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And we do further authorize our said attorney, an attorney, or attorneys under him for that purpose, to make and substitute, with full power to do all that he might or could, under and by virtue of his power of attorney, hereby ratifying and confirming all that our said attorney, or his substitute or substitutes, shall do in his behalf.

In witness whereof we have hereunto set our names and seals, this A. D., 186—,

day of

Sealed and delivered

in presence of

[NOTE. This power of attorney should be signed by every member of the firm, and be executed and acknowledged before a Notary Public.]

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every act or thing which I might or could do in, by, and under

the aforesaid power.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day of

In the presence of


TREASURY DEPARTMENT, March 24th, 1860.

The following regulation is in addition to those prescribed in article 451 of the General Regulations of the 1st of February, 1857, viz. :

Railroad iron, sugar and molasses in hogsheads, and all other goods in bulk which cannot be put into locked cars, may be transported in platform cars, which must be duly bonded and the merchandise so manifested that every rticle shall be particularly described.

Instead of article 954 of the General Regulations the following will be substituted ·

Foreign merchandise duly entered free of duty, or duty paid, and merchandise of domestic origin, may be transported over these routes into Canada, and thence into the United States, in cars bonded and secured as provided in article 451; and to prevent detention of the goods and frauds on the public revenue, the owner or consignee shall, at the frontier port, before the merchandise is transported into Canada, present manifests thereof in triplicate, snbscribed by him, to the collector, in which shall be specified the description of the articles, the marks and numbers of the packages shipped by him, the ports of destination, to whom consigned, and the route over which the transportation is to be made.

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