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Since the last edition of the Directory was published, the membership of the Sen-ate has been completed by the election of Hon. Joseph Simon, on October 6, to fill the vacancy that had existed since the 4th of March, 1897.

On the 21st of April Hon. E. C. Walthall, a Senator from the State of Mississippi, died in this city. The vacancy thus caused was filled on the 20th of May by the appointment of Hon. Will Van Amberg Sullivan, a Representative from the Second district of that State. Hon. Thomas Spight has been elected to succeed Mr. Sullivan in the House of Representatives.

Hon. John Simpkins, a Representative from the Thirteenth district of Massachusetts, died in this city March 26. He was succeeded by Hon. W. S. Greene, who took his seat June 15.

Hon. Stephen A. Northway, a Representative from the Nineteenth district of Ohio, died at his home September 9. The vacancy thus caused has been filled by the election of Col. Charles Dick.

Hon. William F. Love, a Representative from the Sixth district of Mississippi, died October 8. At a special election held November 29 Hon. F. A. McLain was elected to fill out the unexpired term.

The seat of Hon. Sidney P. Epes, Democrat, of the Fourth district of Virginia, was vacated by order of the House March 23 and Hon. R. T. Thorpe, Republican, was installed therein. So also the seat of Hon. W. A. Young, Democrat, of the Second district of Virginia, on the 26th of April, Hon. Richard A. Wise, Republican, being placed therein.

Subsequent to the election on November 8, Hon. W. A. Stone, of Pennsylvania, who had been chosen governor of that State, resigned his seat in the House from the Twenty-third district, and at an election held November 29 Hon. W. H. Graham was elected to fill out the unexpired term.

Hon. Warren B. Hooker, of the Thirty-fourth New York district, also resigned from the House to accept a place on the judicial bench, and a vacancy exists in that district.

Another edition of the Directory will be issued shortly after the holidays.



(Committees not given below have no regular meeting days, but meet upon the call of the


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