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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1846, by


in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.



Road from opposite Memphis to Li'tle Rock. An act to authorize the surveying and making
a road from a point opposite to Memphis, in the state of Tennessee, to Little Rock,
in the territory of Arkansas. Jan. 31, 1824......

Compensation of the Officers of Congress and the Librarian. An act to revive and continue in

force an act, entitled "An act fixing the compensations of the Secretary of the Se-

nate, and clerk of the House of Representatives, of the clerks employed in their

offices, and of the librarian." (Expired.) Feb. 20, 1824......

Public Road in Florida. An act to authorize the laying out and opening certain public
roads in the territory of Florida. (Obsolete.) Feb. 28, 1824......


Survey of public and private Lands in the southern part of Alabama. An act to regulate the sur-
veying of public and private lands in the southern part of Alabama. Feb. 28, 1824.

The Time for the Settlement of private Land Claims in Florida extended. An act to extend the

time limited for the settlement of private land claims in the territory of Florida.

(Expired.) Feb. 28, 1824....






District Court in Alabama. An act for the better organization of the district courts of the
United States within the state of Alabama. March 10, 1824.......


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Circuit and District Courts of Ohio and Kentucky. An act to change the terms of the circuit
and district courts of the United States in the state of Ohio, and one of the terms
of the circuit court in Kentucky. April 22, 1824.

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Surveys and Plans for Roads and Canals. An act to procure the necessary surveys, plans,
and estimates upon the subject of roads and canals. April 30, 1824....

Reward to the Officers and Crews of Gigs and Boats under the Command of Lieutenant Francis H.

Gregory. An act rewarding the officers and crews of two gigs or small boats, un-

der the command of Lieutenant Francis H. Gregory of the United States navy.

May 4, 1824..

Consent of Congress to Acts of the State of Alabama. An act declaring the consent of Con-
gress to certain acts of the state of Alabama. May 13, 1824......







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Regulation of the Mode of Practice in the Courts of Louisiana. An act to regulate the mode of

practice in the courts of the United States for the district of Louisiana. May 26, 1824. 62

Land Claims in Louisiana. An act supplementary to "An act providing for the examination
of titles to land in that part of the state of Louisiana situated between the Rio Hondo
and the Sabine river." May 26, 1824..........


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