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17. Application of Part II. of Act.

Description and Ownership of British Ships.

18. Description and Ownership of British Ships.
19. British Ships, with certain Exceptions, must be registered.

Measurement of Tonnage.

20. Tonnage Deck; Feet; Decimals.

21. Rule I. For Ships to be registered, and other Ships of which the Hold is clear.

22. Rule II For Ships not requiring Registry or with Cargo on board.

23. Allowance for Engine Room in Steamers. To be rateable in ordinary Steamers. May be measured where the Mode of Measure

Space is unusually large or small.


24. Open Ships, how measured.

25. Tonnage and Number of Certificate to be carved on Main


26. Tonnage, when once ascertained, to be ever after deemed the Tonnage.

27. Re-measurement of Ships already registered may be made, but not to be compulsory.

28. Power to re-measure Engine Rooms improperly extended. 29. Officers may be appointed and Regulations made for Measurement of Ships.

Registry of British Ships.

30. Registrars of British Ships.

31. Substitution of Governor abroad for Commissioners of Customs, and of Consul for Justice.

32. Registrar to keep Register Books.

33. Port of Registry of British Ship. 34. Name of Ship.

35. Application for Registry, by whom to be made. 36. Survey of Ship.

37. Rules as to Entries in Register Book.
38. Declaration of Ownership by individual Owner.
39. Declaration of Ownership by Body Corporate,
40. Evidence to be produced on Registry.


41. Penalty on Builder for false Certificate. 42. Particulars of Entry in Register Book. 43. No Notice taken of Trusts.

Certificate of Registry.

44. Certificate of Registry to be granted.

45. Change of Owners to be indorsed on Certificate of Registry. 46. Change of Master to be endorsed on Certificate of Registry. 47. Power to grant new Certificate.

48. Provision in case of Loss, &c. of Certificate.

49. Provisional Certificate, when to be delivered up.

50. Custody of Certificate; Delivery of Certificate may be required; Penalty for Detention.

51. Mode of proceeding if detaining Party abscond. 52. Penalty for using improper Certificate.

53. Certificate of Ship lost or ceasing to be British to be deli

vered up.

54. Provisional Certificate for Ship becoming vested in British Owners at Foreign Port.

Transfers and Transmissions.

55. Transfer of Ships or Shares therein.

56. Declaration to be made by Transferree.

57. Registration of Transfer.

58. Transmission of Shares by Death, Bankruptcy, or Marriage. 59. Proof of Transmission by Bankruptcy, Marriage, Will, or on Intestacy.

60. Registration of transmitted Share.

61. Registrar to retain certain Evidence.

62. Unqualified Owner entitled by Transmission may apply to Court for Sale of Ship.

63. Order to be made by Court.

64. Limit of Time for Application.

65. Power of Courts to prohibit Transfers.


66. Mortgage of Ships and Shares therein.

67. Mortgages to be registered in Order of Time of Production. 68. Entry of Discharge of Mortgage.

69. Priority of Mortgages.

70. Mortgagee not to be deemed Owner.

71. Mortgagee to have Power of Sale.

72. Rights of Mortgagee not affected by any Act of Bankruptcy of Mortgagor.

73. Transfer of Mortgages.

74. Transmission of Interest of Mortgagee by Death, Bankruptcy, or Marriage.

75. Entry of transmitted Mortgage.

Certificates of Mortgage and Sale.

76. Powers of Mortgage and Sale may be conferred by Certificate.

77. Requisites for Certificates of Mortgage and Sale.

78. Restrictions on Certificates of Mortgage and Sale. 79. Forms of Certificates of Mortgage and Sale.

80. Rules as to Certificates of Mortgage.

81. Rules as to Certificates of Sale.

82. Power of Commissioners of Customs in case of Loss of Certificate of Mortgage or Sale.

83. Revocation of Certificates of Mortgage and Sale.

Registry anew and Transfer of Registry.

84. Alteration in Ship to be registered.

85. On Alteration Registry anew may be required.

86. Grant of Provisional Certificate in respect of Alteration. 87. Consequence of Omission to register anew.

88. On Change of Owners, Registry anew may be granted, if


89. Registry may be transferred from Port to Port.

90. Manner of Transfer of Registry.

91. Transfer of Registry not to affect Rights of Owners.

Registry, Miscellaneous.

92. Inspection of Register Books.

93. Indemnity to Registrar.

94. Return to be made by Registrars to Commissioners of Customs.

95. Application of Fees.

96. Commissioners of Customs to provide, and, with Consent of Board of Trade, may alter Forms and issue Instructions.

97. Power to Registrar to dispense with Declarations and other Evidence.

98. Power for Commissioners or Governor in special Cases to grant a Pass to a Ship not registered.

99. Provision for cases of Infancy or other Incapacity. 100. Liabilities of Owners.


101. Punishment for Forgery.

National Character.

102. National Character of Ship to be declared before Clea


103. Penalties:

for unduly assuming a British Character:


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