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THIS cannot be the sleep of death,
Or sure it must be sweet to die ;
So soft, this holy roof beneath,
On such a quiet couch to lie.

Each gently pressing, gently prest,
To slumber in each other's arms;
This shrinking to her sister's breast,

For shelter from all earth's alarms,

With such entire and perfect rest,

That e'en in sleep she seems to say,
"I shall rest safe, I know I must,
My Ellen holds me night and day."

The other with maturer grace,

In dawn of thoughtful womanhood,
Half upwards turns her fair, meek face,
As if an angel o'er her stood.

As calm her brow, as sure her faith,
But more than infants use, she knew
(If right I guess) of life and death,
Of death and resurrection too.

Already now her ear began

The depth of solemn sound to trace,
The thrilling joys that round her ran,
When music filled this holy place.

Yon dark-arched galleries, high aloof,
The glory and the mystery
Of" long-drawn aisle" and vaulted roof
Already caught her wondering eye.

And she would gaze when morning's glow
Through yonder glorious panes was streaming,

As if in every niche below

Saints in their glory robes were gleaming.

To thee, dear maid, each kindly wile
Was known that elder sisters know,

To check th' unseasonable smile

With warning hand and serious brow.

From dream to dream with her to rove,
Like fairy nurse with hermit child,
Teach her to think, to pray, to love,
Make grief less bitter, joy less wild:

These were thy tasks; and who can say
What visions high, what solemn talk,
What flashes of unearthly day

Might bless those infants' evening walk.

Oft as with arms and hearts entwined,
They mused aloud, this twilight hour,
What awful truths high God hath shrined
In every star, and cloud, and flower.

But one day, when the glorious theme

Seemed but to mock their feeble sight, As they looked up from earth's dark dream, To worlds where all is pure and bright,

Strong in the strength of infancy,

In little children's wisdom wise, They heard a voice say "Come to me; Yours is the kingdom of the skies!"

They speed them home, one prayer they breathe, Then down in peace together lie:

This cannot be the sleep of death,

Or sure it must be sweet to die.


[N.B. The figures within Crotchets refer to the History.]

ABDUCTION of Miss Crellin at Liver

pool, 63
Accidents by pistol-shot at Liverpool,
8; at Liverpool, four lives lost, 14;
in Drury-lane, by falling of houses,
21 ; at Liverpool, by fall of a cask,
22; on the Medway, 26; in escaping
from a workhouse, 37; explosion of
D'Ernst's firework factory, four lives
lost, 38; at Wombwell's menagerie,
56; on Fish-street-hill, 62; at South-
western Railway tunnel, 62; to Mr.
Burton in Hyde-park, 71; to Rev.
W. Jeans, at Cumæ, 73; from lock-
jaw, 75; from machinery at Kenning-
ton, 80; explosion of a distillery, 81;
frightful railway accidentat Versailles,
83; on the Thames, 89; the sons of
Mr. Justice Pennefather drowned near
Dublin, 92; from fire-arms at Ches-
terfield, 93; on Milnthorpe Sands,
95; at Beaumaris, fourteen persons
drowned, 99; explosion at Apotheca-
ries' Hall, 101; H. R. H. the Duke
of Orleans killed at Paris, 124; at
Liverpool, curious escape, 142; to
rt. hon. W. E. Gladstone, 151; to
Mr. Hardinge, 151; boiler explosion,
165; to Sir W. Geary, 165; on Brand-
ling Junction Railway, 170; at a pa-
per-mill, 184; from an attack of a
ram, 184; to the Cheltenham Hunt,
191; at Galway, by panic, many lives
lost, 199

ACTs, list of, Session, 1842, 361
Affray with poachers, 185

Agricultural Association, at Bristol, 122
Antiquities: ancient Highland dungeon,

Assets and liabilities of the Bank, 379

Bankruptcy Act, legal appointment,

Bankruptcies and insolvencies, 1842,

BAVARIA Inauguration of the Valhalla,
its object and origin, [305]

Benevolent Institution, receipts of for
the year, 129
Bills of mortality, 378

Bishops for the Colonies-Pastoral Let-
ter of the Bishop of London, 39; de-
claration at Lambeth respecting it,
41; consecration of, 138; recep-
tion of the Bishop of New Zealand,

