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founded upon an attack, which might and after appropriate compliments by have led to a war; but the Americans Mr. C. Yorke and Mr. Bankes, who were contented with this simple and were the proposer and seconder; and easy method of revenging the affront; judicimus reinarks by Mr. Calcraft and it may well be asked what England and Mr. W. Smith, Mr. Abbot was would have done if a Danish vessel called unanimously to his former stahad fired into a ship of ours, and tion. He thanked the House with his killed one of our men off Dover. We usual dignity, and in the choice the trust that the matter will rest here. whole country will concur. Mr. CalThe intemperance of a seaman's lan- craft made a very judicious observaguage may easily be passed over; tiun on this occasion, and declared, and the Americans have taught thé that a chief reason for giving his vote civilized world a lesson which may be to Mr. Abbot was, on account of bis of great use in future generations, firmness on a very trying occasion, It is not necessary to go to war for and the noble vote he gave against every insult, or imaginary insult; a Lord Melville. Should he be called upword and a blow is an expression on in a similar manner, we trust, that suited for bullies and bravoes, not for he will act as nobly; but we hope that nations professing Christianity. this parliament will not possess with

In South America we are said to in its bosom, any defenders of peculabe successful, so much so, that Buenos tion, any abettors of corruption, any Ayres again acknowledges our autho- supporters of those who violate the rity. If this is the case, we cannot law. We trust that it will do its duty doubt that the well-tried prudence of to its king, and country; and if not, General Auchmuty will preserve that that it may speedily be sent back to important country for us. With the the country, and condemned to inpossession of Monte Video we com- famy. This parliament will soon be mand an intercourse with Paraguay tried; it will soon be known of what and the Portuguese settlements. If metal they are composed. Whether we retain Buenos Ayres we either they are brave men, solicitous to do establish a government for ourselves, their duty to God, their king, and or give independence to the South their country, or a set of men more Americans. We cannot expect to anxious for places and pensions, than kcep possession of such a country for attentive to the business of parliament. a great length of time, unless our fu- They have great and impor ant busiture politics should inaterially differ ness to perforin; to scrutinize the abofrom those which characterised the minably-wicked acts that have taken beginning of this reign; which lost place within the last twenty years ; us America, and gradually led us on and to manifest, by firmness and inteto interfere with European attempts grity, their determination to bring to obtain liberty—and loaded the back the constitution to that point, country with taxes.

where it was when, unfortunately for But all these subjects are absorbed this country, and for mankind, Pitt, in the meeting of parliament, which the pitiful taxmonger, was entrusted took place on the 22d of last month. with the reins of government. The first act was to elect a speaker,


Mr. BURDON's first letter will appear next month. His second will be seen this month, in the Provincial Occurrences, in our account of the York election. We wish, however, io observe here, that articles upon temporary and local politics are what we are least desirous of receiving: they become old before the Magazine is published.

The continuation of the Ex racts from Ælian will appear next month; as also the Twelfin Letter on the Management of the Poor.

The “Kuocker," by M. H. is inadmissible.
The communication of Duidius" has been received.

port, 1

gent, 1

HOUSE OF COJIMONS. List of the VEM BERS returned to serve Cambridgeshire, Lord C.S.Mansiers, 4, R:.

in the New PARLIAMENT, for the Hon. C. Yorke, 3 sereral Counties, Cities, Boroughs,dc. Cambridge University, Lord Euston, , +S4? in England arid Hales, alphabctically

V Gibbs arranged.

Cambridge Town, G:n.Finch, 0, Gen. at

Camelford, "Lord H. Petis, 2, R dall, % Thue marked thus t, were not in the last Canterbury, J. Baker, w, + E. Taylus

l'ariament. Those marked thus *, are Cardiff, Lord W. Stewart, 2 new for the respective places : all the rest (a digan-hic, T. Jolmes, 4 are re-elected. The figure after the naine Cardigan Town, II. J. Vaugiran, 3 shews in how muy Parliainents the Carlist.J.C. Curwen, 4, W.S. Starbuope, s Member has served, Those marked Carmarthenshire, *Lord R. Serinorr, 4 thius S, are returned for more than one Carmarthen Town, Admiral G Campbel, 1 place.

