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wares, and merchandise described in the within entry, now delivered by me to the collector of the customs for the port of are truly intended to be exported by me to the port of without the limits of the United States, and are not intended to be relanded within the limits of the United States. I further swear that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the said goods, wares, and merchandise are the same in quality, quantity, value, and package, wastage and damage excepted, as at the time of importation: So help me God.

Sworn to this

day of.

186, before me.



474. The entry having been duly entered in the warehouse Bond. accounts, and the oath, as above prescribed, having been taken, the exporter shall enter into a bond with satisfactory security, in a penal sum equal to double the amount of the estimated duties on the goods, to produce the proofs required by the 81st section of the act of March 2d, 1799, of the landing of the same beyond the limits of the United States.

477. When any goods, wares, or merchandise, are imported into any port in the United States, and the intent is shown by invoice and manifest, bill of lading, or other evidence, that the same are to be exported immediately by sea beyond the limits of the United States, an entry for warehouse and exportation may be made in the following form:

| Date.

FOBM No. 140.

Warehouse and Exportation Entry.

Entry of merchandise imported for warehouse by in the master, from

on the


in the

Import ves


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Where from.

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186, and to be immediately exported by

master, for

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warehouse anexportation en



This entry for warehouse and exportation will only be per- Restrictions mitted when an opportunity exists for immediate export. If form of entry. the goods cannot be reshipped immediately on arrival, they

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must go to a bonded warehouse as unclaimed, and remain until an opportunity offers, when entry in this form can be made.

478. For the discharge of export bonds, the exporter must produce, within one year, if the shipment be to any port of Europe or America, and within two years, if to any port of Asia or Africa, a certificate under the hand of the consignee at the foreign port, describing the articles exported, and declaring that the same have been received by him from on board the vessel, specifying the name and nation of the vessel from which they were so received; which certificate shall be authenticated by the consul or agent of the United States residing at said port; or, in the absence of such officer, by two American merchants residing at such port; or, if there be no American merchants resident there, then by two respectable foreign merchants › which certificate shall be confirmed by the oaths or affirmations of the master and mate or other principal officers of the vessel, to be taken before the consul or commercial agent of the United States, if there be one; and if not, before some other person authorized by the laws of the country to administer the same. The forms of these certificates shall be as follows:

FORM No. 142.

Certificate of a consignee, declaring the delivery of merchandise at a foreign port.

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of the (town or city) of merchant, do hereby certify that the goods or merchandise hereinafter described have been landed in this (city, town, or port,) between the and days of from on board the of 9 is at present master, viz.: [here describe the merchandise,] which, according to the bills of lading for the same, were shipped on board the at the port of in the United States of America, on or about the



and consigned to (me, or to us,) by
aforesaid, merchant, (or by the master of said -
Given under (my or our) hands, at the (city) of
day of

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day of


FORM No 143.

Oath, or affirmation, of the principal officers of a vessel, confirming the landing of merchandise at a foreign port.


mate of -, lately


in the United States of


We master, and arrived from the port of America, do solemnly (swear, or affirm) that the goods or merchandise enumerated and described in the preceding certificate, dated the day of and signed by of the


city of --, merchant, were actually delivered at the said port

from on board the

within the time specified in the said

before me, this

[ocr errors]


Sworn (or affirmed) at the city of
day of
in the year

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FORM No. 144.

Verification of the delivery of merchandise at a foreign port to be executed by a consul or agent of the United States.



(consul or agent) of the United States of
America, at the city of
do declare that the facts
set forth in the preceding certificate, subscribed by
of the said city, merchant, and dated the day of , are,
(to my knowledge just and true; or, are in my opinion just and
true, and deserving full faith and credit).

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name,
[SEAL.] and affixed the seal of my office, at this
day of


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FORM No. 145.

Verification of the delivery of merchandise, to be executed by
American or foreign merchants, as the case may require.