Burglary, in Cheapside, 79

Calcutta, cathedral of, 57
Cambridge, H. R. H. the Duke of, loses
his star at Cambridge, 121
CANADA Principles of Lord Syden-
ham's Administration, State of Par-
ties, [332]; Sir C. Bagot appointed
Governor-General, [333]; opens
United Parliament, [333]; attempt
at conciliation, [333]; dangerous ill-
ness of Sir C. Bagot, and death,
[304]; Canada Corn-duties, [335]
Census of Ireland, 384
Chartist Demonstration, 77; camp-
meeting near Blackburn, 102; near
Burnley, 107; leaders arrested, 157;
female, 163; Miss Mary Anne Wal-
ker, 187

Chatham, outrage on military at, 111
Chimney-Sweepers Act, 81

CHINA-British squadron sails from
Hong Kong, attacks and captures
Amoy, [264]; Sir H. Pottinger's
Proclamation, [266]; arrives at Chu-
san and takes Tinghae, [266]; takes
Chinghae by assault, [267]; and
Ningpo, [268]; attack of the Chinese
on Ningpo defeated, [269]; takes
Chapoo, enters the Yang-tse river,
[270]; takes Chin-keang-foo, [273];
prepares to attack Nankin, suspension
of hostilities, [274]; Negociations
for peace, terms of the treaty, [275];
report from the Chinese Commis-
sioners to the Emperor, [275]
Church-building, interesting anecdote,

Coinage, light gold called in, 106; half-
farthings, 116

Copyright, Law of, Moor v. Clarke, 29
Copyright Act, copy of, 399
Corn-laws-Ministerial plan for alter-
ing, produces great interest; Anti-
Corn-law League endeavour to take
possession of the lobbies of the House
of Commons, but are expelled, [15];
Copy of Tabular Statement of the
Scale of Duties proposed by Go-
vernment, [27]; great excitement
in the country; formation of the Anti-
Corn-law League; Sir R. Peel burnt
in effigy; letter of Lord Nugent with-
drawing his name from the League,
[53]; resolutions of the Aylesbury
Agricultural Association, [54]; Corn
Importation Act, 386; see PARLIA-


Corn, &c., average prices of, 377
Coroners' Inquests-on Rev. J. Pye-
mont, 13; at Liverpool, on man killed
by fall of a cask, 22; on James
Barry, 31; case of hydrophobia, 42;
on Mr. Burton, 71; on an Egyptian
mummy, 95; on Mr. Hely, 99; on
Anne Triesdale, 100; on Mr. E. Far-
rell, 117; on a suppositious child,
126; effect of prison-discipline, 166

Deaf and Dumb Institute, Divine ser-
vice at, 27

Addington, Mrs. 268: Aguado, M.
267: Alexander, rt. hon. sir W. 275:
Allen, lady F. 257: Andrew, rev. J.
278: Arnold, rev. T. 271: Ash, capt.
263: Astley, Sir J. D. 246: Astley,
capt. Sir E. 275: Athol, duchess of,
294: Atkins, rev. H. 294: Austin,
mrs. 255.

Bailes, rev. J. 271: Baird, lieut.
269 Baker, rev. C. 282: Ball, rev.
F. J. 271: Ballance, J. 261: Bamp-
field, rev. J. 273: Barnard, rev. B.
264: Barnewall, R. V. 247: Banim,
J. 279 Bathurst, rev. C.254: Beat-
ty, sir W. 260: Beauclerk, lady C.
281 Bell, sir Charles, 265: Ber-
nard, dr. 303: Best, W. T. 304: Be-
verley, W. 283; Biddulph, rev. Z. H.
303: Blake, mrs. E. 305: Blakeney,
W. 285: Blowers, hon. S. S. 304:
Blunt, F. S. 309; Blyth, capt. J. 293:
Bonar, mrs. 263: Boswell, E. 298:
Boughton, lady, 298: Bowen, T. B.
297: Bowen, H. T. 249: Bradford,
countess of, 295: Brock, D. de L.
286: Broderick, hon. gen. 294: Brog-
den, Jas. 279: Bromfield, rev. T. R.