Carnarvonshire, Sir R. Williams, 3 Abingdon, +G. Knapp

Carnarvon Town, Hon. C. Paget, 3 Agmondesham, T.D. Т. Drake, 4, T. T. Castle Rising, R. Sharpe, 1, thon.C. B3904 Drake, 2

Chieshire, T. Cholmondeiey, 3, D. DascaAlban's, St. J.W. Grimstone, 2, +J. Halsey Aldborongh, Suffolk, Sir J. Aubrey, 9, Col. Chester, Gen Grosvenor, 4, TJ. Egerton M Mabon, 2

Chichester, G.W. Thomas, 6, TJ Dupres Aldborough, Yorksh. G. Jones,1, I1 Fines,1 Chippenham, J. Maitland, 2, † Dawkitus Andover, T. A. Smit'1,2, Hon.N.Fellowes, 2 and Blake Anglesea, tHon. B. Pamat

Chrisichurrli, Rt. Ilon. G Rose, 5, W. S. Appleby, *Lord tlouick, , +J.R Cuthbert Bourne, 3 Arundol, Sir A Pigot,2, Col. Wilder, 1 Cirencester, M.H. Beech, 4, J. Crippx, 1 Ashburton, W. Palk, 3, + Lard C. Bentinck Clithero, Hon. R Curzon, :), Hon.! Aylesburv, *Lord G Cavendislig 8, G. Nu- Cockermouth, J.Lowther, 3, Jas Graham.

Colchester, K. Thornton, 7, +R H. Dasies Banbury, W.Praed, 2, D. North, equal on ('orfie Castle, H. Banks, 7, TP W. Baker the poll

Cornwall, Sir W .Lemon, J.II. Trenavne, 1 Barnstaple, W.Taylor,1, +G.W.Thellusson Coventry, P. More, 2, W Jils, I Barh, Lord J. Thynne, 3, J. Palmer, 3 Cricklade, Lord Porchester, 4, *J Estesar Beaumaris, Lord Newborough,

Cumberland, Ld. Morpeth, 4, J.Lutht 1,3 Bedfordsh F.Pym, 1, *Gen. Fitzpatrick 9 Dartmouth, E.Bastard 7, A.H. Holdsturtas Bedford Town, S.Whitbread, s, W.L An- Denbighshire, Sir W.W. Wynik, tonje, 2

Denbigh Town, R M Biddulph, 1 Bedwin, *Sir J. Nicholl, 2, J.H.Leigh, 2 Derbyshire, ŞLord G. Cavendish, S, EN Beeralston, Lord Louvaine, 3, Hon. Capt. Mundy, 6 Perry, 1

Derhy Towi, E. Coke, 7, W. Cavendish, : Berkshire, G. Vansitrart, 6, C. Dundas, 4 Devizes, J Smith, fi, T. G Estcourt, 2 Berwick, + Sir A. M. Lockhart, + Col. Allen Devonshire, Sir L. Palk, 6, J. P. Bastard, 1 Beverley, tCapt W.H. Vyse, J.II. Wharton3 Dorsetshire, W.M.Piv, 7, F..B. Portmın, Bewdicy, M. P. Andrews, s

Dorchester, H.C. Ashly, 4, *R. 1 Dans Bishop's Castle, W Clive, 8, J. Robinson, Daver, C. Jenkinson, 1, J. Jackson Blechingly, W. Kenrick, 1, +T. Heathcote Downton, Hon. B. Bouverie, i, † ST. Bodmin, D. Giddy, ?, + Sir W. Oglander Plumer Boroughbridge, 11. Hawkins, i, W.H. Clin. Droitwich, Hon. A. Foley, 3, + Sir I. E ton, 1

Winning on Bossines, + Lord Rendlesham, JAS Vort- Dunwich, Lå. Huntinggeld, 5, S. Barne, ? Boston, T.Fvdell, 2, W.A. Maddocks, 2 Durham County, Sir R. Milbanke, 4, +55 Brackley, R H.Brad-law,2, A. Henderson,

II. V. Tempest Bramber, Illessrs, Burrell an. Sheiley DurhamCity, R.J.Lambton 3, R. Wharton 1 Hreconshire, Colonel T. Wood

Last Looe, Capt. E. Butler,, + D. Vandei B'econ Town), Sir R. Salusbury, 3

kevden Bridgenorth, J./1. Brownie, ?, J. Whitmore, 4 Edmoni-bury, Ld. C. Fitzros, 2, Ld. Tea Bridgewater, + W. Thornton, +G. Pocock pletown, 2. Bridport, Sir E. Vepan, , *Sir S. Hond, 1 Essex, Col. J. Bullock, 8, Ad. E. Varros, Bristol, K: Ilon C B. Paiderst,4, E Bivillie, livesham, W. Manning. 4, f Sir MH Luna Buckinghainshire, Varg. Titchfield, 1, Earl Exeter, Sir C.W. Bamiylde, J. Burier, u Teinpis,

