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Althougu far advanced on the voyage of life, and sensible of the magnitude of the work he has undertaken, yet the author of this volume felt that his duty was unperformed while the History of the American Privateers and Letters-of-Marque remained unwritten.

High places in the temple of fame have been justly awarded to very many, who, in the national employment, have achieved exploits not more brilliant, displayed courage not more daring, seamanship not more masterly, coolness in danger not more remarkable than abound in the records of the private armed service.

But the brave and patriotic men who adorned that service, instead of being awarded a proud niche in that temple, have encountered neglect, and even obloquy. No testimonials of national gratitude have rewarded their blood-bought victories, and their invaluable services in crippling the resources of the common enemy. But their motives have been assailed, and cupidity and a desire for booty imputed to them as the impulses which led to their bold achievements.

It has been the object of the author to vindicate their characters, as well as to record their triumphs. If

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