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On Allegiance to our Sovereign, and Obedience to the Pope 72-75


On the Claim of British Catholics to the Property of the

Church Establishment in England

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For the sake of distinctness, the various parts of the "Declaration," in succession, occupy the pages on the right-hand side of the volume, and the corresponding "Remarks" the pages on the left.

Any observations, arising more immediately out of peculiarities in the "Declaration" itself, are placed, in the form of notes, in the same pages with the passages to which they refer.

And in one instance, at page 11, where the observations upon a most important passage are necessarily extended to a considerable length, it has been deemed expedient to deviate from a general rule, (that of resolving a paragraph into parts, by placing one or more lines of it at the top of each of the pages occupied by the commentary which is connected with it),-in order that the whole of that passage may be seen, as far as may be, at one view, and the attention of the reader may be preserved unbroken.

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