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0 The Best Foods Ever Get


Ever Get Puffed Grains are the best foods children All are bubble grains, Aimsy, flaky, toasted. ever get, and millions of mothers now know it. with a most enticing taste. They seem like

All should keep that fact before them. food confections. All are steam exploded-

Two are whole grains-Wheat and Rice shot from guns. Every food cell is blasted puffed to eight times normal size. One is by Prof. Anderson's process.

Never were tiny corn hearts puffed to raindrop size. grain foods made so easy to digest.

For Any Hungry Hour These are pinnacle foods-enticing, hygienic, rich corn-for hungry children after school. Use these in what children need.

fragile toasted wafers in your soups. They hold supreme place among breakfast dainties.

They supply whole-grain nutrition. They never But serve them all day long. Float Puffed Wheat in

tax the stomach. They make the best foods most your bowls of milk. Use Puffed Rice in candy mak

inviting. ing, or as garnish on ice cream. Mix Corn Puffs

Puffed Wheat stands first, but all Puffed Grains, with

with all food cells exploded, are the best foods fruits. your

children get. Don't let a day go by without them if Crisp and lightly butter, as with peanuts or pop

you realize that.

Puffed Wheat Puffed Rice Corn Puffs

Also Puffed Rice Pancake Flour
A New, Delightful Puffed Grain Product

Fluffy Pancakes

With a Nutty Taste Our food experts have worked to attain the perfect Pancake Flour. They have compared inore than 1,000 blends. With the one selected they mix ground Puffed Rice, to give a fluffy texture and a nut-like taste.

Today the best pancakes ever served are made with Puffed Rice Pancake Flour mixture, self-raising. Get a package and

You will never change.

try it.

The Quaker Oats Company

Sole Makers


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burning Tungsten In Canada: Canadian National Carbon Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont. Battery.

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A Plaything
that grew into a National Sport

In the little village of Plymouth, Michigan, a little over 30 years ago, the first of the modern type of air rifle was made.

This first air rifle was crude. The boy who got it for Christmas had to stretch his imagination to make it seem like Buffalo Bill's kind.

But the fun of the thing was there. Even these simple air rifles had to be turned out by the thousands to satisfy the multitude of "gun-hungry boys".

Now the boys who got the first Daisy Air Rifles bure huving Daisy Rifles for their sons. The boy of 1919 gets a trim like rifle that looks just like the high-power magazine hu. that his dad owns, or one that looks surprisingly like the rifle that his big brother carried “over there”.

All over the broad land, the Daisy Air Rifle is now co as much a part of the true, clean, sport-loving boy's equipn his baseball rig, his fishing outfit, his boxing gloves or his bo

The Daisy Pump Gun is a 50-shot repeater, with the same moderi action found in the highest type of modern sporting rifle.

The Military Daisy, also a 50-shot repeater, follows the latest mi lines, with rubber tipped removable bayonet, also sling and swivel; ad able sights. Length over all 45 inches.

Both guns are finished in blue steel, with turned walnut stock, and at all dealers for $5.00.

Other Daisy Models, $1.00 to $3.00.


If your dealer cannot supply, you, any. Daisy model will be sent dire. from factory on receipt of price. Send for descriptive circular.


Plymouth, Michigan



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