infantry were formed in line of masses for review by the Commander-inChief, the Honorable Frank S. Black, Governor of the State of New York, Troops A and C acting as escort. On the 16th of May the Third Battalion, composed of men from the Forty-sixth, Thirty-first, Thirty-sixth and Thirtyseventh, designated respectively as Companies H, G, E and F, were mustered

mustered in, and Major Austin A. Yates was mustered in and placed in command of them; after which the .companies composed of men from the Eighteenth, Thirty-second, Twenty-second and Ninth, designated respectively as Companies K, M, L and I, were mustered in, and Major James W. Lester was mustered in and placed in command. Part of the other battalion being absent on provost guard duty, only two companies from it were mustered in, viz.: the Seventh and Twenty-first, designated as Companies B and D. Lieutenant

Colonel James H. Lloyd was mustered in and placed in command

of the ten companies. On the 17th inst, the companies composed of men from the Twelfth and Sixth, designated respectively Companies C and A, were mustered in, after which the Regiment was

formed in line of nasses and the oath was administered to

Colonel E. E. Hardin, who was placed in command thereof.

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