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We, residing in the city of do declare that the facts stated in the preceding certificate, signed by ----, of the said city, merchant, on the day of (to our knowledge just and true; or, are in our opinion just and true, and worthy of full faith and credit). We also declare that there is (no consul or other public agent for the United States of America, or American merchants, as the case may require,) now residing at this place.

Dated this

day of

at the city of








ART. 479. Silks in bond may be withdrawn from warehouse to be colored, printed, stained, dyed, painted, or stamped, the silks for printcoilector taking a deposit in money equal to the amount of duties ascertained to be payable; which deposit shall be refunded if the goods aforesaid shall be returned to the warehouse repacked in the original condition, and according to original marks and numbers, within sixty days from date of delivery thereof. Each package shall, before the same be delivered from ware

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To be examined, sampled, &c.


Deposit for duty.

house, be opened and examined by the proper officer of the customs, and the contents thereof measured or weighed, and the quality thereof ascertained, and a sample of each piece thereof reserved at the custom-house, and a particular account or registry of such examination shall be entered on the books of the custom-house. On the return of said goods, if the collector shall be satisfied that the contents of each package are the identical goods imported and registered as aforesaid, and not changed or altered, except by being colored, dyed, stamped, stained, painted, or printed, as aforesaid, he shall thereupon refund the deposit as aforesaid, and said goods shall be entitled to the same privileges as if in original condition, as per 4th section, act 22d May, 1824.

480. The form of entry for delivery of silks for this purpose shall be as follows:

FORM No. 146

Withdrawal of silks for dyeing, &c.

Entry of silks intended to be withdrawn from warehouse for dyeing, coloring, printing, painting, or stamping, under the provisions of act 22d May, 1824, and Treasury instructions day of which were imported into this district on the 18, in the

master, from

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Date. Description Duty, 25 per ct. Duty, 30 per ct. Total. Dutiable val. of
of merchan-
each package.

[ocr errors]

(To be signed.)

On the same estimate of duties being made as required in withdrawal entries for payment of duties, and the goods being duly entered on the books as withdrawn for printing, &c., the party making entry will deposit with the collector a sum equivalent to the duties thus estimated.

On the return of the goods within the time specified, they

To be examined shall be examined by the warehouse superintendent, and if found

when returned.

to agree with the samples retained, he shall issue a certificate in the following form:

FORM NO. 148.


turn to store.

I do hereby certify that the following described goods, re- Certificate of returned to warehouse by , are the same goods as withdrawn by on the day of 18, to be printed, painted, stamped, dyed or colored.


[ocr errors]

[Here describe the merchandise.]

I also certify the said goods are in the same condition as when withdrawn, except by being printed, painted, stamped, dyed or colored.


[ocr errors]

Warehouse Superintendent.

On the presentation of this certificate, the deposit shall be re- Deposit when refunded and the withdrawal entry cancelled.


If not returned

If the goods are not returned within the period specified in in sixty days, to the entry, the same will pass into the accounts as a regular withdrawal entry for consumption, and the deposit will go into consumption. the accounts as duties received.

be considered as withdrawn for



ART. 482. On the arrival from foreign ports of any goods intended for immediate transportation and exportation to the adjacent British provinces of Canada and New-Brunswick, and which shall appear, by the invoices, bills of lading, and manifest, or other satisfactory evidence, to have been shipped to a port in the United States in transit and for exportation as aforesaid, the consignee or agent may make entry in triplicate, setting forth particularly in such entry the route by which the goods are to be forwarded, whether by land or by water, or partly by land and partly by water, and designating the last port in the United States from which the actual exportation is to be made, and the port or place in the adjacent province for which the goods are destined. The form of the entry shall be as follows:

FORM No. 149.

Entry for exportation in bond to Canada.



Entry of merchandise imported into this district by on the day of 186, in the ter, from by way of

to be exported in bond to




, in Canada,


Wareh'se, trans-
export to Cana-



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