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sons residing outside the fifty-mile limit from Boston. There have been admitted to this class about 120, leaving 380 vacancies.

Applications for membership within this class should be sent immediately to the Membership Committee, and all such will probably be acted upon at an early date.

CHARLES M. ROGERS, Chairman Membership Committee.

APPLICANTS FOR MEMBERSHIP The following applicants are to be considered for membership in the Club. The Membership Committee would welcome any helpful comments from members concerning any of these applicants. O'Donnell, Thomas F.

Burke, John Cloyes, Harold G.

Foster, Warren D. White, William F.

Stetson, W. G.
Lawrence, Francis W.

Goss, Harry A.
Smith, Charles S.

Sweetser, George A.
Dodge, L. G.

Hanlon, Thomas J. Anthony, Samuel

Walker, Benjamin L. Crossett. Lewis A.

Vose, Richard W. Young, Philip

Bush, Charles William Hawley, John C.

Chase, Clarence M.
Harrington, R. A.

Jenkins, Herbert
Bunnell, C. M.

Flint, Albert E.
Myers, John D. H.

Dudley, Hayden
Berry, LeRoy

Bush, Charles T.
Buntin, Richard W.

Newcomb. Robert H.
Moss, Isidor

Lessing, Gould A. Winchester, Walter F.

Derby, Harry Butler, Charles R.

Goddard, Frank C.
Younkin, Cyrus L. D.

Brewer, Frank S.
Fishel, Louis M.

Spicer, H. W.
Fife, Carl L.

Stanton, Harold B.
Brigham, Harry H.

Sanborn, Harry C.
Frost, Henry D.

LeRoy, Nathaniel
MacCorison, C. C.

Croft, Walter J.
Lawson, Walter S.

Barbour, Charles A.
Hooper, George W.

Scannell, Hugh
Miller, Clifton T.

Hinds, Benjamin J.
Reeve, Fred A.

Tewksbury, A. M.
Butler, Arthur L.

Broderick, IValter M.
Hathaway, Francis T.

Emery, William H.
Callahan, D. Harry

Talbot, Frank
Squire, Fred F.

Allen, James S., Jr.
Carier, Frank B.

Ferson, Ralph A.
Mintz, Norman

Dewey, Judd

Hall, Bicknell
Duff, William
Dorr, Dudley H.
Cone, Erwin M.
Walker, George N.
Anderson, William L.
Winter, Alfred R.
Atkinson, Henry A.
Lawrence, Charles H.
Mills, Frederick
Fisher, John W.
Kopp, E. J.
McDuffee, E. J.
Gould, Edwin L.
Marr, L. A.
Calder, John.

Zielmann, J. S.
French, James W.
Ferry, Harry
Knott, Frank M.
Sumner, John
Berry, Albert I.
Reed, Herbert W.
Hancock, John T.
Morrissey, Stephen A.
McClure, M. S.
Tufts, Wilfred S.
Merrill, William A.
Cutting, Clark T.
Wright, Royal E.
Bryden, Ralph S.
Finneran, George H.

INSPECTION OF NEW CLUB HOUSE By vote of the Board of Governors, inspection of the Club House may be made by ladies between the hours of 9 and 11 A. M. Cards of admission may be obtained at the office, and should be signed by the member issuing them. This vote goes into effect April first, and will continue for the month. All guests should be directed to enter the Club House by the Ashburton Place door.

“A QUEST FOR SONG” A choice edition limited to five hundred numbered and autographed copies of John Kendrick Bangs' poem, “A Quest for Song," which he read at the dedication has been brought out by Mr. Bangs' Boston publishers at $1.00 each, and members wishing copies may leave their orders at the Club office or at the Civic Secretary's office.


Sylvester H. Taylor

Thomas G. Joyce



Dinner of the Western Massachusetts Club, composed of members of the General Court from the Western part of the State. Representative John Mather, of Northampton, presided, and among the guests and speakers were: Hon. Calvin Coolidge, President of the Senate, and Hon. Channing Cox, Speaker of the House of Representatives.