Eve, * M. Singleton, Hon. H. Kelicats Buckingham Town, Rt Hon.T.Grenville, 3, Flintshire, Sir T. Mostyn, 3 +Hon. R. Melville

Tline Tvw, + Col. Shipley Caine, J Jek 1,5, H. Smilla

Fusey, Hi. Hon. R P. Carew, 2, Kim

[ley: 2

Galton, M. Wood, 2, +C B. Greenough Ludgershall, T. Everett, 3, M.D. Magens, 2 German's, St. *M. Montague, 1, Sir J. S. Lyme Regis, Hon.Col. Fane, 2, Lord BurgYorké, 4.

hersh, 1 Glanıorganshire, T. Wyndham, 3 Lymington, J. Kingstone, ?, + Col. Duckett Gloucestershire, Ad. Berkeley, 7, Lord H. Maidstone, G. Simpson, 1, G. Longman, i R, Somersei, 2

Maldon, J.H. Sturtt, 4, +C.C. Western Gloucester City, 11. Howard, 4, R. Morris, 2 Malmsbury, Sir G. Bouvyer, P. Gill Grampound, † Hon.A.C.Johnstone, t Hon. Malton, *Ld. Headley, 1, t Hon. M. Dundas G.A. Cochrane

Marlborough, Lord Bruce, 3, * Lord Visc. Grantham, T. Thornton, 2, +W.E. Welby Stopford, 2 Grirasby, G. A. Pelham, 9, +(V. Ellice Marlow, O. Williams, 3, P. Grenfell, 2 Grinstead East, + Sir N. Holland, †C.R.Ellis Mawe's, St. +Lt-Col. Shipley; S. Bernard, 1 Guildiord, Hon. 1.C. Onslow, 1, flion.C. Michael'-, St. +Capt. Gower, G. G. Mills Norton

Merionethshire, Sir R.W.Vaughan, 4 [6 Hampshire, * Sir H. P. St. J. Mildmay, 3, Mithurst, t Hon.J. Abercrombie, *S.Smith +W Chute

Middlesex, W. Mellish, %, G. Byng, 4 Harwich,J.1 Addington 4 *W.Huskisson 2 Milbourne Port, Ld. Paget, 1, H. Leycester, 2 Haslemere, Rt. Hon. C. Long,6, TR. Ward Minehead, †J. F. Luttrell, +J. Dennison Hastings, *kt. Hon. G. Canning, 4, +Sir A. Monmouthshire, Ld. A. Somerset, 1, Sir C. Huune

Morgun, 3 Haverford West, Lord Kensington, 3 Moninouih Town, Lord C. H. Somerset, 3 Helston, + Sir J. St. Aubyn, 7 R. Richards Mongomeryshire, C.W.W.Wynne, 3 Herefurish. Col. Foley, Sir J.G.Cottrell, 1 Monigomery Town, W. Keena, 8 Hereford City, 1 Col Symonds, 2, R.P.Scul Morpe h, W.0:d, 2, Hon. W. Howard, 1 damore, 2

(Seabright Newark, 11. Willoughby, ?, Gen.S. Cotton, 1 Hertfordshire, *Hon. T. Brand, 1, +Sir.J.S. Newcastle-under-Lyne, E.W. Bootle, 4, J. Hertford Town, Hon. E.S. Cowper, 2, N.N. Macdonald, 1 Calvert, 2

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sir M. W. Ridley, ?, Heydon, G.Johnstone, 3, A. Brown, 1

C. J. Brandling, 3 Heytesbury, *Ld. Fitzharris, 2, 4C. Moore Newport,Cornw.W.Northey, 3, E. Morris, 2 Highain Ferrers, *Rt. Hon.W.Windham, 6 Newport, llants, + Lord Palmerston ilindon, B. Hobhouse, S, W. Beckford, 1 Newton, Lancashire, Gen. Heron, 1, tl. 1. Honiton, Hon. A. C. Bradshaw, 2, fSir C. Plackburne Hamilton

Newion, Harts, +D. North, †J. Blackford Horshamn, * Sir S. Romilly, 2, L.P. Jones, 1 Norfolk, +Sir J.H. Astley, T.W.Coke, 6) Hun ingdonshire, Lord Ilinchinbrooke, 4, Northallerton, Hon.L. Lascells,4, H. Pierce 3 *R. Fellowes, 2

