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Maintenance of yards and docks.

Contingent expeuses.

For the torpedo corps: For the purchase and manufacture and preservation of gunpowder, nitro-glycerine, and gun-cotton, six thousand dollars.

For purchase and manufacture of electrical apparatus, galvanic batteries, and insulated wire, five thousand dollars.

For purchase of copper, iron, wood, and other materials necessary for the manufacture of torpedoes, and for work on the same, fifteen thousand dollars.

For labor including chemist, pyrotechnist, electrician, one foreman machinist, and one writer, ten thousand dollars.

For repairs to buildings and wharves, and material and labor for seawall, two thousand dollars.

For freight and express charges, five hundred dollars.

For contingent expenses of the ordnance service of the Navy, one thousand dollars.


For equipment of vessels: For coal for steamers' and ships' use, including expenses of transportation; storage, labor, hemp, wire, and other materials for the manufacture of rope; hides, cordage, canvas, leather; iron for manufacture of cables, anchors, and galleys; condensing and boat-detaching apparatus; cables, anchors, furniture, hose, bake-ovens, and cooking stoves; life rafts for monitors; heating apparatus for receiving-ships; and for the payment of labor in equipping vessels, and manufacture of articles in the several navy-yards nine hundred and seventy thousand dollars.

For contingent expenses of the Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting, namely: For expenses of recruiting and fitting up receiving-ships, freight, and transportation of stores, transportation of enlisted men, printing, advertising, telegraphing, books and models, stationery, express charges, internal alterations, fixtures, and appliances in equip. ment buildings at navy-yards, foreign postage, car-tickets, ferriage, and ice, apprehension of deserters, assistance to vessels in distress, continuous-service certificates and good conduct badges for enlisted men, including purchase of school books for training-ships, seventy-five thou sand dollars.


For general maintenance of yards and docks, namely: For freight and transportation of materials and stores; printing, stationery, and advertising, including the commandants' office; books, models, maps, and drawing; purchase and repair of fire engines, machinery, and patentrights to use the same; repairs on steam engines, and attendance on the same; purchase and maintenance of oxen and horses, and driving teams, carts, and timber-wheels for use in the navy-yards, and tools and repairs of the same; postage and telegrams; furniture for Government houses and offices in the navy yards; coal and other fuel; candles, oil and gas; cleaning and clearing up yards and care of public buildings; attendance on fires; lights; fire-engines and apparatus; incidental labor at navyyards; water tax, and for toll and ferriages; pay of the watchmen in the navy-yards; and for awnings and packing-boxes, four hundred and forty thousand dollars

For contingent expenses that may arise at navy-yards and stations, twenty thousand dollars.

At the Naval Asylum, Philadelphia Pennsylvania; For superintend Naval Asylum. ent, six hundred dollars; steward four hundred and eighty dollars; matron, three hundred and sixty dollars; cook, two hundred and forty dollars; assistant cook, one hundred and sixty-eight dollars; chief laundress, one hundred and ninety two dollars; three laundresses, at one hundred and sixty eight dollars each; eight scrubbers and waiters, at

one hundred and sixty eight dollars each; six laborers, at two hundred and forty dollars each; stable keeper and driver, three hundred and sixty dollars; master-at-arms, four hundred and eighty dollars; corporal, three hundred dollars; barber, three hundred and sixty dollars; carpenter eight hundred and forty-five dollars; furnaces, grates, and ranges, three hundred dollars; water-rent and gas, one thousand eight hundred dollars; increase of library, and car-tickets, two hundred and fifty dollars; furniture, and repairing of the same, one thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars; cemetery and burial expenses, two hundred dollars; repairs and preservation one thousand dollars; and for sup port of beneficiaries, forty thousand dollars; in all, fifty two thousand nine hundred and seventy three dollars; which sum shall be paid out of the income from the naval pension fund.


To be paid out of income from naval pension fund.