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small]


Caldwell, sir J. 297: Calvert, W.
304; Campbell, lady, 261: Canham,
H. 294: Canning, comm. 302: Ca-
rew, G. H. 295: Carlisle, lady, 264:
Carver, rev. J. R. 283: Carysfort,
countess of, 309: Casberd, R. M.
242; Cashel and Waterford, bishop
of (Sandes), 302: Causton, rev. dr.
300: Cave, John, 261: Chamberlain,
W. T. 268: Chambers, miss, 257:
Chambers, lady, 249: Channing, dr.
292: Chapple, W. C. 285: Charle-
wood, rev. C. B. 304: Chichester,
sir A. 269 Chichester, bishop of
(Shuttleworth) 243: Chinn, T. B.
293 Clark, Edm. 257: Clarke, R.
261 Clayton, rev. S. 309: Cleveland,
duke of, 248: Clinton, lord E. P.
304: Cimitiere, col. 295: Coffin, rear-
adm. 263: Cole, gen. sir G. Lowry,
294 Collins, lieut. 292: Colman, rev.
S. S. 269 Commeline, rev. Thos.
279: Congleton, lord, 271: Cooke,
rev. J. C. 296: Coote, C. 305: Coote,
lieut. 268: Copeland, R. 268: Cor-
field, rev. Thos. 278: Corr, mrs.
Mary, 281 Cory, I. P. 261: Cowan,
ald. sir J. 396: Craven, H. V. 255;
Croke, sir A. 309: Cross, sir John,
300 Cunningham, Allan, 297: Cun-
ninghame, lady M. 295: Currey, col.
Sir E. 283: Curry, Wm. 286

Daniell, rev. E. T, 286 : D’Arville,
rev. L. F. 282: Davidge, G. B. 248:
Davies, rev. S. 294: Davies, rev. E.
W. 300: Davis, R. Hart, 254: Daw-
son, J. 298: Dayrell, miss, 257:
Deacon, maj. gen. sir C. 309: Deal-
try, P. 304: Degrenthe, rev. R. C.
260: Dennie, col. 262: Dick, J. 295:
Dickenson, dr. (bishop of Meath),
277: Dickson, rev. dr. 292: Digby,
adm. sir H. 281: Dilkes, gen. W. T.
241 Ducrow, 247: Durham, rev. P.

Eddy, rev. J. 302: Edgeworth, L.
309: Edwards, C. 286: Edwards, rev.
T. 276: Ellaw, lieut.-col., 257: El-
phinstone, maj.-gen. 264: Emra, rev.
J. 286: Erne, earl of, 271: Erne,
countess-dow. 244: Evans, rt. hon. G.
276: Evans, rev. W. R. 282

Ferrers, earl, 293: Filmer, dow..


Jady, 257: Fisher, rev. Ph. 245:
Floyd, H. 281: Forbes, capt. 297:
Fort, John, 262: Fosbroke, rev. T.
D. 241: Foster, hon. J. L. 277:
Foulis, sir J. 267: Fox, mrs. (widow
of rt. hon. C. Jas. Fox), 276: Fraser,
maj. 274: Fraser, rev. W. 282: Frost,
John, 279: Frost, ensign, 276

Gabert, rev. A. 292: Gale, rev. J.:
280: Galloway, dow.-countess of, 276.
Galwey, J. W. 280: Gascoigne R. S,
309: Gibson, rev. J. S. 286: Gillies,
lord, 309: Girdlestone, S. R. 268:
Girdlestone, T. B. 295: Gleadow, rev.
T. R. 304: Golding, John, 262:
Goodenough, rev. J. 279: Goode, rev.
F. 303: Goodeve, lady, F. J. 273:
Goodhugh, W. 269: Gore, sir R. 260:
Gort, visct. 302: Gould, G. D. 243 :
Graham, rev. W. B. 282: Grahame,
Jas. 275 Grant, P. 269: Gray, lord,
282 Gray, col. 309: Green, rev. E.
274: Greene, W. 305: Gregorie, D.
W. 995: Grey, miss, 261: Griffin, W.
261 Griffith, rev. E. 300: Griffiths,
rear-adm. 272: Grosvenor, rev. R.


Hall, vice-adm. 269: Hamilton, T.
305: Hannay, sir S. 241: Hardyman,
lieut. Lucius, 243: Harper, J. 295:
Harrison, John, 255: Harry, rev. N.
M. 296: Harvey, John, 249: Haw-
kins, J. S. 280: Heathcote, lady, 296:
Henniker, hon. maj. 268: Herring,
J. 295: Herschell, dr. 298: Hertford,
marq. of, 255: Hesketh, sir T. D.