[Farmer Norihanptonshire, Lord Althorp, 2, W.R. Huntingdon Town, J. Calvert, 2, T W.M. Cartwright, 8 Ilythe, T. Godfrey, 2, + W. Deeds Northampton Town, Hon.S Perceval, 4, E. lichester, *R.B.Sheridan, 7, *MATaylor, 3 Bouverie, 4 Ipswich, * Sir H. Popham, 2, TR.A.Crickitt Northumberland, *Earl PercyŚ, 1, Colonel Ive's, St. S. Stephens, 1, | Sir W. Stirling Beaumont, 4 Kent, SirL.Koatchbull,1, W.Honey wood, 4 Norwich, J. Patieson, 1, *W. Smith, 4 King's Lynn, Lord Walpole, 4, Sir M. B. Notiinghamsh. Ld. Newark, 1, A.H. Eyre, ? Folkes, 4

Nottinghain Town, D.P.Coke, S, J.Smiili, 1 Kingston-upon-IIull

, J. Staniforth, 2, *Ld. Oakhampton, FL. Wardell, fA Saville Visct. Mahon, 1

Oxford, Ld.R.Seymour, 4, Ld.H. Moore, 1 Knaresborough, Ld. J. Townshend, 6, Ld. Oxfordshire, Ld.F. Spencer, 3, J. Spencer, 3 Ossulston, 2

Oxford City, F. Burton, 7, TJ J. Lockhart Lancashire, T. Stanley, 8, J. Blackburne, 6 Oxford University, Sir W. Scott, 4, Hon. C. Lancaster Town, J. Dent, 3, + P. Patten

Abbot, 4
Launceston, Earl Percyś, 1, J. Progden, 3 Pembrokeshire, Lord Milford
Leicestersh. Ld R. Manners 2, GAL Keck 4 Pembioke Town, H. Barlow, 8
Leicester Town, S.Smith6, 6, T. Babington 3 Penrhyn, H. Swann, 1, +C. Lemon
Leominster, Sir J.Lubbock, 3, H. Bonham 1 Peterborough, Hon. W. Elliott, 3, Dr. Lau-
Liskeard, +Ld. Hamilton, Hon. W. Elliott 4

rence, 3
Lestwithiel, + E. Maitland, +G. Holford Petersfield, H. Joliffe, 3, + Hon P. Gray
Lewes, T. Kemp, 1, H. Shelley, 2 Plymouth, Sir C. Poole, 2, T Tyrwhitt, 4
Lincolnshire, C. Chaplin, 2, + C. Pelham

Plympton, Lord Castlereagh, 3, + Hon. W.
Lincoln City, R. Ellison, i), Col. Monson, 1 Harbord
Litchfield, G. Anson, 2, G.G.V.Vernon, 1 Pontefract, îVisc Pollington. R.P. Milnes, 1
Liverpool, Gen Gascoyne 3, +Gen.Tarleion Poole, J. Jeffery, 3, G. Garland, 3, Sir R.
London, Sir C. Price, 2, Sir Wm. Curtis, 4 Bickertont. Two last equal on the poli.

Ald. Shaw, 1, Ald Combe, 3 Portsmouth, Ad. Markham, 3, Sirl Miller 1
Ludlow, Visci. Clive, 1, tHon. H. Clive Preston, Lord Stanley, 3, S. Horrocks, 2


4 B

Queenborough, tRight 110n.J.C. Villiers, Tregony, Col. O'Callaghan, 1, G. WentTJ. Ilunt

worth, 1 Radnorshire, Mr. Wilkins, 3

Truro, Col. Lemon, 3, Hon. E. Bocaven Radnor Town, R. Price, 3

Wallingford, W.L. Hughes, 2, R.Biyon? keading, C S. Lefevre, ?, J. Simeon, 1 Wareham, Sir J.T. Calcraft, *Hon J.W. Retford, East, Gen.Crauford, 2, +W Ingleby Ward, 2

{i'an , 2 Richmond, A. Shakespeare, 3, Hon.C.Dun- Warwickshire, D.S.Dugdale, 1, Size Mar. das, 2

Warwick Town, Lord Brook, ., C. Mily? Ripon, *[lon.F. Robinson, 1, +G. Gipps Wells, C. Tudway, 9, C. W. Taylor, Rochester, J.Calcraft 3, i SirT.B Thompson Wendover, Lord Mahon, 1, G Smith, 1 Romney, New, tLord Clonmell, + Hon. G. Wenlock, C. Forrester, 4, Hon. J Simpson 4 Ashburnham