Dinner of the Boston Society of Architects. The members listened to an illustrated lecture on Cretan architecture by Prof. J. O. Sumner, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an address by

Arthur A. Shurtleff. The guests then inspected the new Club House. MARCH 3

March dinner and meeting of the United Improvement Association. The principal speaker was Edward A. Filene, who spoke on the "Effects of the European War.” He laid particular stress on the fact that after the war the European nations would be obliged to restrict their purchasing to the bare necessities of life, and subsequently sell their own goods for whatever they could get for them. President

Benjamin Č. Lane presided.

Meeting of the officers and Executive Committee of the Greater
Boston Council of the Boy Scouts of America. James A. Wilder,
Scout Commissioner for the Hawaiian Islands, was the guest of

honor. He discussed "Scouting and its Significance.” MARCH 4

Dinner of the Boston Society of Printers. Herbert L. Baker, Sales Manager of the C. B. Cottrell Company, spoke on “Recent Developments in the Manufacturing and Operating of the Printing Press.”

D. G. Field, Vice-President of the Society, presided.

Annual dinners of the Alumni of Bates and Colby Colleges. For
Bates the following officers were elected: President, Herbert V.
Neal,'90; Vice-President, Miles Greenwood, '91; Secretary, Richard
B. Stanley, '97. Melville C. Freeman, '94, presided at the Colby din-
ner. Among the speakers were President Arthur J. Roberts, of Colby;

and Major Herbert M. Lord, U. S. A., an alumnus. MARCH 5

Dinner of the salesmen of the Thomas G. Plant Company. Treasurer
F. R. Briggs was toastmaster, and the speakers included other of-

ficers of the company. March 6

Dinner of the Alumni of the Shirley Industrial School. Carl Dreyfus, Chairman of the School Trustees, presided, and introduced as the first speaker, Frank Baker, President of the Alumni Association. Other speakers were: Judge John D. McLaughlin, of the Supreme Court; Jucige Harvey H. Baker, of the Juvenile Court; Dr. Louis M. Paliner, one of the Trustees. The whole meeting was one of enthusiasm, and at its close cheers were given the speakers to show that their remarks were appreciated.

March 6

Dinner of the Alumni of Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y. President Frederick G. Perine presided.

March 8

Dinner of the New England Association of Purchasing Agents. Hon
Elmer A. Stevens was the guest and speaker. President A. P.

Emmons presided.

Dinner and meeting of the Employment Managers' Association, A. L. Filene and Henry S. Dennison spoke on the matter of employment, the qualifications an employment manager should possess, and the necessity of educating the employed.


Meeting of the Trade Association of South Boston. Several addresses were made by residents of the district and by Benjamin C. Lane, President of the United Improvement Association. A committee was appointed to protest to the City Government against the building of any unsightly structures along the line of the proposed boulevard to Neponset. President John J. Toomey was in the chair.

March 9

Complimentary dinner to William P. Mitchell, retiring as Clerk of
Committees in Somerville, after thirty-two years. Past and present
members of the City Government were present, including Mayor Z.
E. Cliff, who presented a loving cup to Mr. Mitchell.

March 10

Dinner of the Brimmer School Association. Major Patrick F. O'Keefe, President of the Association, was toastmaster. Other speakers were Councillor John J. Attridge; E. J. Slattery, representing the Mayor; Superintendent of Schools Frank B. Dyer; Sol Bacharach, of the Class of 1869; and William C. Crawford, Master of the Boston Industrial School.

March 12

Meeting and dinner of the Yale Club of Boston. Election of officers: President, Samuel C. Buslinell, '74; Vice-President, Prof. Edward Y. Hincks, '66; Secretary, E. Barton Chapin, '07.


Dinner of the Wellesley Club. George P. Morris, Associate Editor of the Christian Science Monitor, spoke on "Clean Journalism."

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