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IT has been my design to comprize in this work, two descriptions of sermons-the most eloquent, and the most useful. I should have rejoiced, had they, generally, been rendered more attractive and interesting, by a greater degree of pathos; but in this, the English sermons, excellent as they may be, in other respects, are often, lamentably defective. I need only instance the admirable sermons of Conybeare, Horbery, Pearce, Powel, Tucker, all of them distinguished authors: those however of Hickman, Lawson, Newlin, Ogden, Richmond, Riddoch, St. John, Scott, and Skelton, exhibit many happy instances of genuine pathos,

Should it be objected to me, that the biographical sketches contained in this volume, are uninteresting, I am to observe, that many of the authors having been private Clergymen-little known, it is probable, beyond their respective neighborhoods-materials for more detailed biography could not, in many cases, be


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I have

I have omitted notices of the five French Preachers, which may, perhaps, appear in a subsequent work, consisting entirely of Translations of French sermons.

My humble labors are now brought to a close, Happy shall I esteem myself, if they should be received into families; and, by being, uniformly, read, should produce the end for which they were, origi nally, undertaken-adherence to the Church, renunciation of error, just principles, and correspondent practice.

An Abridgment of the Lord Bishop of Lincoln's Elements of Christian Theology. For the Use of Families, Second Edition. Price 6s. 6d.

Sermons selected and abridged chiefly from Minor Authors, adapted to the First Lessons, or Epistle or Gospel of the several Sundays in the Year, For the Use of Families, Price 135. each Volume. The Fourth Edition.

2 Vols.

Prayers, collected from the several Writings of Jeremy Taylor, Lord Bishop of Down and Connor, adapted to the Family, the Closet, the Sacrament, to the States of Sickness, Affliction, &c. &c. Price 8s.

An Exhortation, affectionately addressed by a Minister to his Parishoners to attend Public Worship, &c. Humbly recommended to the Clergy for Distribution. Price 4d. or Twelve for 38. The Sixth Edition.

The Second Exhortation to the Communion, paraphrased by Dr. Comber. Humbly recommended to the Clergy for Distribution. Price 4d. or Twelve for 3s.

The Duty of the Clergy to enforce the receiving of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. A Sermon preached at the Visitation at Southampton. Price Is.

Friendly Societies Substitutes for Parochial AssessA Sermon preached at Christ Church. Price 4d. or Eight for 2s. 6d. for Distribution.


Sermons and Tracts by the late Rev. Philip Skelton. Published in Ireland only. Price 9s,

The Three last Articles sold by Cowie and Co. Poultry. "Energy of thought and of language is the characteristic feature "of Skelton's discourses. His manner often reminds us of Massillon and Bourdaloe in his direct appeals to the conscience, and "his frequent introductions of apostrophes and exclamations." ECLECTIC REVIEW.

"Skelton was a man of a strong mind and brilliant talents, capa "ble of forming fine conceptions, and of cloathing them in lan "guage well adapted to give them success."


Nearly ready for the Press.

The Articles upon Sessions' Law contained in the several Writings of Addington, Blackston, Burn, Const, East, Haw. kins, Nolan, Williams, and Tomlins' Law Dictionary, alphabeti cally arranged.


THE following account of Dr. Atterbury is prefixed to his Sermons by Mr. Archdeacon Yardley.

"Dr. Lewis Atterbury, elder brother of the cele brated Bishop of Rochester, was born at Caldecot, Bucks, the 2d of May, 1656. He was educated at Westminster School under the not less celebrated Dr. Busby. In the 18th year of his age he was sent to Christ Church, Oxford. He was (being then B. A.) ordained Deacon at Christ Church by the Bishop of Oxford, on the 21st of September, 1679. He commenced M. A. 5th July, 1680, and the next year received the order of priesthood from the hands of Dr. Barlow, Bishop of Lincoln.

"In 1684, he was instituted Rector of Sywell, in the county of Northampton.

"In 1687, he took, by accumulation, the two degrees of Batchelor and Doctor in the Civil Law.

"Dr. Atterbury in 1691 was Lecturer of St. Mary-Hill in London, and, not long after his mar riage, settled at Highgate, where he supplied the pulpit of the Rev. Mr. Lathom, who was very old, and labored under the loss of his sight. Upon his death Dr. Atterbury was, 1695, by the unanimous votes of the six trustees of Highgate Chapel, elected to be their preacher; and this office he held to the time of his death.

"He was appointed one of the six preaching chaplains to her Royal Highness the princess Anne of Denmark. When he first resided at Highgate,' he devoted much time to the study of physic, and having attained a good skill therein, practised it, occasionally, among his poor neighbors.

"In 1707 the rectory of Shepperton in Middlesex lapsed to the Queen, who gave the presentation to Dr. Atterbury.

"In 1719 the Bishop of London collated him to the rectory of Hornsey, which was the more agrecable


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