Weobly, Ld. G. Thynne, 4, ILI Guera? Rutland: brire, Ld Henniker, 1, G.N.Noel, 6 Westbury, * Hon E. Lascells, 4, +G Wian Kve, *Sir John Nicho!, 2, + Farl Clencarty West Looe, R A Daniel, 1, J. Buller, Hyegare, Vis. Royston, 2, Hon.E. E.Cocks, 1 Westminster, Sir F. Burdert, Ld. CocbSalisbury, W.Hussey, 10, Ld. Folkestone, 3 rane, 1 Saltash

Maj Russell 2, W.H.Freemaniel Westmoreland, Col. J. Lowther, 6, Ltd
* Capt. T. F. Freemantle, 1, J. Muncaster, 1

Sandwich. # Adm.Rainier, *C.C.Jenkinson 1

Weymouth and S Sir J. Pulteney, 6, G. T.
Melcombe Regis

Steward, 4
Sarum, Old, Hon. N.Vansit art, 3, *J. Por-

R Steward?, C. Adamiss cher, 2

[ton, 1 Whitchurch, W.A.Townshend, s, W. BroScarborough, Maj. Gen. Phipps, 4, C.M Sut- derick, 3 Seaford, G. Hibbert, 1, J. Leach, 1 Wigan, J. Hodgson, 2, R. H. Leigh, Shafie:bury, E.L. Loveden, 3, +T.Wallace Wilton, R. Sheidon, ?, Hon.C. Herbert ? Shoreham, Sir C.M Burrell, 1, T Shelley, 3 Wiltshire, H.P.Windham, 4, R. Long, 1 Shrewsbury, Hon. W. Hill, 33, +T. Jones Winchelsea, Sir F.F. Vane, 1, +C. Bericke Shropshire, J K Powell, 6, J. Cotes, 1 Winchester, Sir R.Gawmou, 6, Sir H.M. Somersetshire, W. Dickinson, 3, T.B. Lethbridge, 1

Windsor, Col. Desbrow, 1, R Ramsbottom 1 Southampton, G.H. Rose, 4, +J. Jackson Woodstock, Sir H. W. Dashwood, , W, Southwark, 11. Thornton, 7, Sir T. Turton, 1 Eden, 1 Staffordshire, Sir E. Littleton, 6, Lord G.L. Worcestershire, W.R. Lygon, 8, Hon. W. Gower, 4

[lips, 1 Lyttleton, 1 Stafford Town, Hon.E. Moncton, 7, R. Phil. Worcester City, A. Robarts, 3, 7W.Gordna Stamford, Gen. Leland, 3, Gen. Bertie, 3 Wootton Basset, fMajor-Gen. Murray, J. Siegning, J. M. Lloyd, 3, R. Hurs!, 2

Cheesinent Stockbridge, Gen. Porter, :), J.F Burham, 2 Wycombe, Sir J.D. King, 5, T. Baring, ? Sudbury, Sir J.C. Hippesley, 4, +T. Agar Yarmouth, Norfolk, Hon. E. Harbord, 1, S. Suffolk, SirT.C. Bunbury, 9, T.S. Gooch, 1 Lushington, 1 Surrey, ts. Thornton, *G.II. Sumner, 1 Yarmouth, Hants, J.C. Jervoise, 8, 1 Hon Sussex, J. Fuller, 3, C. Windham, 1

P. Powlett Tamworth, Sir R. Peele, 4, Gen. Loftus, 3 Yorkshire, W.Wilberforce, 7, *Ld Milton! Tavistock, *L. W. Russell, 6, Gen. Fitz- York City, SirW.Milner 4, Sir M.M.Sykes

patrick, Taunton, J. Hammet, 3, A. Baring, 1 | Where this mark is put, the returns Tewkesbury, C Codrington 3, TC.X.Tracey are double: the sitting members to be de Thetford, Lord W. Fitzroy, í, fT. Creevey termined by Committees of the House Thirsk, R.Greenhill, 1. Lieut-Col. Frank. No return for Callington has yet been land, 1

made to the Crown Office. Tiverton, Hon. R. Ryder, 4, W. Fitzhugh, 2 The Isish and Scotch returns are not set Totness, W. Adams, 2, B. Hill, 1


may, 3


tical treatise on diseases in sheep. B; VE

IEW of the Agriculture, Minera- J. Hogg. 7s. 6d.

logy, Manufactures, and Fish- A Treatise on the Choice of Buring, eries, of the Island of Arran. By the and General Management of Live Rev. J. Hendrick. 8vo. 10s. Od. Stock. Ss. 6d. General View of the Agriculture of

ANTIQUITIES. Gloucestershire. By Thos. Rudges, The Antiquities of Magna Græcia. B.D. 8vo. gs.