Surgeons' neces

For support of the medical department, for surgeons' necessaries for vessels, in commission, navy-yards, naval stations Marine Corps, and saries. Coast Survey, thirty thousand dollars.


Post, p.


Report as to sale

For necessary repairs of naval laboratory, hospitals, and appendages, including roads wharves, out-houses, steam-heating apparatus, sidewalks, fences, gardens and farms, cemeteries furniture head marks for graves, ten thousand dollars; And the Secretary of the Navy is hereby directed to report to the next session of this Congress the best method of naval hospitals of making sale of the naval hospitals at Annapolis and Washington at Annapolis and Washington. and the same shall be closed during the coming year.

For the civil establishment at the several naval hospitals and naval Civil establishlaboratory; For the maintenance of the several naval hospitals and ment at naval hospitals. naval laboratory, twenty five thousand dollars.

Contingent ex

For contingent expenses of the Bureau: For freight on medical stores, transportation of insane patients to the Government hospital, advertis- penses. ing, telegraphing, purchase of books, expenses attending the naval medical board of examiners, purchase and repair of wagons, harness, purchase and feed of horses, cows, trees, garden-tools, and seeds, fifteen thousand dollars.


For provisions for the officers, seamen, and marines nine hundred and thirty thousand dollars.


Purchase of

Contingent ex


For purchase of water for ships, twenty five thousand dollars. For contingent expenses: For freight and transportation to foreign water. and home stations; candles, and fuel, interior alterations and fixtures in inspection-buildings; tools, and repairing same, at eight inspections; special watchmen in eight inspections; books and blanks; stationery; telegrams; advertising; postage and express charges; tolls, ferriages, and car-tickets; ice, and incidental labor not chargeable to other appropriations thirty-five thousand dollars.


Preservation of

For preservation of vessels on the stocks and in ordinary; purchase of materials and stores of all kinds; labor in navy-yards and on foreign vessels, purchase of stations; preservation of materials; purchase of tools; wear, tear, and materials, etc. repair of vessels afloat, and for general care and protection of the Navy in the line of construction and repair; incidental expenses, namely, advertising and foreign postages, one million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars; and that the sum of two hundred thousand dollars or so much thereof as may be necessary shall be used in employment of Putting live-oak labor to put the live oak timber in the different yards in wet docks. timber in wet And no increase of the force at any navy-yard shall be made at any time docks. Increase of force within sixty days next before any election to take place for President of at navy-yards bethe United States, or member of Congress, except when the Secretary fore elections.


Repairs, etc., of machinery.

Pay of professors, assistants,

teachers, etc.

Pay of watchmen and others.

Pay of mechanics and others.

of the Navy shall certify that the needs of the public service make such
increase necessary at that time which certificate shall be immediately
published when made..


For repairs and preservation of boilers and machinery on naval ves sels: For fitting, repairs, and preservation of machinery and tools in the several navy-yards; for labor in navy-yards and stations not included above, and incidental expenses; and for purchase and preservation of oils, coals, metals and all materials and stores, nine hundred and forty-two thousand five hundred dollars.


