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14 and 15. Painting flowers

landscape, and drapery;
and groups of still-life
flowers, &c., as composi-
tions of colour from

16. Painting the human figure

animals in mono

chrome from casts.
17. Painting the human figure

or animals in colour.
18. Modelling ornament.
19. Modelling the human figure

or animals, and drapery
from casts, and from

20. Modelling fruits, flowers,

foliage, and objects of
natural history, from

21. Time sketches in clay of

the human figure, or

animals, from nature.
22. Elementary design.
23. Drawings from actual mea-

surements of structures
machines, &c., applied
designs, technical or mis-
cellaneous studies.


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Well appointed Evening schools and classes may submit Grouped schemes and time-tables for grouping together cognate Science Subjects. and Art subjects. This grouping will only be permitted where the students are actually in training for a trade or craft under some recognised educational authority, and the subjects selected for grouping together are those necessary for the instruction in the principles underlying such trade or craft. The time to be given to instruction in each subject of the proposed group must be clearly indicated in the scheme submitted for approval. Where an Adranced Course is proposed, the instruction in it must, as u rule, be confined to a smaller number of subjects than that which is suitable for the Elementary Course

Qualification of Teachers.




XIII. The Teacher of a School or Class must be
recognized as such by the Board.

a. Teachers in schools man-

a. The Principal Teacher of

a School of Art must hold an aged by an organization recognised under Clause VII. or by

Art Master's Certificate, Group I. a Local Authority acting under (see Appendix, p. 76.) the Technical Instruction Acts (1.) In cases of the Principal Tea

cher's illness, the Board may proand Teachers on the Staff of

vide a substitute on condition Training Colleges who

that the Managers pay him 20s. regularly employed in them, a week during the time his serwhilst so employed will be held vices are required. No substi

tute so provided can remain as qualified in the subjects

longer than three months. which they teach in such

(2.) Ex-National Scholars may be School or Training College. In recognised as Teachers of Mode:other schools the Managers ling, or of any special branch of

Art which they are qualified to must satisfy the Board that

teach, in Schools of Art or Art the teaching staff is competent Classes ; but they cannot be to give the approved instruc- recognised as Principal Teachers tion.

of such Schools or Classes unless

they hold, respectively, the Art As a rule a teacher will be required Master's Certificate, Group I., to have obtained in the subject which or the Art Class Teacher's Certihe is to teach

ficate. (1.) A degree of any University

b. The Principal Teacher of of the United Kingdom

an Art Class must hold the which covers the subject.

Art Class Teacher's Certificate

or an Art Master's Certificate (2.) A First Class in the Ad

vanced Stage, or a success in (see p. 75).
Honours at the Board's exa-

c. A class for Attendance
minations ; or to have passed Grants in respect of Group I.
some examination which the only may be under the instruc-
Board consider equivalent
thereto; or

tion of:

(1) A teacher holding the Ele(3.) A certificate of the Royal

mentary School

Teacher's College of Science, London, Drawing Certificate (D.), or or of the Royal College of the 2nd grade Drawing CerScience, Dublin.

tificate, or the Elementary

Drawing Certificate (First The examination for qualification, to teach will be dispensed with in (2) Provided special permission the case of Associates of the Royal has been obtained, a teacher College of Science, London, or of

whose instruction at the class the Royal College of Science,

is supervised by a Master Dublin.

who, holding the Art Master's For further particulars as to special

Certificate, himself gives at

least 12 lessons to the class
qualifications to teach certain
subjects, see Appendix, pp. 73 For details of teachers' certificates
and 74.

see pp. 74 to 77 of the Appendix.
Aplications for Art Class Teachers'
Certificates and for Elementary
Drawing Certificates must be made

on form 592 and not by letter. Specially qualified persons may be exceptionally recognised.

Class), or,

in the year.


XIV. The session of a school or class commences Duration of on 1st August and terminates on the following Session and 31st July. The class in each stage of a subject of class meetScience or group of subjects of Art must meet under ings. the instruction of a qualified teacher and be registered on at least 28 days or in case of a recognised group of subjects of Science on 50 days during the session, each meeting, except as provided in the following sections a and b, being of at least one hour's duration on a separate day, and in accordance with the time table submitted to the Board.

Should less than 28 lessons, or 50 lessons, as the case may be, have been registered during the session, the claim for payments will only be considered under very exceptional circumstances, and payment, if made at all, will be reduced.