Hewitt, M. 304: Hicks, John,
268 Hildyard, rev. W. 254: Hill,
visc. 306 Hill, sir F. B. 261: Hill,
mrs. E. R. 309: Hill, lady G. 257:
Hinkson, rev. S. W. 286: Hird, rev.
L. 304: Holcombe, rev. J. 276: Hol-
lis, G. 242: Hone, Wm. 300: Hone,
rev. J. H. 302: Honywood, dow.-lady,
257 Hooper, Grace, 261: Hope,
lieut.-col. 295: Horrocks, Sam. 260:
Hoskins, Ab. 261: Hoste, rev. J. 304:
Houston, sir W. 262: Howard, Edw.
241 Howley, R. 292: Humann, M.
264 Hugill, rev. J. 297: Hughes,
rev. dr. 304; Huskisson, col. 282:
Hussey, vice.adm. sir R. H. 302:
Hutchinson, comm. 268

Inches, mrs. 261 Innes, rev. G,
278 Irby, W. H. R. 296: Ireland,
dean, 283

James, rév. R. 297: Johnson, rev.
A. 261: Johnstone, capt. 268; Jones,
J. 302; Jones, rev. J. 280: Jones, rev.
S, 279; Jones, rev. W. 292


Kearsley, J. H. 293: Kelly, dr. 261:
Kemp, rev. G. 274: Kendall, E. A.
295 Kennaway, judge, 295: Kenni-
cot, rev. B. 260: Kenny, dr. P. 295;
Kenny, mrs. 298: Kerrick, rev. W. J.
283: Kinglake, dr. 292: Knight, rev.
R. H. 278: Koe, B. D. 276: Kuliff,
rev. H. 243

Lake, lieut. 267: Lambert, A. B.

245 Lawford, adm. sir J. 309: Lee-
son, hon. R. 245: Leicester, earl of
275 Leith, sir G. A. W. 246: Lewis:
rev. J. 303: Lewis, rev. T. 304,
Lipscomb, rev. W. 269: Lister, T.
H. 271 Littledale, rt. hon. sir Jos.
274: Lloyd, J. 285: Longley, G. 280:
Longman, T. N. 283: Longmire, rev.
J. 280 Ludlow, earl, 263: Lushing-
ton, rev. W. H. 278: Lyon, lieut-
gen. sir Jas. 295: Lyster, T. L. 295


Macclesfield, earl of, 259: McCul-
lagh, dr. 309: Macgregor, Frances, S.
249: Mackie, J. F. 263: Maddrell, rev.
H. 278: Maguin, dr. 282: Magnay, J.
309 Mahon, sir Ross 262: Mainwar-
ing, lieut.-gen. 244: Majendie, rev. G.
J. 299: Malkin, rev. B. H. 269;
Manners, lord, 270: Martin, sir H.
W. 248 Marychurch, rev. W. T.
280 Massy, hon. G. E. 248; Massey,
sir H. D. 261 Masters, rev. J. W.

Matcham, mrs. 261: Maturin,
rev. H. 243: May, lady, 257: Meath,
bishop of (Dickinson), 277: Meck-
lenburg-Schwerin, grand duke of, 256;
Menzies, Arch. 253: Mesman, rev. C.
286: Mill, baron, 309: Mitchell, capt.
303: Miftord, dr. 305: Morgan, mrs.
268: Molesworth, lady, 305: Moles-
worth, major, 273: Moore, rev. T.
282: Moorsel, baroness Van der Noot
de, 294: Monckton, rev. H. 298:
Montague, hon. Cav. 293: Montgom-
ery, rev. G. A. 304: Moorhead, rev.
R. 309: Morgan, rev. W. 281: Mor-
ris, D. E. 253: Morris, F. A. 305:
Moyes, C. 283: Mozart, widow of,
257: Mudie, R. 266: Munster, earl of,
258 Munster, countess of, 304;
Murray, lady, 246

Napier, hon. Lucy M. 244: Nether-
cote, W. C. 270: Neville, R. 285:
Newton, maj.-gen. 273: Nicholay,
lieut.-gen. sir W. 267: Nicholl, dr.
241 Norfolk, duke of, 257: Norris,
C. 304

Oldacres, rev. S. 302: O'Loghlen,
sir M. 292: Onsby, rev. J. 254: Os-
borne, Jer. 303; Ouseley, major-gen.
sir R. 267

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