For pay of professors and others: For two professors, (heads of departments,) viz. one of drawing and one of English studies, history and law, at two thousand five hundred dollars each, five thousand dollars; three professors, namely, one of mathematics, (assistant,) one of chemistry, and one of French, at two thousand two hundred dollars each; ten assistant professors, namely, four of French, one of Spanish, two of English studies, history, and laws, one of mathematics, and two of drawing, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; sword-master, at one thousand five hundred dollars, and two assistants, at one thousand dollars each; boxing-master and gymnast, at one thousand two hundred dollars; and assistant librarian, at one thousand four hundred dollars; three clerks to superintendent, at one thousand two hundred dollars, one thousand dollars, and eight hundred dollars respectively; one clerk to commandant of cadets, one thousand dollars; one clerk to paymaster; one thousand dollars; one apothecary, seven hundred and fifty dollars, one commissary, two hundred and eighty eight dollars; one cook, three hundred and twenty-five dollars and fifty cents; one messenger to superintendent, six hundred dollars; one armorer, five hundred and twenty-nine dollars and fifty cents; one gunner's mate, four hundred and sixty-nine dollars and fifty cents, and one quarter-gunner, four hundred and nine dollars and fifty cents; one cockswain, four hundred and sixty-nine dollars and fifty cents; three seamen in the department of seamanship, at three hundred and forty-nine dollars and fifty cents. each; one band-master, five hundred and twenty-eight dollars; eighteen first class musicians, at three hundred and forty-eight dollars each; seven second class musicians, at three hundred dollars each; two drummers and one fifer, (first class,) at three hundred and forty-eight dollars each; in all, fifty-five thousand five hundred and twenty-six dollars. Pay of watchmen and others: Captain of the watch, at two dollars and fifty-cents per day, nine hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents; four watchmen, at two dollars and twenty-five cents per day, three thousand two hundred and eighty five dollars; forman of the gas and steam-heating works, at five dollars per diem, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five dollars; ten attendants at gas and steam-heating works of academy, one at three dollars aud fifty cents, one at three dollars, and eight at two dollars and fifty cents per day each, nine thousand six hundred and seventy-two dollars; three joiners, two painters, and two masons, at three dollars and fifty cents per day each; eight thousand nine hundred and forty-two dollars and fifty cents; one tinner, one gas-fitter, and one blacksmith, at three dollars and fifty cents per day each, three thousand eight hundred and thirty two dollars and fifty cents; in all, twenty-eight thousand eight hundred and thirty four dollars and fifty cents.

Pay of mechanics and others: One mechanic at workshop, at two dollars and twenty-five cents per diem, eight hundred and twenty-one dol lars and twenty-five cents; one master laborer, to keep public grounds in order, at two dollars and twenty-eight cents per diem, eight hundred

and thirty-two dollars and twenty cents; fourteen laborers to assist in same, three at two dollars per diem each, and eleven at one dollar and seventy-five cents per diem each, nine thousand two hundred and sixteen dollars and twenty-five cents; one laborer to superintend quarters of cadet midshipmen and public grounds, at two dollars and twentyeight cents per diem, eight hundred and thirty-two dollars and twentycents; four attendants at recitation-rooms, library, chapel, and offices, at twenty dollars per month each nine hundred and sixty dollars. twenty servants to keep in order and attend to quarters of cadet-midshipmen and public buildings, at twenty dollars per month each, four thousand eight hundred dollars; in all, seventeen thousand four hundred and sixty-one dollars and ninety cents.

For pay of employees in the department of steam enginery, for machinists, boiler-makers, and others, eight thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars.

For necessary repairs of public buildings, pavements, wharves, and walls inclosing the grounds of the Naval Academy, for improvements and furniture and fixtures, twenty-one thousand dollars.

For paving street on the north side of the academy grounds, according to stipulations of the contract with the city of Annapolis, three thousand dollars.

For fuel, and for heating and lighting the academy and school-ships, eighteen thousand dollars.

For contingent expenses, Naval Academy: For purchase of books for the library, one thousand five hundred dollars.

For stationery, blank-books, models, maps, and so forth, and for textbooks for use of instructors, two thousand dollars.

For expenses of the board of visitors, two thousand six hundred dol


For purchase of chemicals, apparatus, and instruments in the department of physics and chemistry, and for repairs of the same, two thousand five hundred dollars.

Pay of employés

in department of

steam enginery. Repairs.

Paving of street.

Fuel, light.

Contingent ex


Gas, miscellane

For purchase of gas and steam-machinery, steam pipe and fixtures,
rent of building for use of the academy, freight, cartage, water, music, ous items.
musical and astronomical instruments, uniforms for the bandsmen, tele-
graphing, and for the current expenses and repairs of all kinds, and for
incidental labor and expenses not applicable to any other appropriation,
thirty-four thousand six hundred dollars.