A day class meeting is one which commences before Day and evening 6

p.m., and an evening class meeting is one which com. meetings. mences after that hour; except on Saturdays, when a class meeting after 1 p.m. is regarded as an evening meeting


ART. a. Each lesson in practical and Night Classes must be

a. In Schools of Art both Day instruction must be of at least

held, and there must be a Night one hour and a half's dura

Class meeting under the intion.

struction of the master for b. On special application to two hours at least three times the Board, made each session, a week during 40 weeks in the lessons of not less than 40

year. minutes may be sanctioned

h. A branch Class of a School in day schools, except as provided in (a) above. Where

of Art may be formed, provided such sanction is accorded, all

that it is taught by the Printhe lessons in the school cipal Teacher of the School of (except in practical subjects) Art, or under his direction by

a teacher holding the Art Class will be considered to be in

Teacher's Certiticate; that it lessons of the sanctioned length

has a Night Class open for at c. The concurrent instruction least three nights a week and of Classes in different subjects is in the same district and not included in a recognized under the Managers of the

Special Class


and Advanced Stages of the c. In Art Classes, evening
same subject or group will only meetings should, as a rule, be
be recognized when the In- | provided for, in addition to any
spector has given his sanction day meetings which


be to the arrangement. Applica- held. tion for such sanction must d. Meetings of less than an be addressed to the Inspector, hour's duration are not recogsession by session.

nised in Schools of Art or in

Art Classes. Visits of Science and Art students to Galleries, Museums, or other similar institutions; or their attendance for field work, may be recorded in the attendance register and counted as attendances for grants, if the students are accompanied by the recognized Teacher of the Class, and all the arrangements are previously submitted to and approved

approved by the Inspector.

REGISTRATION OF STUDENTS. XV. Managers must preserve a record of the students who join the school.

A record of a student's attendance at instruction must be kept in the special registers provided (see

Record of Students and attendance registers.

p. 78).

For Grouped Subjects.

Latest dates of joining class.

Where a group under the prorisions stated on p. 7, has been recognised, a special group register must be kept for it. Students registered in the group register cannot at the same time be registered for instruction in the separate subjects of Science or Art which are approred for inclusion in the group. Students must be registered for either the Elementary or Adranced instruction in the group.

The Managers are held responsible for the accuracy of the registration, and no grants will be made or prizes awarded unless the attendance registers are returned to the Board properly filled in and certified.

XVI. The attendance of those Science students only who are registered as joining on or before December 1st, and of those Art students who join on or before February 1st, may be registered for payments in respect of the grant for the current session. The attendances of a student who joins a class after these dates

must not be included in the claim for the current session. They may, hoever, be carried forward (up to half the maxima stated in § XLII.a) to augment the claim for the next session, provided that the same student makes in that session in the same subject or group of subjects at least the minimum number of

attendances qualifying for a grant. XVII. In order to record the presence of students at a lesson, the register may be marked by calling over the

Marking attendance registers.

for a

XVII.—(cont.) names, or it may be made up from tallies, or sheets circulated for signature, or by any other process which the Managers may consider most convenient, and sufficient to enable them to certify the attendances, provided that the process does not lend itself to abuse and is approved by the Inspector.

XVIII. The following restrictions must be observed in respect of registration :No student under 12 years of age may be registered Persons

excluded from except with the special sanction of the Inspector. registration. Otherwise the attendances of a student who reaches the age of 12 after 1st December in the case of Science, or 1st February in the case of Art Subjects, are subject to the restrictions and conditions in S XVI. No student may be registered whose name is on the register for Day Attendance at a Public Elementary School under the Board of Education. SCIENCE

ART. a. No student may, in the

a. No student may be regis

tered both for a grant for same session, be registered in both the Elementary and Ad Drawing in an Evening Convanced stage of the same subject.

tinuation School and

grant in a School of Art or b. No student may be regis- Årt Class. tered in a subject of Science in

1. No Student in a School which he is also receiving in- of Science (8$ LV.

SS - LXXII.) struction in an Evening Con- or in a Higher Elementary tinuation School. No Student

School, may be registered for an registered in a School of Science

Attendance Grant in Group I. (SS LV. - LXXII.), or in a But Advanced Course Students Higher Elementary School, or of a School of Science who are in a Day

under not receivinginstruction beyond § LXXIII. may be also regis- Group I., may be registered in tered for Attendance Grants

the evening for an Attendance in a Science Class.

Grant for such further instrucc. No student may be regis- tion. tered for more than two years

c. No student may be regisfor attendance in either the tered for the Attendance Grant Elementary or Advanced stage for more than four years in of any one subject, or for more Group I. and for more than than four years in a recognised eight years altogether in the group of subjects, or for more

other three Groups. (See p. than one year in Section 1 of the 78.) Elementary Stage of Subject d. Registration of a student's XV. or XXIII, or XXV.: thus, attendances for instruction in after one year in Section 1 a Groups II., III., and IV., will

be registered for be accepted provided he is two years in the Elementary qualified, or becomes qualified Stage and for two years in the during the current session, by Advanced Stage of these sub- success at the examinations, or is jects. Where a Pupil Teacher | recommended by the Inspector.

student may

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