By W. Wilkinson, jun. folio. 85 The Shepherd's Guide, being a prac- engravings. iol. 105.





life in youth and manhood. By II. Some account of the Public Life of Blair. is. Od. Earl Macartney, containing a selec- Veluti in Speculum; or, a Scene

ion from his unpublished writings. By in the High Court of Admiraltv. DisJ. Barrow. 2 vols. 4to. 31. 3s. playing the fiauds of neutral flags, as BOTANY.

exemplified in the case of the Silenus, The Botanist's Guide throughout with remarks on the prosecution for the counties of Norihumberland and libel instituted against the author by Durham. Vol. Il. and III.

Admiral Montague; addressed to miEDUCATION.

nisters and parliament. By J. Brown, A General Pronouncing Diction- 35. 04. ary. By W. Enfield, M.A. 35. 6d. A Second Letter to the Right Hon.

Lord Viscount Howick. By the auI listorical Enquiry respecting the thor of Unity, The Boud of Peace, &c. performance of the Harpin the High- Is. 6d. Lands of Scotland, from the earliest The State of the Poll for Members times until it was discontinued about in Parliament to represent the city of 1731: to which is pretixed an account York; begun May 7, and closcu Vlay of a very ancient Caledonian flarp, 14, 1807.

13.0d. and of the Harp of Queen Mary. By J. Gunn. Il. 5s.

A Collection of Orders, Regulations;

and Instructions for the sumy, on The Royal Eclipse; or, Delicate Matters of Finance and Points of DisFacts exhibiting the secret Memoirs cipline. 6s. 6d. of 'Squire George and his wife, with MEDICAL AND SCRGICAL. notes. By Diogenes. 75.

A Letter, containing some ObserLounger's Common Place Book, vations on Fractures of the Lower V. IV. 75.

Limbs: to which is added an account Ludicrous Debates among the Gods of a Contrivance to administer Cleanand Goddesses on the destruction of liness and Comfort to the Bed-Ridden, the Londos Smoke by the use of Gas with explanatory plates. By Sir J. Lights. By (). Prim. ls.

Larle. Ss.
The Fashionable World Reform.
By Philokosmos. 2s.6d.

A Course of Lectures on Natural
Essays, Moral, Economical, and Philosophy and the Mechanical Art.
Political. By Lord Bacon. (Jones's By T. Young, M.D. Q vols. 4to. 51.55,
Miniature Edition) 28. 60.

The Rising Sun: a serio-comic sa- The Wedding Day.

By E. J.
tiric Romance. By S. llogy. vol. Ill, Spence. 3 vols. 128.

George the Third, 3 vols. 135.6d. Dissertations on the Gipseis, repre- The Soldier's Family; or, Guardian senting their inanner of Life, l'amily Genii. By A. Ormsby. 4 vols. 1l. Os. Economy, Occupations, Tiades, Mar- Theodore; or, The Enthusiast. 4 riages, Education, Sickness, Death, vols. ll. is. Burial, Religion, Languages, Arts The Bandit's Bride; or, The Maid and Sciences, &c. &c. &c. with an of Saxony. 4 vols. 1$s. I listorical Inquiry concerning their Origin and First Appearance in Eu- A Warning to the Electors of Westrope. 810. 45.6d.

minster, from Horne Tooke. Prize Essays and Transactions of : A Letter to the Electors of Westthe Highland Society of Scotland. minster, containing a refutation of By II. Mackenzie, esq. vol. III. 8vo, the above. By J, Hewlings. !s. 145.

The Patriot King, in which the Captain Foote's Vindication of his claims of the catholics are legally and Conduct, when captain of his Ma- equitably considered. By a foe to jesty's ship Seaborse, and senior ofhi- bigotry.' 3s. cer in the Bay of Naples, in the sum- Letters of Scævola on the Dismis. mor of 1790). Is. Od.

sal of his Majesty's late Ministers. 1s. Advice to Youth: containing a An Essay on the History and Ef. coinpendium of the duties of human fect of the Coronation Oath, includ.




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