For stores in the department of steam-enginery, eight hundred dollars.
For materials for repairs in steam-machinery, one thousand dollars.



Materials for repairs.

Pay of officers,


For pay of officers of the Marine Corps, and for pay of non-commissioned officers, musicians, privates and others of the corps, and for transportation of officers travelling without troops, and for payments to discharged soldiers for clothing undrawn, six hundred and twenty-four thousand dollars. And from and after the passage of this act, there shall be no appointments, except by promotion, to fill vacancies occur- cers limited. ring in the list of commissioned officers of the Marine Corps until the number of such officers shall have been reduced, by casualties or otherwise, to seventy-five.

For provisions, ninety thousand dollars.
For clothing, eighty thousand dollars.
For fuel, twenty-five thousand dollars.

For military stores, namely: For pay of mechanics, repair of arms, purchase of accoutrements, ordnance-stores, flags, drums, fifes, and other instruments, five thousand dollars.

For transportation of troops, and for expenses of recruiting, five thou sand dollars.

For repairs of barracks, and rent of offices where there are no public buildings, five thousand dollars.

Number of off

[blocks in formation]


Hire of quarters. Contingent expenses.

For forage for public horses and horses belonging to field and staff officers, five thousand dollars.

For rent of quarters for officers where there are no public buildings, sixteen thousand dollars.

For contingencies, namely: Freight; ferriage; toll; cartage; wharfage; purchase and repair of boats; labor; burial of deceased marines; stationery; telegraphing; apprehension of deserters; oil, candles, gas; repairs of gas and water fixtures; water rent; barrack furniture; furniture for officers' quarters; bed-sacks; wrapping-paper; oil-cloth; crash; rope; twine; spades; shovels; axes; picks; carpenters' tools; repairs to fire-engines; purchase and repair of engine-hose; purchase of lumber for benches, mess-tables, bunks; repairs to public carry all; purchase and repair of harness; purchase and repair of hand carts and wheel barrows; scavengering; purchase and repair of galleys, cookingstoves, ranges, stoves where there are no grates; gravel for paradegrounds; repair of pumps; brushes; brooms; buckets; paving; and for other purposes, twenty thousand dollars.

Approved, June 30, 1876.

July 1, 1876.

CHAP. 160.—An act to change the name of the steam-boat Paragon, of Pittsburgh,

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Name of steam- States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treasboat Paragon ury be authorized to change the name of the steamboat Paragon, of changed. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to that of E. O. Stanard, by which name said vessel shall hereafter be known.

Approved, July 1, 1876.

July 3, 1876.

Walla Walla res

CHAP. 162.-An act granting the right of way for a railroad and telegraph line to the Walla Walla and Columbia River Railroad Company across Fort Walla Walla military reservation in Washington Territory.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Right of way States of America in Congress assembled, That the right of way, not through Fort exceeding one hundred feet in width, through the lands of the Fort ervation granted. Walla Walla military reservation in Washington Territory, is hereby granted to the Walla Walla and Columbia River Railroad Company, a corporation organized under the laws of said Territory, for the purpose of constructing a railroad and telegraph-line: Provided, That the said right of way, and the width and location thereof through said lands, ap- and the regulations for operating said railroad within the limits of the reservation so as to prevent all danger to public property, shall be submitted to, and approved by, the Secretary of War prior to any entry on said lands, or the commencement of the construction of said works: Reversion of Provided, also, That whenever said rights of way shall cease to be used right. for the purposes aforesaid, the same shall revert to the United States. Right to alter reSEC. 2. That Congress reserves the right to alter, amend, or repeal served. this act.

Width, location, etc., to be proved.

Approved, July 3, 1876.

July 3, 1876.

CHAP. 163.—An act making a further appropriation for the erection of Government buildings in Dover, Delaware.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Appropriation States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of fifteen thou for building in Do- sand dollars, in addition to appropriations heretofore made for the erec ver, Del. tion of a post-office in Dover, Delaware, be, and the same is hereby,

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